The best smartwatch needs to be able to monitor your health track, your location when exercising offer a variety of other apps that you wouldn’t normally see on your smartphone good battery life and perhaps, most importantly, have an affordable price. First on the list is fitbit sense, advanced smartwatch. It gives you a very comprehensive look at your overall health because it has not just an fda, approved, ecg sensor and blood oxygen reading, but the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature along with gps and sleep tracking made of stainless steel. The sense is small and light making it comfortable to wear both day and night. It comes with a silicone infinity band strap and you can easily switch out. The bands its amo led display is impressive, with the bright colorful and crisp resolution. That is easy to read. Even outdoors, the screen has three different brightness settings and you can either adjust the timeout or set it to always on compared to the apple watch, series 6 and samsung galaxy watch, the fitbit census claimed 6 day battery life is absolutely great, but if you are using Gps actively, the battery life is about 12 hours. The fitbit sense offers the most of any smart watch when it comes to your health. The link is provided in the description for more information or to order. Next on. The list is amazifit. Gtr 2. Smart watch. It is a stylish smart watch with solid fitness tracking skills.

It is an android and ios friendly smartwatch that costs significantly less than buying the newest apple watch or samsung galaxy watch, it’s made from high grade materials a high quality, amol, ed, touchscreen, display and straps that you can remove to swap out and find new ones. It comes with a built in gps and a sensor that will track heart rate 24, 7 and during exercise it’s, a good fitness tracker and ultimately that’s, where one of its biggest strengths lies. It’S a good fit for step tracking and sleep monitoring than it is for serious sports tracking, or you can say it offers a good mix of fitness. Tracking and smartwatch features wrapped up in a stylish round watch design with better battery life than its closest priced rivals. For not a lot of money, you get a very attractive smartwatch in the gtr2. It has a much cleaner feel to it than the first gtr and it sits much nicer on the wrist too. It has up to 14 days of battery life in typical use and 38 days in basic mode. So if you want an attractive and affordable smartwatch that has a fitness, tracker and music player, then gtr2 is a way to go. The link is provided in the description for more information or to order next on. The list is garmin vivoactive, 4 smartwatch. It is a follow up to garmin’s super popular vivoactive, 3 and vivoactive 3 music. Fitness watches it’s a multi sport.

Fitness watch and falls somewhere in the middle of garmin’s, lineup and it’s definitely more advanced than the base models, such as vivo move 3 or vivosmart 4, but also a notable step down from a more advanced watch like the fenix 6 or the 4runner 945. The garmin vivoactive 4 is built for hikers runners, swimmers and general outdoor enthusiasts, who don’t want to spend high price on a specialized outdoor watch. It is a more accurate fitness watch than the samsung galaxy watch active 2 and it has more advanced features than the fitbit versa. 2.. This smartwatch is more for people who look at fitness features first and the smartwatch feature. Second, it will certainly please those in need of a mid range multi sport watch and spend a lot of time outdoors on various activities. The link is provided in the description for more information or to order.