Tix.Com come join us any time. It'S been a while, since we've reviewed these combo wristband earphone units and I've got two different ones here now, usually I don't bring in two different products from two different suppliers and do them all together. But by the time this series of videos is done. I'M. Pretty sure you're gon na want to buy both of these really. What are we looking at well on? The Left coming to us from gearbest is a thing called a bill k, h, 109 it's, a Bluetooth, wireless earphone, SmartWatch, combo and wait'll. You see what it'll do in the upcoming review, the other one comes to us from Tom top and similar in nature it's a smart bracelet with stereo Bluetooth earbuds inside of it likewise something worth watching. So where do we begin? Let'S start right now with the H 109. Now it comes in a plain black box with specifications on the back it's telling you a little bit about it and, of course, I'm gon na show you. The specifications on paper here in just a second and inside is the band itself. Now, once again, gearbest is bringing this to us check the show notes down below for the best price. We can get you right now, it's in a flash sale. So if it's more than that, when you look at it, hopefully we'll have a coupon to bring it back down again, but if you're seeing it at this price, that's a steal, these things usually go well over 50 bucks inside this band.

Your phone thing is a 160 by 80 pixel, very bright 0.96 inch touch screen SmartWatch, basically with some ip67 waterproof reason now, I'm, a little goosey about that. When you see this as an earphone thing, I'm, not actually gon na drop mine in water, but it is declaring a waterproof rating on on this device. It'S got vibration. It'S got all these kind of things in it. It can do Bluetooth calling, which is one of the main purposes for that earbud piece. In addition to listening to music through one ear, you can answer and reject phone calls, do all that stuff and in the health area, which is really awesome when you tether it to the app. You can really see this, but you can do these individually on the band blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, monitoring, you track your steps, sleep monitoring, just about everything you do on a standard fitness, a band you can do in this band, plus pop it out and Make and receive phone calls awesome device. It has remote control functions, whatsapp, Twitter. All those kind of notification, push information from your phone when you're tethered to it. It'S got about seven to ten days of usefulness. Between charges takes a couple of hours to charge, it's, basically TPU plastic and metal all push together and there's the dimensions weight and what comes in the package. So I want to dive into this and show it to you inside the bag is the actual complete unit.

Now it's got a really nice TPU band that doubles underneath here, so it it tucks away if you're gon na be doing Fitness with it. It'S not gon na go flapping in the breeze it's, really soft it's, what they some of them call the liquid liquid type. Tpu holes are close together should fit most any arm, it's a bit bulky and the reason being the module inside here actually pops out of this shell. When you press that button it lifts up and you simply lift it out. You'Ve got an ear protector over here and it's got a really nice design that stays in your ear. So you stick this in your ear. The outside will have the display information on it. We can take that and not why you're talking, but I mean this is where you're watching everything else is the heart rate sensor and the charging ports poke through that hole right there and that's a release button now to turn it on. We simply press and hold down at the bottom and give it a few moments to say: welcome as it lights up really bright, screen, easily viewable outdoors, okay, put it back in here and it snaps into place inside the box. Now is the charging rig and I do call it a rig because it's a rather bulky thing. This is a one thing I wish they would improve on some of them. We'Ve seen the gap, a little charging thing that you just stick it in at night and it's, already pre wired into your USB and you don't have to go through a lot of shenanigans to charge it.

But this uses a clip and when I tested it out, I found it's a little awkward to try to do it. This way, although it will, it was more comfortable for me to pop it out of the band and make sure I aligned those pins and charged it like that and then just pop it back in later, that's. The only drawback it's a little awkward and cumbersome in the charging process, but wait till you see what it'll do for that. We have a manual to take a look at English and Chinese. The ear band HR, user's manual will go through the English side. You'Ve got the basic information about all of the parts on it and a QR code for scanning to download the tethering app power band from the Apple Store and then here's the QR code. All right there you go, but I'm gon na have the link to it. In the show notes so easier to download it just by clicking on that, but if you want to scan it, you can and you'll download the app onto your phone it's called the H 109 as the unit itself and more information about it. What the screens look like complete layout of the different screens and the different functions? You notice the Bluetooth upper left, hand, side it's, either on or off, and it automatically turns it on when you remove the device and stick it in your ear and then when you pop it back in it, turns it off and can end your phone call for You directly and more information couple of fa cues and all that you need to know that I'm not gon na, be able to cover in this review.

But you can go back and freestream it to check it all out all right, let's, clear things out and get going well. This is what it looks like on. We'Ve got a relatively thick case, but a nice easy fit fitting band. We go through the time display which has your power bluetooth connection date and day of the week. Then we can go into the Bluetooth itself, which tells you it's off, because it's back in the case, so we're not running Bluetooth when we're wearing it any push. Messages tethered to your watch will come through here. Then your overall step count for the day distance, traveled and calories burn from the pedometer inside of it a training section we press and hold here, and we get into biking if we want to running, jumping rope or back again so it's supporting those three particular training Functions: the heart rate, which is an interesting flashing logo up there and remember when we pop the band out, you can see the little hole of the unit out of the band it's reaching through there with the diodes and giving us our computed pulse it just vibrated And gave us a total, then it does the same thing for blood pressure and it looks like it's leaving the last reading on the screen and the last reading. I did from the app and I'm going to show you that in a minute, because that's an oh wow moment, okay it's doing a computation of my blood pressure.

Now I might take it a little bit longer for this. There goes vibrated 127 over 84 sounds reasonable and then the final thing is blood oxygen, which should always be above about 95. I think unless you got sleep, apnea and you're holding your breath or something will edit compute it see where I'm at right. Now, with my circular breathing, I should take up the didgeridoo. I heard the people that can play that thing uninterrupted, learn how to breathe through their nose and out there just vibrated I'm still at ninety eight percent. No matter how much I try to out talk myself. Ok, you've got last night's sleep time reported here on the watch as well and an off button. If you want to turn the whole thing off and that's what you've got built into the unit itself, you can pop it out and of course you could just carry this in your pocket. I guess if you wanted to and cycle through these different things, if you want the blood pressure, reading and heart rate, and all that you just get over here, put your finger over the diode and you could compute it from there. If you'd like to, however, what it's real claim the theme is, is when you stick this in your ear, you've got a little protective cover on it. You can adjust. The design is such that it sits nicely in your ear. You got a little microphone down there.

I guess it might be a noise cancelling one and yeah. You can make and receive phone calls when a call comes in it's gon na vibrate. Let you know all you got to do is pop. It out put it in your ear when you're done just take it and put it back in here, it hangs it up and it turns bluetooth back off again or it will shortly there you go and you're done nice. So what does it do with the app that's that's kind of the critical thing to see what all the functions are with this and I'm gon na bring that in right now from the Google Play Store, you can download power band or, of course you can use The link in the show notes down below and click on it to come over and download the same thing from the Play Store when you get into it. You see a little bit of the pictures of what it's gon na do and the latest updates and stuff look at that June 19th. That was updated. I think we're about June twenty, fourth or fifth, or something right now, so it's really just recently been updated. When we get into this now we are into the different sections we're in the power band itself, and from here I have sport, sleep and health. Then I've got devices down here. This is the unit that we are connected to the H 109 and, of course, when you're tethering it's just gon na look for that.

You click on it and give it a little while and you'll tether. You'Ve got overall settings here which would come back and go through and then you've got a generalized FAQ kind of help section or the little descriptions of each of these we'll leave that for you to discover, because you can download this app right now for free and Go through all this on your own coming back here now we are tethered to the band and I haven't done much, but my goal is: seven thousand steps in the circle will show you how much percentage you've accumulated and that's today's total information right, not sure about Quality, maybe after you get enough data, it's gon na give you a quality meeting of reading on your overall sport section slide over here you got last night's sleep information in a circular chart and broken up in hours and minutes, and how many times you were awake. That'S interesting huh, and then here we go. You get to health, and here you have a heart rate: blood oxygen, blood pressure and fatigue. All together now watch this here's, the band right I'm gon na hit click to detect the band is gon na light up with a little symbol on it. You see what those numbers are: they're, 78, 98, 125 over 83 and fatigue is one little bar cuz I'm. Not too stressed right now. This thinks bouncing back and forth, detecting my heart information in all four categories and if I just shut up ah, I might get some decent numbers right: I'm, down I'm calm, 60.

98. 124 over 81 fatigue. Right there awesome what if we got when we come in here there we go 61, 24 over 81 and 98, so you reflected on the watch the data that you just took from your phone. So, if you're on a treadmill or on a machine or some sort and working out and all you can do – is reach over and click that big circle that's great, do it this thing vibrated when it was done – and I could go through like you just saw And cycle through these and and see my last readings or leave it right there and let it go through 15 20 seconds and compute it all over again: that's snazzy. I like that that's one of the reasons why I think this is one of the two that you're seeing that you're, probably gon na want to buy. If you don't need the stereo headphone trick all the time, you're gon na just go out jogging and want to answer a phone call if it comes in boom. This is this: is nice, especially with all the biometrics you can get with one press of a button? Now terms of settings, you can set up your personal information and I encourage you to do that because that'll be used in the computation of your things like calories burned and such you have an anti lost, intelligent alert. You can find your ban and I'm here. It'S vibrating on my wrist right now you have alarms and reminders you can do the shake or press the button to take a remote photo using the band as the trigger you can set up the notifications that you'd like to receive push to your band from your Phone, this is nice.

You can turn on heart rate. Frequency it's got a little bit of Chinese left in here. This is, I guess, every 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes. It will do a heart rate reading for you automatically and track that and here's an alarm switch where you can set your limits. So if you are above or below a particular bracket, you're gon na get a vibration on your wrist, really cool. This I'm, not sure I have not tested if this is like continuous, so it's monitoring this every few seconds, every 30 seconds every minute or if it only alarms based on the setting here, that's something we all have to explore. But this is a definite moving in the right direction. For those of you who want to do bracket, training, okay and then you got your gesture brighten a screen that should make it twist your wrist to see the screen and factory data reset and a little bit about the watch, tells you what version you're in and All of that stuff, very nice and again the Help section you can go into on your own. So what are we looking at again? Well, mr. ticks by golly it's, the gearbest bilk 8h. 109 bluetooth. 4.2 wireless earphone Smart Watch two in one unit, oh by the way I I tear dit both to the app and I separately tethered the earpiece to my phone you'll. Learn about that. But you need to do the two different types of tethering tethering, the earbud directly to your phone, like you were using a regular earbud, is critical for making and receiving phone calls and all of that stuff tethering.

The actual watch to the app is critical, as you saw for getting all the biometrics and doing that. One button check on everything. Moving on check the show notes for a buying discount. If we can get you one, I think right now, it's in flash sale and that's, probably the best price you're gon na get but still appreciate if you get to gearbest by using the link, because that will track us in terms of numbers of these things that People are buying from watching the video and that helps me get more watches from gearbest to show you you've been watching. Smart watch ticks again we're on the web anytime. Smart watch ticks calm.