Zeblaze Vibe V3 | LEMFO LEM7 | WatchOut Hybrid | M3 Fitness Band | WatchOut Elegant Gen2 | Y1 Smartwatch

What is up, people? My name is Momi Zaree and In this video, I have listed 6 best smartwatches that you can buy today in first quarter of 2019.

All product’s link are given below. Please do check for more information:

Zeblaze Vibe 3:

One of the very few smartwatches that provides upto 2 years of battery backup. But this smartwatch is not only about battery, it also comes equipped with lot of other features.


Works as a standalone smartwatch with Android 7.1 OS, AMOLED display, 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage and many other features that you can only dream of in a smartwatch.

WatchOut Hybrid:

If you are old school, this is one of the cheapest analog smartwatch, that is actually good and is available for purchase.

M3 Fitness Band:

M3 Fitness band comes with almost all those features that expensive fitness bands provide. Calories Counter, Heartrate sensor, Blood presure monitor are some of its features.

WatchOut Elegant Gen2:

When it comes to stylish smartwatch, this is it. It has got elegant design and simple interface and also many other useful features.

Y1 Smartwatch:

Y1 smartwatch comes with GSM connectivity and touch screen display and more other features at price under Rs. 1000.

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