Now this is one of the most affordable smartwatches that you can purchase. This is worth less than 30 pound. Uk currency and i’ve managed to grab this when it was unsolved for around 15 pound uk currency. That is one of the cheapest smart watch. I’Ve purchased that has brilliant build quality and it stands out as well now for the price. Can’T really complain much. But, however, this bezels are very big, but for the price range can’t really, you know say much about it because it is very cheap. It does everything that you need. You need to. The touch control is brilliant as well. It has a nice colorful display as well, and it just operates very smoothly. Has a good battery life as well and it is, it can be used for a workout or it can be used as a casual, smart watch, because you can see by the design of it. This bit is built very well. I like it here now. The strap is also very secure, not the best quality strap. I mean it’s, not as comfortable. However, it does the job. It also comes with a magnetic charger as well like most chargers and smartwatch chargers, and you can see it. Charges connects very easily to charge it. It also has a heart rate monitor as well. Now it does have a lot of great features, packed in, for example, it has nine sports mode built into it. We have intelligent reminder on wrist, telling you when to get up and move about, etc.

It also has all the activity tracking as well, for example, heart rate monitor. It also has a few other ones as well. Uh um monitors that it requires, for example, look so this is. This is the main menu, so you’ve got heart rate monitor there. You’Ve got uh the sports mode, outdoor uh run outdoor, walk, indoor, run, indoor, walk, hiking, mountain mountain earring, um, stationery and bike outdoor cycling, rolling machine uh. It got a few, it doesn’t have all of them, but it does have a few for the price range it’s, still brilliant. The fact that you’ve got all these features you’ve got music control there as well. Then you go to stop porch and countdown find my phone female that’s, where you’ve got the female um activities and stuff there uh. You know you’ve got a few things there as well, so you can turn that on and let me just go back again hold on now. Once you go back to that, you also have the brightness. You can control the brightness, you press this scan there and it will take you to the app that you can download. So you got more features inside the app as well also got the shutdown button there as well. Now. This also has the reminder assistant as well. Music control, um, you know the app is called h band uh i pulled i put down the description um below so for those who don’t know what the app is you can find it on the smartwatch as well by scanning the barcode.

However, i will leave it on the description for those who wants to find out what the app is. It’S also ip68, waterproof rating as well, so a bit of water drops going on it, um, etc. Washington has a bit of water drop, goes on it. You won’t get damaged. It also has a built in 260 mah battery capacity, so it gives you up to 10 days of usage 10 and he also has a 30 to 40 days of standby time. So it does have a lot of a few great features packed into it comes with a user manual here as well, just giving you more information of how long the battery life lasts for uh standby time, i would say around 30 to 30 to 40 days, but It does say 45 days here, strap with is 22 millimeters and the screen material is corning, gorilla, free generation and just gives a few like charging. Time takes around 3.5 hours to charge up and screen sizes, 1.3, inches, etc. Now yeah. This is a watch that it’s, affordable, it’s stylish. I highly recommend it. So thank you for watching my video.