Do the unboxing of boat storm smartwatch. I recently bought this uh smart watch. I was planning to buy it from a long time, but i was confused uh, which one to buy uh. Should i buy the boat one or should i go for noise color fit pro 2, but then i decided to go for this because it has additional features like it. Has a blood pressure, monitor and also spo2 uh, monitor so that’s. Why i uh decided to go for this and not the color fit pro 2., so let’s quickly, uh see how the box look. This is how the box looks uh. This is the recent one. This is the latest one. They have changed the packaging a bit. Initially, it used to come in a different box. Now it comes in a different. This type of a box so let’s see they have mentioned many features. Over here. Personalized watch faces five atm uh water resistant, sleep monitoring, daily activity, tracker, so uh. You all must be aware about all of this. So let’s quickly, uh see what all comes in the box. You directly get the watch here. So this is how it looks. We’Ll keep it aside for a while, let’s see what all comes in the box. There is a charger here and uh few documentations like every time the brochures. This is a one year, warranty card and uh same uh. So, basically, the what we can say is the manual user manual for the boat storm watch.

Let’S, keep it aside for a while and uh let’s see how the charger is. The charger is magnetic in this usb charger. It is you have to connect it with the charger and uh. This is a port, so it uh. Usually you can just connect it here. When you want to charge it’s a magnetic one, as you can see, it is stuck there, so it’s a magnetic charger. So that’s a good thing that they’ve done that they’ve, given it magnetic, because i also had the me band 4 and i used to find some difficulties connecting the charger. So they have not done it like that. Now they’ve included the magnetic charges so that’s a good thing now let’s see how the watch is exactly uh. I have removed this sticker let’s boot, the watch okay, so i have charged the watch now. It shows 55 battery, so i have just charged it just to show you guys and then later on, i’ll be charging it completely. So a quick look uh. This is how the watch looks when it is switched on, and the quality of the strap is also good. As you can see, it has one button over here which can be used for power off and power on or to go back as well uh. Here you have sensors the uh heart rate, monitoring, sensors and spo2 sensor is there, and this is the charging port. These straps are removable, so there is a spring attached here, uh which, with the help of these this spring, you can change these traps as well.

Uh i’ll show you how to change these watch faces. So just i have to just long press on this home screen and there will be these three options that will come. Only three options are there. As of now so, basically, the more options for watch faces. I will be able to get it from the app itself. So i’ll have to check that whether i’m able to uh get new watch faces in the app. So the time is not set as of now, because i have not paired it with the app so i’ll quickly pair it once i’ll show you all these features, and then we will also see how the app is working. So you, when you go to sports, you have multiple options like run: walk bike, hiking, climbing treadmill, spinning and yoga. So there are total uh. These options are there and when you click on it, that little start three two one go and it will start measuring. As you can see, the sensor is started so i’ll just stop it for now uh the touch is smooth. It has 2.5 d curve glass quickly check what all you get. What else do you get apart from the sports mode? You have heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, blood pressure, you get relaxed mode, then alarm, music control, you get you get timer and then settings and then sports record. So this records that you must have set that will come. That will be visible here.

There is a brightness level here. You can adjust the brightness. When you go to dial, you will get an option of changing. These watch faces so yeah pretty much this. Is it uh, nothing extra uh? When you scroll down, you will get notification. Currently, there are no notifications when you scroll up, you will get the summary of the steps, how many kilometers have you walked and the total summary and when you scroll right, you get the menu. So this is how the watch is looks very premium and i have personally loved it. So let’s see now uh let’s, try and pair it with the app all right. So now we are ready with uh the uh. Now we are ready with uh the watch. I have finally uh changed the watch face. There are multiple watch face options available, there are more than 30 watch faces available there uh out of that. I have selected this one, which i really like so overall. I really liked it of the first impression is: the watch is really good, uh, the it it measures, uh the blood pressure and spo2, also in a better way uh. So i have really like this watch and uh. I will post the review after one month of usage, and i will let you guys know about the battery life and everything. So thank you very much for watching this video and please do share subscribe and like this video and uh subscribe for more videos.

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