So today we are reviewing this smartwatch now it’s, not like your really high end. Smart watches. This is more, you know an aftermarket type one, but i’ve had this for over honestly, i think, over two years now, i reviewed it long time ago, i’ll put a link in the video description where you guys can have it. So this is kind of an update review on it um, let you know how the battery’s still holding up after all that time – and you know, does it actually work what’s the functions so let’s jump right into that. So i want to first start off by saying i first started using this watch when i got it to review and then i kind of lost track of my fitness. Honestly, i put this in a box. I used it probably for a couple months put it in a box: haven’t used it for over like a year and a half it could actually be longer from when i first got it and did the first review. I pulled it out. I charged it up into my surprise so right now the battery is at eighty two percent and i’ve had it on for four days: non: stop without charging it and it’s eighty percent, so we charge it to a hundred percent um yeah it’s, pretty awesome, so it Works perfectly fine it’s touch screen, so you can see right here. It shows the bluetooth, the battery level, the date the time and the day, which is pretty cool.

If you swipe to the left, you can have different sensors on and we don’t want the that one on. So you got different sensors. You can swipe it back. If you swipe it up, you can actually read text messages. You can’t reply back to text messages, but if you have it synced to your phone, you can read text messages, so that’s pretty cool, especially for the price i mean seriously, it’s, really really good for the price. If you scroll down, you can see your steps for the day. You can see how many miles you went for the day. You can see your calories for the day. How many you burn you can see for the week total. You know you can see all that different stuff, so let’s go back just scroll to the other side. You can select sport and then, when you go to sport, you can select like if you’re going for a hike run. Actually, let’s go bike, walk, run, hike, treadmill, workout and i think you can add others as well. We’Ll show you because you have a phone app that goes with this as well, which is pretty awesome in my book. You got your heart rate with your monitor your heart rate, so i don’t know if you guys can see this as good let’s go over here. There you go so you can monitor your heart rate, which is really good because i’m, all about trying to get a low heart rate.

So you can see that you can hit relax. You can set an alarm if we get down. You can music controller i’m. Not quite sure what that does. I haven’t played with that setting. You got a timer, you got a timer and ace okay, so now stop watch and a timer kind of combined. You got sports record, so it actually. You can see when you worked out. How long and it saves it um you got settings which you can change your dial, so you can change the screen here, which is pretty cool whoops. We accidentally changed it. I don’t want to do that. It’S pretty hard uh doing this with my hand here so yeah you can change different, basically themes. I like that one they’re, the best okay um, and that i believe, is it for the actual device here so that’s what it looks like it’s, very simple, really, really love. This let’s go to the app okay, so the app is called veryfit pro and you download it. It syncs with your watch and everything it’s pretty awesome, so i don’t know how well you guys and girls can see this, but it shows your steps for the day. You can then tap that and then it shows a bar chart tap it back. You got activities, shows how long miles activity duration scroll down, and it shows you your workouts. When you select a workout says your heart rate shows all different stuff.

You can see your sleep, so you can go ahead and tap sleep see how much deep sleep you get light sleep. How long you were awake and more stuff down there. You can go ahead and tap that and see the bar chart as well. You got your heart rate, so it will show your heart rate, your resting heart rate, your average heart rate, your maximum heart rate. You can then tap that, and it will show you your chart. You can then take your finger and go across and see at different points of the day or night what your heart rate was, which is pretty interesting. Um i’ve noticed when i have dreams. My heart rate is actually higher it’s, pretty interesting, um. Okay, then you can actually share it with all these different apps. You can go up here under today. You can tap the last couple days if you swipe over. So then here you can see all you know. You can just go back forever. Basically, it’s pretty awesome. If you want to just see what you did and then you can view it that way: okay, now you can go under details and then it will give you a detail of your steps. You know which days you did better. It will give you the weak details. So how many miles, how many steps, how many calories your average distance – your average steps your average calorie for the whole entire week, which is really awesome? You could do for sleep as well, so you can see the average sleep, the average deep sleep, the average light sleep average sleep time start time.

The average sleep end time the average awake hours. So when you’re awake, you know, in the middle of the night you get up to go to the bathroom or whatnot it’ll. It will register that you can do your heart rate, so either your average heart rate, your maximum heart rate, your minimum heart rate, your warm up, exercise, fat, burning, exercise, aerobic endurance, exercise, um, just so much other stuff, so that’s what you can do there and then You got settings, you can do, call alert, alarm, alert, sns alert, music control, heart rate detection risk sense and more then you got other displays device. Language find my phone heart rate zones non, disturb mode, reboot the device, and then you set up your user account and so much more so when you want to add something as well, you can also add your weight, so you can change it and you can select Whatever you want and then it will record your weight just like that, you can also add an activity manually on here. So spinning yoga treadmill, climbing workout. You can also add running so you can okay, i’ve actually never done this one, but whoa you can okay, wow man, you can do so much so you can do running and then you can do total num number of activities. Average speed, total calories total miles uh. What is this? Oh? Actually, you can set it up for walking bicycle hiking and a whole other things.

Map source, you use, google map um and you could do set a single target, so you can set it for you want to target a one mile. So it will alert you when you do one mile half a marathon, a marathon custom time calorie wise. I mean it’s, it’s, amazing, it’s, truly amazing for the price and after all, this time, 10 out of 10 all day long very rare. Do i ever do an updated video of a product and it’s very rare, that i give it a 10 out of 10 after so long? I highly recommend this one to anybody and i’ll have the link in the video description well worth it well. Well worth it and if you’re wondering how it looks on your wrist, this is how it looks. You got a button on the side there that you press to turn it on. You also can send. I guess set it as a sensor that you can flick your wrist like this and it will turn on as well. I turn that off because, when i’m sleeping, i don’t want the light you know coming on um. If i toss and turn so, i turn that off feed that feature off, but you know you can have it on during the day and then turn it off at night. If you want so but yeah it’s it’s, i mean i love it. Absolutely love it for the price.