Thank you so much for stopping in, as i always appreciate it and uh we’ve got an unboxing today, something new new watch. Oh it’s about a second hand but it’s from a brand that i’ve never owned before uh and the case is made out of material that i’ve never handled before so we’re gon na see what this is about. Okay, uh, i do want to see at the top of the video real quick kind of before we jump into everything. Hit that subscribe. Button join the unboxing show family um. We just gave away an automatic watch and a watch winder at 500 subscribers once we hit a thousand we’ve got another giveaway lined up. I can’t wait to mail something out uh just to to one lucky viewer. We actually just sent the box to australia of all places so uh. I never would have thought that i would have people in australia watching this channel. So thank you guys so much. Thank you to everyone. Who’S already subscribed hit that subscribe button. Like i said, we get to a thousand i’m gon na mail, something else out to somebody i’d like it to be you so stick around join the family. Okay, hit the subscribe button for the uh or hit the hit the subscribe button, but also hit the notification bell. That way, you know when i do upload and then also uh hit the like for the youtube algorithm. Okay, all right let’s get into it.

So let’s move everything out of the way um. I will do a quick wristwatch check um. I am wearing the seiko turtle seiko king turtle um just basically a regular seiko turtle, but it does come with a sapphire crystal ceramic bezel. You do get a textured dial on this one, a little bit nicer than just a regular seiko turtle and uh. I do have it on this. Nice uh, strap code, jubilee, bracelet, so love a good jubilee. All right in terms of today’s watch we’ve got from the brand we’ve got a new piece from the brand glycine. So now i’ve never owned a glycine watch. To be honest with you guys, um i’ve seen a lot of their combat series, but i’ve never actually owned. A glycine watch this one is a little bit different it’s made this. So this is a combat sub, but it’s made it it’s done in bronze, so the cases and bronze i’ve never owned a bronze watch for what i understand over time. They do. I don’t know if it’s an oxidation um. You know there is a patina that takes place uh to the case over time and they all kind of look different um. They all kind of take on a look of their own, a little bit here, um and so listen. I was kind of uh pleased and wanted to see what that would look like look like over time. I’M. Not sure i’ll hold have this one for a long term, but this is one that’s uh, like i said, i’m gon na, have it for now uh i’m, not necessarily sold on it.

For the long term, we shall see okay. This is the reference number for those reference number spiders out there that’s the reference number here in terms of this particular glycine. Okay, let’s bring it in here. So this is the box. Uh it’s got kind of a felty uh, a felt um finish on the outside of it and for the price point guys you can pick this up just so that we throw this out there. I got it used uh, but in terms of where you can find this uh or you know what you can find this for uh i’ve seen them new anywhere from just over 300, like around the 315 320 area, all the way up to the particular website. I have it up on my screen. Now is at 409 dollars, so um kind of a hundred dollar. You know uh range there uh, but if you know where to look like, i said you get them closer to 300: okay, um, usually 323, 350 320 somewhere in there, okay uh this particular one is the blue dial. So you’ve got the you’ve got the glycine here on the uh on the tab there and then in terms of the actual watch. As i said, this one is done in a nice bronze. So, as you can see here, it has already started to kind of uh. Let me take it out off the pillow here: it’s already started to kind of have a bit of a bit of a patina there.

You know over time, it’s going to change and look different as it uh, as i believe, it’s an oxidation that takes place there. Um but uh definitely interesting, definitely unique and uh. You know each one is going to wear just a little bit different, um and that’s, something that i really do like actually um in terms of this one you do have a does not have a ceramic bezel uh. It does have a stainless steel bezel on this one, so the bezel is stainless steel. I really do like the chocolate brown on the bezel. You’Ve got a it’s like 120 click unidirectional in terms of the bezel um. It is satisfying to click and then in terms of the dial, which is actually what really kind of sold me on this watch. Um, not just the fact that it’s bronze, but i really like the dial as well as you can see. It’S lighter at the top it’s darker at the bottom and it’s, a nice blue, um, it’s kind of on a gradient from a nice light to dark blue. If i turn it upside down, you can see that the you know you can see that it’s still light up here, but darker down there. I really like that um. I actually have not owned a piece yet that was like that so it’s kind of nice to see that dial. As you can see, you do have a date, complication, uh right here at the three o’clock uh, but that is done in black, which i think is really nice.

I think it works well with the with the blue, with the dark dial with the blue and the black dial. I think that uh, you know if they had done it in white, it would have been a bit of an eye source. So i do like the black uh day, complication there in terms of that now in terms of the movement, i believe it’s just uh, so it does say that it’s, a swiss movement um it’s, not a seiko nh35, a lot of people kind of knock, watches that Come with the seiko nh35, even though listen it does the job and it is uh. You know an affordable option here so, but this one does have a swiss movement and it is very smooth uh. It moves very smooth, i believe, it’s, probably something off the shelf. I mean obviously it’s, not in house glycine doesn’t happen in how i don’t believe it’s an in house movement, um it’s, definitely going to be probably like. I said eta, so something like that. Just some swiss movement from the shelf that is probably just modified um. They do have their own name, uh let’s, see if i’ll see what i find in a second here, but their own. You know their own caliber g, something movement, um and again, i believe it’s just a modified off the shelf swiss movement in this uh. But overall it feels like a very solid piece guys in terms of the buckle uh in terms of the uh, the break, the uh the strap.

Here i do like that. It has this. As you can see, it has holes it’s perforated, so you can. It does have those holes there. It breathes very well, not a lot of sweat and stuff on the wrist. When you wear this one um like a regular leather, strap uh. It is a 22 millimeter lug here, so it will fit a bunch of different straps. Okay, so the lugs are 22 millimeters and then, in terms of the buckle here so it’s not signed, and then one thing you’ll notice, i think it’s a cost savings measure here is that this is bronze. Of course, as you can see, it’s already started to kind of uh. You know kind of have a little bit of that corrosion or oxidation or whatever it is bronze. The buckle is not. The buckle looks new, so the buckle is actually i look. This up. The buckle’s actually um, it’s uh, you know, it’s rose gold now i’m, just not an actual rose gold, i’m saying it’s, you know, rose gold rose, gold, colored uh and i believe that’s, just a cost savings measure just to keep the price down. Because you know you are doing the case in bronze, so it matches enough having this in rose gold, i mean you’re, not gon na you’re, not really gon na tell. But you can you can kind of look at them back to back and realize that they’re like two slightly different colors here so but listen.

It looks the part enough right, um either that or perhaps they could have done a black or something but uh. Overall, i do like it like, i said, it’s not signed or anything now in terms of the crown. The crown is also uh, of course, uh bronze and the crown is uh signed, so you do see that that the crown is signed. Actually now this actually looks like it’s uh rose gold as well. I believe the crown is actually probably rose gold as well. I thought it was done in a bronze, but you know what it looks totally different from the case here. This i don’t know if it’s showing up in the camera, but this is a different color from this this looks bronze. This looks, rose gold and it is signed, so it does have the glycine logo there on the back. You do have the glycine logo here as well. So it’s not an exhibition case back. You can’t see the movement uh, but it does have a uh. It does have the the glycine logo there. You do have a screw down crown on this one, okay, so the water resistance is about 200 meters of water resistance on this particular watch. If you want to go diving with this overall it’s, a very nice piece, i think it’s very solid let’s, throw it on the wrist here and we’ll. Have you guys guess the case size is something we like to do here just because my particular wrists are eight and a quarter inch um, they’re, pretty large and so bear with me.

One second i’m gon na go off camera we’re gon na strap this on um it’s, just kind of fun to guess the case size just to see what these watches look like on my on my pretty large wrists here. So, as i strap this on, i know this is this is great uh, maybe off camera here, as i strap this on all right, we’ve got it on bear with me. There we go so now, as i strap this on, i will say it is large. Wrist approved in that you can actually strap it on and wear it, but the downside is i’m literally on the very last hole. So there are no more holes and it doesn’t even make it past the second keeper here, it’s it’s, just you know just barely past the first one, so um first thing i would do. If i were to keep this long term is, i would get a longer a little bit longer band. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel super secure when you’re literally on the last hole, it would be nice to have it come past that second keeper there um. So i probably would swap it out with something that’s a little bit longer, something that is large, wrist approved um, but in terms of this particular watch here, it is here on my roughly eight and a quarter inch wrist. Guess that case size drop in the comment section below. Let me know what you believe the case size to be we’ll pay that off here in a second but uh.

Definitely not definitely a nice piece. Look it’s pretty slim too in terms of how it looks on the wrist it’s. Definitely very thin. Uh it’s, not not a super thick watch here so but uh very nice, very nice wrist presence uh. You know it’s something to me. It gives me a fall vibe. It’D be nice to wear this in the fall with like a nice, nice sweater or something like that uh, but uh. Definitely, a nice watch. Definitely a nice sweat, a smooth swiss sweep on that. I do like the gold glycine here and you do on the on the dial, and then you do have 24 hour markers as well um, as you can see, on the dial as well um. The indices are nice i’m, assuming these are probably just done. In rose gold as well uh, but those are nice, and this watch actually does have pretty good, loom um. I am gon na try to get. I think, i’ve been telling myself. I need to try to get black light on this channel just so that i can see um or you know, show you guys what the loom is like um now real quick as i run down the specs on this particular gly scene, here um. This is a 42 millimeter case size and uh just so. Let me know what you thought in the comment section below 42 millimeters is what is where it’s at in terms of the case size, uh, 22, millimeter, lug, width and let’s.

See if i can find something out in terms of the let’s see, the strap is eight inches and the case depth is 11 millimeters, so it is pretty thin here. Okay, all right, let me know: do you like livestream watches? Do you like the combat sub? Is this a watch you would wear, would you add it to your collection? Do you own any bronze, watches i’m gon na hang out in the comments section, i’ll answer all your questions. Thank you guys so much for watching. I do appreciate it.