The charger comes with the box as well. So if you want to keep the shape of the band always when you don’t want to wear it, leave it in the box, so the charger comes in the side. Pocket comes like this, just unplug it this one, you plug into the outlet that one you just clip to the back and it charges you charge for one hour and it will be full charge last year anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. It just depends how much you use the watch: okay, because Music installed Music, just going to say terms and conditions, just read all of them: i’ve already read them so we’ll, just click agree. Press agree, make queries better. Always i agree now it’s going to say, connect your watch so see juliana, hr, yeah, zero, two six, six scroll down on the watch: zero, two six six, so you click that one and now it’s connecting so it’s transferring all the data from your phone to the Watch this takes around sometimes two to three minutes Music and if you need any help, there’s an icon here on the watch, it says bluetooth preparing, because it’s operated on bluetooth. We have to click okay, Music. The signal is not really good for the internet. Here: okay, okay, Music, Music, which is what we did before you just went outside because there’s more internet, once you connect it, you get the play store, so you can download apps like whatsapp facebook, snapchat instagram thing.

Then you get your agenda. You can set alarms. You have contacts Music say you want to call anyone: okay, for example, i’m, just going to click. Any call contact see that thing you press that button and then you call and then, if you get a call, you can speak off it there’s a speaker here. So you can like speak of it and come out on the watch here, see how there’s that face you can choose between all those, for example, say i don’t like that face this one’s really nice i’ll flip that one now it’s reset see how the face changes. So you can choose that’s a really nice dial, it’s, probably one of my favorites Music, and then you can sign into google feed track your heart rate, your steps, everything you just have to touch it i’ll wait till we get home just because you need your internet Don’T always think, then you get notifications. So anytime you get someone messages. You you’ll get a notification here, find my phone say: you lose your phone, you can click it and you can find your phone fit breather, fit workout, flashlight, Music. You can actually see how light that is. You can literally you lose anything. You’Ve got a flashlight as well and they get a discussion feature.