I compared the features with other watch uh, but i liked both product it’s, an indian brand and it’s long lasting and there won’t be any problem because i’ve been using both products since a very long time and for the new subscribers new members. Please do like comment and subscribe to my channel, and this is the unique charger that i got in the usb cable and this at the back of the watch. We have to just touch so it’s like a magnetic base, and here system here is the watch. I got this sticker in the box, so i thought of pasting it both head. It gives the accurate uh value. You need to be connected to your bluetooth and there is an app both strong and via bluetooth. You can connect so wallpaper. Also, you can change. I hope the focus is correct. Let me bring it near to the camera. There is a sports mode, so if you’re running you can click on this and the timer will begin and if you want to go back click on the button on the side and to measure heart rate, it will show you need to. I cannot show away holding from one hand, but it’s quite good. You know it. Doesn’T fluctuate much there’s, a blood oxygen level, blood pressure, it shows and when you press something what you see is light at the back green and red light. And what else is there relax mode see? You are relaxing click on it, it vibrates uh.

You need to no need to look at the watch multiple times it vibrates when you’re wearing it. You can feel it that you need to inhale and then, when it comes exhale it will automatically vibrate okay, i’m, going back yes exit, and what else is there there’s a timer? There is an alarm alarm is so awesome, even if you are turning off the alarm from your mobile phone, it still has a memory like it. It vibrates in such a manner if you kept it in the table in the morning, like 9 00 a.m. I have set the alarm, it keeps vibrating and there is sound you can and you can control the music. I never used it. So there is an app that mx player or something that uh. You know a wink. You cannot use uh wink, it doesn’t support wink. Uh ghana.com, i did check and what else is there in settings? When you come to settings you have dial, you can change the wallpaper. If i choose this it’s set, no need to, you know, do anything else. So now. Next, what else is there? The sports record? There’S no record because i didn’t use it much let’s go back when i scroll down. It shows how many steps you want and sorry for the camera, expense and price and the calories that you have born and the whole record. So if we scroll up so here when you connect with bluetooth, you will get all your gmail uh messages and outlook messages.

If we have set so you’ll get everything and you can delete, read or zoom and zoom out. So this way we have this, find your phone it’s a very good feature and do not disturb what you can set and there are other modes and it’s all in one like you know, if you’re purchasing better than other phones, you can control your calls. You can mute it or you can followed it, and here is one the magnetic usb thing that you have to place in sensor: support branding here so let’s check. What else is there in the box so there’s a usb cable, c type, no b type, yeah, b, type c type, doesn’t matter, because this is so. This is what is important is unique and it will automatically. Let me show you yep there. It is, and you can charge and battery is long, lasting and whenever i mean it lasts for three days. What else i find it here, there’s a warranty card, amazing right, it’s, built 249 from flipkart. What else i have this? They have advertised headphones and other things. Speakers party speakers – i can go through this later and we have this another another beautiful thing. This is all about the watch. If you are new and using it for the first time, so you can scan it here for the app and all the functions, what it does, how to use it. Let me zoom in so i’m recording from real me.

X2 pro, i hope, uh the camera flat – is a bit good that’s. It guys i hope you will purchase this beautiful watch that’s. All thanks for watching.