I hope you guys are doing well. So this is the reflex active. It is a fitness tracker and once you take the lid off from the box, because you have the watch itself and let’s just go through some quick specs, it has a 0.96 inch screen. Typical usage time is up to four days. Standby time is 10 days and it takes two hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent. What you get in the box is the watch itself, instruction manuals and all the paperwork charger as well, and the charger has two magnets on either side and two little pins and, as you can see at the bottom, you have those two little pins at the bottom And it’s connected via magnet, and you can only connect to it one way, the other way the magnets does not want to stay on so only one way and when it’s on it’s on so coming to the design of this watch, it is really nice. It looks really slick, it’s, a aluminium body, i think it’s, a stainless steel bracelet with a black coating on it, but not really sure – and i can’t find any details for this within the booklet that they’ve provided in the box or their actual website. And there is no physical button on this whatsoever, there’s only two pins at the bottom for the charging and then at the front, which is the screen and when you tap on it, you can see that tiny screen that’s pretty much it for all the design.

It’S got a nice weight to it. It feels like it’s waterproof, but i can’t find any information that is on their website and again in their booklet, to say, if it’s any sort of rating, so i don’t think it has, but it really does feel like it has because it’s really well made. Actually, it feels really solid in the hand as well. So this is the black version i have, but there are different ones that you can have a look on the website. There is one touch button which is at the bottom of the screen and if you tap anywhere else on the screen, nothing happens it’s just at the bottom there and then you’re greeted as soon as you tap on it. First watch face there’s. Actually, a total of three and how you change them. Is you click on that touchscreen and changes once and then touch and hold, and it changes again and then touch and hold, and it change it? Oh, no. It didn’t that time touch and hold and back to the where we started from so three different uh watch faces and then once you click on that it takes you to your step. Counter distance, traveled calories burnt, sleep, tracker, sports, weather report, your notifications and then more is for settings and how you enter. This is again you hold down, and then you can switch off the fitness tracker. You can get information about it. You can find your phone last but, not least, is the reset and that’s about it.

All you can see is just the basic information on here. If you want to use the watch fully, there is an app that you can download. It’S called reflex. Active you’ve got your step counter distance calorie and then your sleep monitor as well and then you have your activities and then you have reminders. So you can set yourself some reminders in the settings. You have your profile goals, notifications find devices, so you can find the watch and then you have your advanced settings and then a nice thing that you can actually connect this phone to the apple’s health app, which is quite nice, so you can integrate them both together And then you have themes, so you can have the dark theme or the light theme and then firmware update, reset weather and then just feed back and about so guys. If you are enjoying this video so far, please give it a subscribe and hit that bell icon. So, coming to the conclusion, it is a nice watch it’s nice to see that the battery does last four days and it does last four days, i’ve tested that i would have liked the screen to be bigger. It is a very small screen. It just gives you basic information: the interface it’s nice. It looks nice. The notifications work really well as well. Once you get a notification, it pops up it. The writing is quite small, but it is visible and it does wake when you raise your wrist, which is also nice it’s, a very basic uh fitness tracker, you’re not going to be able to do much on this.

No answering phone calls rejecting phone calls. You just get your notifications and your step counter. It does look really nice. It does feel really nice and solid in the hand as well. So, overall it is a nice watch, but it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for a fitness tracker, you just want it to basically tell your calorie counter and your steps, and you know it: doesn’t have a heart rate, monitor anything. This is a good option. If you have enjoyed this video, please give it a subscribe.