So after a long time we are going to review next gadget in the queue which is the boat explorer watch. Now, as you can see, i have the box in my hand and all the specifications and features are mentioned on this box itself. So first we are going to go through these specifications given on the box and then we are going to unbox it. So here you can see the black case in my hand, very nice packaging board watch explorer carve your own path. Then here you can see some of its features written like built in gps and cloud based watch faces. So this is one of the advantage of this watch explorer was that it comes with built in gps. That means you can track your route and also the distance you covered. It also has the features of step count next here there are some more features like weather, forecast, call and text notifications, 5 atm water resistance. That means it is waterproof. It is safe to water, splashes or sweat droplets. It is water resistant find my distance. It has a location tracker. That is what i mentioned, that is a built in gps in it, guided breathing and meditation menstruation cycle tracker, sleep and heart rate monitor multiple sports mode, music control and 1.3 inches full touch curved display. So this is our case as i read them gone through them now: let’s unbox it and see in detail about all these features, how they work and how actually this smart watch functions so let’s get into the video.

So this is our smart watch, both smartwatch black color square, display after removing this plastic sheet, let’s open it so before we actually switch it on and see how it functions before we actually get into this. Let me just see other things which are provided in the box, so we have another packet which contains a usb cable. This is surely meant for the charging purpose, so this is our cable long enough when we are talking about a watch. So, on one side it is our normal uh, usb cable. On the other side, if we look at this end, we have this charging port in the corners we can see in the edges. There are two magnets which will uh attach to the watch. I’Ll show you later on and it has two charging points so how it functions we’ll discuss in later now. Here we have our watch, so this smart watch comes in color variants, black blue and gray. Here i have black with me and in the case we have one sticker of boat boat head. We have one warranty card Applause. Also, we have an ad manual of all the board gadgets, so this is an ad manual. So here we have the most important aspect: that is the guide of the user manual. Now all of the features which were mentioned on the box are discussed in depth here, like heart rate, monitor weather, forecast, guided meditation and breathing, etc, etc. We’Ll get into that soon.

Now here we have product parameters like model watch, explorer screen type 1.3 inches full touch, 2.5 d curve display battery capacity is 210 milliampere hour charging voltage. Then we have charging time battery life battery life. Uh is up to seven days or you can say eight to ten days. It actually depends on the usage of the watch. Now water resistance, we discussed it it’s five atm water resistant watch, then weight of the product is ‘ grams operating temperature. Bluetooth version is bluetooth, version, 4.2, product frequency and at last we have maximum transmission power consumption. So these are some points meant for the maintenance and to be kept in mind, while the usage of the smart watch some questions and answers. So finally, i have switched on the smart watch for turning this on. You have to put it on charging first, so that it turns on now let’s zoom in and see what it contains all the features. So this is the first screen which you see when you turn on the watch, a clock here which shows time battery and also the day after that, when we scroll down it displays the steps you have covered further, the distance you have covered in kilometers number of Calories burned and week total. That means the steps covered, distance covered calories, burned and your time, according to the week now going back at the home page now i’ll scroll it on both the sides. So first we have your sports section, heart rate, relax alarm, the music controller, timer weather sports records and also settings.

So when i click on sports here, some options are already available. Like outdoor run, indoor run outdoor walk outdoor cycle, indoor cycle, cricket pool swim, open water swim. So, as you can see, there are many features by default in this smart watch. Now, if you want to go back, you have to click on this button mint on the side for this purpose. Now this is our heart rate option. So when we click it, the sensors at its back, get activated by the way mentioning about the sensors at the back. This watch features three sensors, accelerometer sensor, gps and also heart rate monitoring center sensor. This watch features three sensors, accelerometer sensor, gps and also heart rate monitoring sensor. So this is its back view. These are the points meant for charging and these are the sensors coming back. So obviously it is not showing my heart rate because uh i turned it back to show you the sensors, rather than putting it on my hand, so let’s go back and try measuring my heart rate. Let’S leave this for a while. Now next option is relax, so this is sort of for guided, breathing or meditation press. The calm down, please calm down. Now. This is a clearly showing inhale until what time you have to inhale, then exhale. So it is very good for those who want to do meditation. This is very good meant for breathing guided breathing purpose. Whenever you want to go back, it shows.

It also shows an option that whether are you sure you want to end this guided, breathing or meditation or not. Next up here is alarm. Then we have a music controller, timer timer, along with a stopwatch, then it’s weather forecast. Let me tell you why all these features are not being shown on the screen. This is because you have to install an app relevant to the smartwatch, so this smartwatch comes with an app when you will download it and enter all the details, then the smartwatch will start functioning now. Here are the sports and records no record. This is because we don’t have the app yet and we haven’t connected our smartwatch through our mobile phones with the app now. These are some settings for the smartwatch like dial. So here you can change the interface the display screen according to your outfit or mode whatever you want to. So it has this feature as well. Now this is the brightness level you can set the brightness level according to your wish about shutdown and reset. So i hope these settings are all clear. Coming back to our display screen and moving on the next side, we have some more features or some more options mentioned here. So this is automatic heart rate monitor enabled, so these features are meant for enabling or disabling, like automatic heart rate, monitor disabled. So it will automatically monitor your heart rate. This is dnd, so do not disturb disabled and this is function off so without wasting any further time.

I am going to install this this smartwatch personal app for installing the app we have to come back to our user manual, so at the back side of it, qr code is given. We need to scan this qr code and connect to the app so let’s get into the process. So as soon as i scanned the qr code given in the manual it took me to this web page, so here i’m installing the app for this board’s explorer smartwatch. The app’s name is both pro gear, so let’s install it and wait for it to connect with the smartwatch. Now this app has been installed, so let’s open it. So this is the method to set up our device. First of all, we need to turn on our phone’s bluetooth, which is already turned on then wake the smart device screen and ensure that it’s within 10 meters of your device. So the functioning range here is 10 meters. Lastly, bind or pair with your mobile device, select smart device and you’re all set. These are the key features. Activity, sleep heart rate, and here we have to log in or register so let’s, create the account and start using the app so after logging in here’s this device, which is being shown explorer watch. This is our device, so let’s confirm bind device after agreeing to all the terms and conditions. Now the app is asking for some details which you have to fill in. You can set here a goal like for daily how many steps you have to walk, or your sleep goal, maybe so let’s just set any random goal, keep allowing all the terms and conditions and all the access.

So this is our app with many features in it. So first here is the activity section: the calories, burned, distance covered and activity duration. Then here is your sleep, monitor deep sleep, light sleep and awake hours, so it completely focuses on your fitness. The time you spend on relaxing the time you spent doing something everything is being monitored very well. We have graph shown here which is again meant for monitoring purpose. Then this these are some settings or some features about the device. So from here you can actually customize your smartwatch. Like call alert is off so you can allow it and turn it on. So it shows call alert, sedentary alert, alarm, alert, sms alert, dial settings, music control, hardware, detection, sports, wake, gesture and health care up. Here we have the film there version version, 2, app version, battery capacity and filler mac address. So these are the important settings and last you have the user. So at this corner you can see a mini calendar, so it’s meant for changing your goal period. Suppose this here it’s written this week, if you click on this, then it turns into month, then it turns into you should so it shows your weekly monthly and yearly progress as well. So this is one more advantage of purchasing this watch. Now we have gone through all the pros of this smart watch. One thing more: we have discussed that this comes with a built in gps system, so in our next video we’ll see the functioning of his gps we’ll track our route and also cover the distance.

At last, coming to the end of this, video let’s quickly just go through all the cons or disadvantages of purchasing this watch, so the most important part comes here: the disadvantages or cons of the smartwatch, although it comes with call alert, this watch does not has a Built in mic, that means you cannot call or connect to a call through this watch, which is a major con nextly. There are more and more smart watches available in the market with more sensors. This also does not has spiro2 sensor for oxygen rate, which is actually incorporated into many other watches. So when you have many watches available at the same price, with more features, it’s actually it’s, obviously better to go for other devices. Nevertheless, every device has its unique features and unique interface. You can go through whatever you desire for whatever you will for, but this was the review of this smartwatch board explorer smartwatch from our point of view, with built in gps having gone through all the pros and cons of the smartwatch here’s. Coming the end of this video, so hope you all like it. If, yes, please turn the black thumb, blue and don’t forget to subscribe, share and comment down below your views and your opinions about this watch. Also, if you have any further suggestions for more unboxing and reviews, do tell us.