Please lets open it and see our product. So today we have brought those terms. Smart watch, which gives me very reasonable price too, Got this from flipkart. We will go more than this last. You will get to see all the sensors inside the previous smart watch lets open the booty I smart watch. I have smart watch screen one to three inch. My voice has battery backup want to see candy, It is very attractive and it is water resistance and complete metal body. So lets see what stuff is given with our thinking. So we get a charging cable. I am currently guaranteed for given year I have got quantity card and some template. The given two are found here. A small speaker can convert it and we get an instruction manual screen in your watch phone. Then you will have to download an app. I will tell you, do not skip the video at all, So if you like, the different video then do like There is a lot of attractive space to see the time it has full metal body, and it has 2.5 disc display 1.5 inch screen inside it. You will find notes in sports mode and behind which you will see silencer that you reach your reach. So only p can change. Lets start with just one click. The interview reaching Vinod will be specific. That inside you will get online kind of votes in Blood, Oxidant Level, Monitor Heart Rate, Monitor, Sleeping Mom and Daughter.

This I will give you notification wich, Vibrational, Tweeted, hai, tax social media laddu is given now you can set alarm, and this fitness and outdoor effect is very much and inside you will get wake up. Just constipation means like you, dont do whatsapp, it will come now. Turn it off sector, I can yasmin off now. I will show you this one thing I have done see this now show me its hydrate senses photo that they will calculate and if you go back then give it to powder or sit down Will now find it controls the water level. In this, you will get many votes that if you want to turn off your watch, then by pressing the power button, your granddaughter will go to the setting. You will have to do this. Only this will give you the power and I will use the power to turn it on.. I turned it on like I was Ravana New Delhi Apne Banana Ho. You have to use the watch from your phone. First of all, you have to download an app that the name of the app is vote fro non. With the help of this app you can connect.. If you will get your phone with your vote, then it is necessary to download the app Ajay. I am making my voice true right now, then I will do whatever I do. I will click the map. Then my watch will be connected to the phone that it will be.

My lot. I am connected. I will fill the information with enthusiasm due to which the exit date has come, but I have made the bonfire now. My watch is connected to the phone that now all the little ones will sleep. On my phone too, I am still the loudest, as I calculate Will show me on the phone without using height center 183 watch has come on the phone and if you need your music system, If you want to control the phone, then you have to go to The app and set the setting on the music system control so that you will be able to control miss you from your boss. Then you will be able to play next post all your very right and you have any notification on the phone that That too will come directly to your time. If there is vibration in the watch, then they go on the streets that you have some motivation. You get a call from the number see this, and if you want to go back then I will use it in the powder. Let me show you how to do. Charging. Jaipur charging cable is given to the watch. Just you have to do many back because they have magnets the base of the magnet.