Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new c6 smart watch in today’s video, we will see what we have in the box, what we have in the software, what option this watch will gives us, and we will do some tests, see how this watch will work. Also, we will see how to make phone calls with this watch in the next video. We will show you how to connect it with android and ios. So if you are interested to see all of this hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for that Music in the new c6 smartwatch, we have 1.28 inch full touch screen and it’s made from zenk alloy we have function like bluetooth, calls alarm clock. We have distance alarm looking for mobile phone calendar music play step, counter, hoard rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, sanitary reminder, remote photography, remote notification, etc. Also, we have different languages, so it helps everyone understand it in the package itself. As you can see, we have the watch and the bands we have here, one very good pair of bands, and we have a very good color as well. You can see the watch is in the middle protected with all the plastic and the bands are made from leather with this really good color that we did didn’t have before in our channel, underneath all that we have magnetic charger for the c6 and the user manual And chinese and english as well very good, very helpful to understand it when you put the bands.

This is how it will look like. As you can see, we are sorting up the watch and we have the first look at the watches at the toss board. As you can see, we have here the shortcuts for do not disturb alarm camera, timer, brightness, etc, press and hold to change the faces. As you can see, we have quite a few faces here that looks pretty good and we can change them as many time times as we want. These are very good faces in the right. We have the daily activity. Next, we have the menu where we can start with dialer. We will see later how to make phone calls, and after that we have the contacts where we have to connect first with the bluetooth, and we will show you the two: we have messages contacts, camera, pedometer, sedentary reminder: siri music. We have camera shot, as you can see. Most of these options work with bluetooth, so we have to connect it. First, we have the music control, as i said, alarm, clock, search, fine phone weather, hard rate sports and all these kind of stuff that we mentioned before. More or less, we have the same options as in the last last smartwatches that we unboxed you can see the sports here as well, only four of them, sanitary timing, sleep heart rate and blood pressure. In one place, we have the siri that we can try later calendar and we have the weather at the top drink reminder.

Qr code pedometer settings battery, and this is what we have also. We have a calculator which we didn’t see before in a smart watch. So more or less, this is what we have in the c6 let’s begin here with some tests. First, that we can test without the bluetooth, as the sports running is the first option, as you can see three second countdown, and it begins immediately. We have the time at the top burn calories seconds going under the calories, steps, kilometer and blood pressure. We don’t have anything else in the right or left. We have only in the left to shut down this running method same with other sports. It tells you a couple of information, not too many, but i think these are enough. Let’S go to the health. Caring blood pressure is the first option. Press start and, as you can see, it starts to measure immediately and we don’t have any first result. It gives you the final result with the first sign. As you can see, it shows you with time and date uh what result you get and also it saves all these result in the app for us later to check out what we did. So this was heart rate and blood pressure, basically health management, as it says, in the watch itself, we saw other options about health that which is direct reminder and sanitary time be active and drink water. So you get more better result. While you are running or walking whatever activity you are doing so to connect it.

We will see in the next video how to connect with the app but to connect with bluetooth. We have to go here, bluetooth, search and, as you can see, it found our phone immediately press pair and we should get a notification like this. As you can see, you press pair and connect in case this doesn’t pop up for you just go ahead in the bluetooth like you are pairing something and you will find the c6 to make phone calls now. Let’S, try dialing here a number and, as you can see, it’s synchronizated with the phone immediately and we can talk in the c6 without any problem. Also, we can use siri as well. The mag, the microphone and the speaker in the c6 is very good and we can use both of them. Make phone calls receive calls reject, calls talk in in the c6 or even use siri, as you can see like i did. By opening the youtube, you can do much more, you can charge whatever you want, the microphone will work and the good thing is you, don’t have to go near the watch to hear you so guys. This was all for today’s video.