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RaceFit Pro –

This smartwatch takes a unique approach to bezel design and active UI interface. First, the bezel is made to look like an International timepiece with world city names all around the watch. It is for decoration only, but serves to frame three different watch face presentations. Here is where this watch is totally unique. All the various functions flash buy with a press of the side button, but the display is in different locations on the watch face depending on which face is being displayed. In one cane, the data is skewed to the upper right and shows in a circle near the 2 o’clock position. On a different face that same data shifts to the center of the watch. This may seem subtle, but it represents a whole new way of shifting data on a typical fitness watch. It makes for a unique time piece. That said, the watch tracks the usual things from step, distance, and calories burned, to sleep time, heart rate, and even selfie camera trigger. If you want a fun, simple watch you can show off to your friends, this one is worth considering.

Here is the full review of this W30 fitness smartwatch:

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