We are getting this in this like whole live event. We have called the hunt or haunting of her dance man and if you guys have watched the saw movies i’m sure you guys knew this was coming. When you heard billy the puppets laugh at the end of the little teaser they showed for the haunting of her dance man, and we were right, we got it. This is the saw bundle in call of duty, modern warfare, man i’ve, waited basically a whole year to see if call of duty was going to do any um, any sort of like bundles or never collabs, or something like that, because i mean a lot of other Games have them, fortnite has like 50 of them by now. You know what i mean so that being said, i was super excited when i heard billy the puppets laugh at the end of the haunting of her dance, teaser man – and i was right – you guys are probably right here. It is man. We have the billy the puppet operator, man, it is morte as the actual operator and, as you guys can see, man he’s got the uh billy, the puppet and i’m, not sure if you guys have watched the actual like saw movies or the jigsaw movie, i believe, Is the newest one that is out but billy? The puppets laugh was terrifying man. This guy was something that nightmares are made of, and i personally am super excited to get this one.

We have the confession: cr 56a max man leave them no choice but to confess with the confession, assault rifle note: this weapon applies a dismemberment effect and changes the tracer fire to blood red while leaving behind a bloody jigsaw piece on fatal impacts. Man. You guys heard that, right this time, when you dismember somebody with the last shot or whatever it’s going to leave a little jigsaw piece, it’s got some blood on it, man that is super cool, i’m, honestly, so hyped for this bundle and we have the model. 680 death trap there’s no escape form when you’ve got your death trap. Shotgun, no uh. This one features the same blood red while leaving the jigsaw pieces. This one will probably maybe leave a few more jigsaw pieces because it is a shotgun. Then we have the phlebotomist. I want to say how you say that um i don’t know what this one does there’s no info on it. I think maybe it’ll be like a throwing knife and a melee, because i think i read earlier a lot of these are going to be throwing knives and melees, but it’s a pretty cool. Looking knife man, it kind of looks like a screwdriver with some blades. Maybe something definitely something that would come out of saw. We have the pain, train, legendary vehicle skin right here, man, we got the jigsaw emblem right there with some bloody hand, prints covering blood. Pretty nice, then you get the let’s play a game and that right there is also really cool, because billy the puppet used to ride around on a little tiny tricycle doing his creepy ass, laugh i’m.

Definitely going to use that one there’s the play me sticker. If you guys know anything about, saw there’s, always a mic or a little vhs type or tape, he would you would play it and he would say: let’s play a game. You’D have to figure out what like limb, you were going to cut off or what sort of up situation you were going to have to take part in. If you wanted to live man and there’s the saw calling card, the choice is yours, like i said earlier, the games you’d put you in you’d have to make a choice and the spiral cut spray man. That being said, we’re going to get on to the next bundle. Man, the texas, chainsaw massacre, bundle alrighty guys here we are with the second collab man. Like i mentioned the texas chainsaw massacre bundle man. This one is pretty sick too. Honestly, i don’t know which one i’m going to lean towards – maybe probably the saw one, because this one’s tracer fire is orange and does still include the dismemberment effect i’m, not a big orange fan. But that being said, man we have the skin crawler bellicon skin. If you guys are interested in getting velligan and you love halloween man, this is the perfect skin for you guys, as you can see man, it got text. Chainsaw masker he’s even got the weird like underbite, with the messed up teeth that he always has in the movies and stuff it’s ed gein man.

He is actually a real, was a real person and we have the family heirloom man. We have the finn lmg with the chainsaw attachment man. I don’t know what the gun has, if you guys do, want to see these bundles in more of a detailed uh showcase make sure you like and subscribe man. I will definitely be showing what these bundles have. How they play with and how they look when they actually come to the game. This one says the family, harlem lmg is perfect for making sure someone disappears. Why do you think it’s been in the family? So long applies dismemberment effect and changes. The tracer fire to orange and we have the buzzkiller mp5 man once again orange tracer fire got the same green, bloody and black skin as the fin, and we get the meat grinder legendary weapon. They totally missed out on just giving you a chainsaw as a legendary weapon. I don’t know why they didn’t do that. Then there is the squealer legendary vehicle horn. I can’t play that one for you guys it does not have it on there. We have the key chainsaw epic charm right there. Man with the familiar face is the sticker. The verdance chainsaw massacre would have been totally cool if they just put verdance right there instead of the texas – and it just said for a dance, chainsaw massacre, but you guys get it man, the killer, portrait uh emblem and the nightmare fuel spray guys.

That being said, we do have one more. That, i believe, is a collab might be wrong, but i’d do some research on it and figure out what it was and who it is. That being said, we’re gon na get right on to that one all right guys. So this, in my opinion, in my belief, i guess i should say, is what i think is the last like collab bundle in in my eyes, i think, and dr karlov could be a few things. If i’m being honest, you see like the calling card and the emblem and stuff and the spray even and even the charm, if i’m being honest in your first mind, or your first thought would that comes to your mind – would probably be frankenstein right. Well, i did some investigating and the actual actor who played frankenstein in the first movie was named boris karloff same spelling, except for two f’s at the end, instead of a v right, so i did a little more investigating and that actor also played in another horror Movie all the way, back in, like 1931, about a crazy scientist who wants to get revenge on the people he thinks kills. His daughter named dr karloff gregory karlov, actually, if i’m being a little more specific, but instead of the f’s man, it actually had the v same spelling. Dr karlov was a mad scientist who was played by boris karloff. So i don’t know if this is maybe like a nod or like a tribute to the actual actor who played both frankenstein and the crazy scientist, gregory karloff or if it is just like just a random bundle or something like that.

But honestly, in my mind, a little too much like coincidence, too many things like lining up for that to just be like a coincidence, you know what i mean. That being said, man we do have the dr karloff skin. It is for the operator bale, as you can see, kind of he doesn’t look like frankenstein honestly. I think if they just wanted to put frankenstein in the game, they probably just would have put frankenstein in the game. Considering we did just get billy the puppet and the texas chainsaw massacre. I don’t think they would have any problem putting frankenstein in the game, but this one does come with the resonant ak 47 and if you guys do check this site pretty often, you probably knew that this was coming in the in a tracer pack called the art. Like arc lightning tracer pack, but i think maybe they just beefed it up – put some more stuff in it. For the halloween event, you know what i mean, they did add the eflux mp7 man got the same electrical tracer fire effect as the ak 47 and we have the thyristor. I want to say. Maybe i say that the electric knife – man, as you guys, can see it’s got some wires or some lights going up the side of it definitely going to have some cool like electric stabbing effects or swinging effects. Something like that. Then we have the capacitator uh, legendary vehicle skin definitely looks old, which kind of makes me it’s, old and rusty, which kind of makes me feel like.

Maybe it is like a nod to the old uh drums of jeopardy movie, because i mean it’s. All rusted looks like could be sitting around since, like 1931 or something i don’t know. Then we have the tesla coil epic charm man, the out of mind, epic sticker. Once again, crazy scientist, he looks like maybe somebody just killed his daughter and he wants to kill him. I don’t know the alternating current calling card, the warden cliff emblem and the power surge spray man. I do want to say thank you guys if you guys did tune in and watch the video. I appreciate you guys watching man. Let me know in the comments what of these like halloween bundles, you are the most excited about.