Had this watch for just over a year now and have seriously trialled it reviewed it put it under all different types of situations, from just normal running day to day life and even using on exercise in the army, and i still believe this is a watch. You should be buying so first of all, then first reason why you should be buying. This watch is it’s battery life. You can get around seven today’s battery life, if not even more, when you’re on exercise that saves so much hassle, because you haven’t got to worry about charging your battery. The only downfall is to get that full seven days or more. You do have to turn things off, such as the heart rate monitor and you can’t use it fully with all the tracking and stuff like that. That’S just your normal day to day use having it on. Looking at the time, maybe setting a few different alarms using the stopwatch here and there, i’ve i’ve got more than seven days on two week. Exercise and i’ve had to go and charge it. If you are looking at using it for an activity, though, you will only get around 13 hours for a straight activity, which is good. So if you’re going out to do some sort of running skiing, rowing swimming you’re, going to get 13 hours straight tracking, which is very good but with normal day to day life going on running here and there doing some sort of fizz sessions using using the watch.

Just in general life, i find i have to charge it around once a week, that’s with a heart rate, monitor on going for a few runs a week and then just using it for an alarm here and there. So you definitely get a good amount of battery life. Out of this reason, number two, then, is it’s waterproof and being in the military or just life. Nowadays, it’s always running people are out training, you’re, doing hiking hill walking up uphills and mountains. You want your watch to be waterproof. I’Ve used this swimming, like i said, i’ve used it on exercise where it’s just rained every day and i’ve not had any problems, no problems with the functions, it still functions 100 and how i need it to so waterproof wise. Absolutely spot on next, then, is just this ease of use of functions. It’S just so simple to use. It’S got one button with a touchscreen. The touchscreen is really good, like i said, even in the rain, i’ve had no problems with it. Just nice gentle strokes with your fingers and you can navigate all around the watch and do everything that you need to do. Even on the side, though, you do have a nice little sense sensor where you can swipe up and down to scroll up and down through menus, which is another handy way of doing it as well. Instead of using the touch screen so ease of use is, is really good and simple to use.

Then we have the tracking the analysis and the connect app, absolutely brilliant. You can track so much from your health, your performance, your stress, to all your activities. You can break those activities down, so i do a lot of running so i can check my cadence my minute mileage and you can obviously see different routes even on your different routes as well. It shows different colors from where you’re working in a lower heart rate to a higher heart rate, so you can see where on the route, exactly where you’ve worked at a high intensity, like i said it tracks your heart rate as well, so you can see your Rest and heart rate, your average rest and heart rate, exactly where it spikes and where it didn’t all. This will then lead into your stress levels as well, so you can see what parts of the day you’re stressed: what’s stressing you out. If you are stressed or not even goes into your vo2 max and what it says, your fitness age as well, so it does give an insight into how fit you are all this analysis is done as well, because when you set the watch up, it will ask You, your age height, get as much information about you and even ask you what risks you wear your watch on as well to get as much accurate information as possible and it’s really simple. To use the connect. App is one of the most simplest i’ve used and it just makes it easy to use and the watch connects straight to it and it’s not a drama connecting it up.

We then just have the multi function, tracking. You can track absolutely any sport. It comes with a list of standard sports anyway, so you have your running your swimming, your rowing, cycling, indoor rowing. You can then add more to it: strength, training, weight, training, outdoor row and indoor rowing outdoor swimming indoor swimming outdoor, running indoor running outdoor recycling. The list goes on even golf, so you can track all your golf. You can download an extra app with the golf, so you can then get the different golf courses and you can track all your your scores and your handicaps through that as well, which is pretty good, it’s, simple to use, and it gives you all the information that You need on the screen with a couple of scrolls. You can then go up and down through the scrolls as you’re running or cycling. You can then just see your distance. Your average minute miles your heart rate, what loans you’re working in and then you can even change that as well to be even more specific to you. So i like to see my minute mileage and distance covered on the main screen because that’s all i really want to see when i’m running and then i can scroll down and see my heart rate zone um. The full time i’ve actually been training for et cetera, et cetera, so it’s it’s, easily customizable to you. It gives you all the information you need there, while you’re training, so you can up the intensity where you need to and then afterwards you can save the activity and then you can go into the app and then break the app uh break the exercise or the Workout down even further and then see even more analysis and and then you it’s a great way to track your progress, so you can start improving, so it’s.

Definitely the watch for you and then the last reason is just a couple of cool little functions that it’s got so it’s got garmin pay, which is nice and handy so it’s connected to the majority of main banks. So if you don’t have your phone or your wallet with you and you just want to pop out and you want to grab a coffee or you need to run into the shop to grab something, and you forgot your purse, you want it, you can just quickly. Do contactless payment through your watch and it’s easy to set up your debit card on whatever card you use? It’S also got to find my phone as well. We’Ve all lost there. We’Ve all been, there lost our phones, so you can just just go to the home screen. Click to find my phone and it’ll send out an alarm on your phone, so you can quickly find it in a sofa or wherever it is as well. There’S. Some handy little functions and then other functions are. You can change the watch screen. It comes with some standard watch screens. You can then click analog digital. You can then break it down a little bit further, so on mine. So i have battery percentage step. Count. Workout intensity and then you can even go onto their connect app and then you can buy even other cool watch faces and other little apps as well, that you can add to it so it’s like multifunctional, really easy to use, and just really nice and simple it’s.

Definitely the watch i feel you should buy. I 100 rated like i said, i’ve used it for a year. Now i pretty much wear every day. I have my other watches as well, for when i go out for dinners and stuff like that, but it tracks my steps. It tracks my sleep. It tracks my heart rate and it’s amazing for all my sessions, like i said, it’s it’s it. I find it really accurate, so i highly recommend that you get this watch. The price is really good. You need to look around but you’re, looking at around 130 to 150 pound, depending on where you purchase it, i’ve got the as you can see, like sort of the chrome sort of uh watch face, you can get an all black one and they are very stylish And look very smart vote nice and slim on the watch very lightweight. You barely know it’s there i can’t i’ll just give it five out of five um and i highly recommend it. So if you are looking for a watch, i know a lot of people do. Ask me: what watch i use is the garmin vivoactive free and i definitely recommend you can go out and get one. You can get one in the link below in the description or just shop about, and you can find it pretty much online in every sort of sort of sports store. You can even get them in things like argus and stuff like amazon as well, which is in the link below so thanks for watching.