It was one of the better selling smart watches on amazon, and i decided to give it a look and that video did fairly well, especially for the time i was uploading now, since i uploaded that video about once every three days or so i get an email From some random smartwatch company, some usually just like generic chinese brands, trying to get me to review their watches, and usually i ignore it, because this isnt really a smart watch channel. But then a company called minus run sent me a email asking me to review this thing. This is their z35 pro smart watch and the reason why i was slightly intrigued by this one primarily is because it has a camera on it. I thought that was a weird feature to include in the watch, so i wanted to learn more now. This right here is the z35. If i go ahead and throw it on my wrist real quick, you can see that its actually a sizable watch. I mean its big for me and its a giant watch in my opinion, because i like bigger watches, but this thing almost covers my entire wrist and i got a fairly large wrist. So in this, video were going to be reviewing this thing going over. Some of the system specifications because it actually runs a full android operating system. You could put any android application on this, essentially so were gon na, be checking that out and were gon na be checking out that camera um.

The camera is the thing im most interested in so were gon na, be saving that, for the end so make sure you watch this all the way through if youre interested in that all right. So here is the watch now for specifications. This is a 1.6 inch lcd screen. I wish they would have went with the amoled. It would have made the blacks a little bit better and all that, but overall it looks okay. It has an aluminum frame around here with those a second kind of numbers all along the sides. Now the actual body and build is a polycarbonate plastic, so its pretty strong should last you a while and then on the back. Here we have this like carbon fiber mesh in the packaging. It includes this little screwdriver and that is to access this little thing right here, where you could go ahead and put your 4g sim card. If you would like to have data connectivity all the time to this thing, then right here we have this little spot for the charger its magnetic pins. This right here is the charger and you simply set it on there and you are good to go on this side here. We have our power button and back button and then flipping it back to the back. This is our heart rate sensor. Now one thing with this heart rate sensor on the back its not the most accurate thing in the world. I used it on my wrist while i was in the gym a couple of different times, and it tends to read a lot lower than what my actual heart rate is, and i mean anywhere from probably 20 to 30 beats per minute, less, which is significant.

So if i have my heart rate up to a normal 130, it reads somewhere around the 100 mark and i tried it a numer, numerous ways. I tried it tight along my wrist. This way tight, this way loose all different ways, and i have a pine watch right here that you can kind of see, and i wore these at the same time, and this one was fairly accurate with what the machine was telling me. While this one stayed a little lower but again that could just be me im a little thicker. So if you have a skinnier wrists, it might work better for you on this side of the watch. We really dont have anything and for the watch, bands theyre. Just your standard watch band, so you could go ahead and switch this out if you would like to so that is our overview of the build and specifications of this watch. As far as the battery i mean it lasts a full day for sure, but if you want it to and you actually use it daily, youre gon na end up wanting to charge it every single night. Thats. Definitely a con for me, but thats, primarily because of the connectivity features wi fi data, whatever you want to put on it. If you turn to airplane mode, youll probably get a little bit more data out of it, but i know even when it wasnt connected to anything and i had the screen off, it would last about three days or so so it all just depends on your use Case so now, what were going to do is actually go on to this watch and check out some of the things that you could do on it.

The applications, the gallery, weather applications, stores, maps things like that, essentially its full android on here. So its pretty cool, and now we are on the actual ui of this watch. So this is the watch face that ive been using and if you want to go ahead and change this, you just go ahead hold down and then you could swipe through all the available watch faces and they do have quite a few different ones to choose. From probably more than ive ever seen included out of the default on a watch like this, but, for example, lets just go with this one right here there we go good enough so now on this watch. If i go ahead and swipe down, we have quick access to turn on airplane mode, our brightness gps. All these little dialogues. Here we could clean up our system by tapping this button and there we go so now we can go ahead and swipe back. If you go this way, we can see some information on our actual charge. What is going on on our system the date, the time all that swipe up were back on our watch face if we go ahead and swipe down? This is where we get some of the fitness stuff. Now this is the step counter for the day. I just woke up. I just turned this thing on so its going to say: zero and thats about it. If we go ahead and swipe over from here, we also have our kilometers walked, calories, burned and things like that.

As far as the actual step, counting on this thing, its fairly accurate, i did a test where i walked 500 steps and actually counted, and it ended up reading like 510 of them, so a little bit more credit than i deserved, but not too bad. Now from here, if we go ahead and swipe over, we can see some of our notifications. Now you can see, i have twitter installed. So if i go ahead swipe down, you can see some of the other notifications i have now. If i go swipe over, this is a list of all of our applications so, like i said this is full fledged android, so we have a lot of different things here. We have contacts phone. If you have a sim card in here, you can actually use it to make and receive calls. I forgot to go over this, but on the back here we have a microphone and on this side. That is our speaker, so you can actually use the phone on here. If youd like to you, have messages. Settings now here were on the web browser, and one thing with this watch is since its so big. I can even with my giant thumb here, i can actually manage to type things. So if i go cnn right there, you can see. Now we are going to the cnn web page. It might take it a sec to load up here. There we go now its coming up, so we have full cnn website here.

I wouldnt recommend going to that website. But if i go and hit my back button, we could go and go back to our applications here and from there we have downloads calendar. We have camera which well get into. We have our gallery music im, not going to run through every application, or else this would be like a 30 minute video, but we have our file manager. Heart rate, monitor. We have our fitness stuff weather. We have voice search the play store. Maps assistant has full google assistant by the way system optimization, and these. These are some things i actually downloaded here. We have twitter and candy crush. So if i go candy crush, for example, you can play games on this thing. If you really wanted to so there, it is, and you might be able to hear the music playing a little bit so were going to go ahead and hit a play here and jump into a game, real, quick, all right. So here we go, we got it fired up here, so you can see. The animations are good, its pretty smooth and if i go ahead and try to do a move, i mean this is super small, so ill. Try to – and you can see its actually recognizing, where im trying to go and its working just fine, technically im, not really good at this game. I never play unless im like demonstrating something like this, but overall you get the point lets back out of there.

So now the camera the moment youve been waiting for now when i first opened the link to check this out. I honestly didnt skim through all the pictures. I just saw, oh, as a camera, sure ill try it out, and i was thinking that it would be one of those cameras thats like integrated behind the screen. So when you actually kind of hold it up on your wrist, you can like facetime with people or take selfies or whatever, and i was thinking that would be the main purpose of a camera on this thing, like some jetsons type stuff. But it turns out the camera is right here on the side i avoid talking about that earlier, so we could kind of get to it here and i mean its a good spot if you want to take normal pictures, but i was really hoping it would be. The look at the watch type situation, but the the camera overall is okay ill. Put up a couple pictures that i took with the camera right now and you can see its really not that bad its a 5 megapixel camera, its not the best thing in the world, but youre going to be able to take some pictures. But the problem. The main problem with this thing is when its actually on your wrist here here lets, throw it on real, quick when its on your wrist, the the cameras right here so to actually take a picture, you got to do like a spider man like bend of the Wrist like that and take a picture, i mean its a tricky situation and, like i really like, i got a little bit of hair on my wrist here and i really got ta bend that down.

So you dont see any hair on my wrist now. One thing that i want to demonstrate here is that actual camera app, what i mean when its like you got to do some spiderman techniques to be able to uh point and shoot it so heres the camera and i have my hand resting how i normally would You can see you cant see nothing, but as soon as i bend my wrist down, we can see and what ill try to do here is take a picture of this keyboard. So lets try to position it properly and like right now, im bending my wrist like this, so position that snap a picture there, we go im going to tap on it to go into our gallery here, and this is the picture so im going to zoom in Here a little bit, so you guys can see it. I mean its really, not too bad. You can see on those keys its getting a little pixelated, but i mean thats pretty cool. I guess right. So what were doing here is actually trying to test the camera. You can see i got ta grill up in the wrist if i straighten it out uh yeah. So this is a camera and microphone test, basically its definitely weird and its way more difficult to use than it would be just to pull out a cell phone hit. One button on the lock screen and take a picture like a normal person.

The only situation that i can see this be like useful for is, if youre trying to take pictures without people noticing – and you just want to do like a little limp, wristed take of the picture, and i mean the only people whod want to take pictures with People not noticing are creeps so basically, if youre buying a smart watch like this for the camera and it doesnt have one that, like you, can use for facetime or facebook. Messenger calls uh all that said. If youre interested in this thing, there will be a link down in the description below big. Thank you to my youtube members and patreon supporters. We have mitchell valentino phil, mack, teemo, anthony and kyle. You guys are some top tier patreon and youtube members. Thank you all. So much for your support. If you are interested in becoming a youtube member or patreon supporter, there will be links down below, do it through youtube.