This time my bagon anime release and kasi was year 2021 to no man. I feel very released so guys my room portion, three colors, a toy on three colors nia, again: Music it’s, a red throat round case design. The color is mainly composed of black and blue. There are three colors option in terms of functions it has built in one over 100, stop watch daily alarm, foley automatic calendar, lead lights and 50 meter, water resistance and other functions. It’S a it’s look like a black like a gray machado. It came venetian with orange. See compare you and black bonito, okay, it’s good for men’s, photogra design or unisex dinner shop. I didn’t know manchester girl. My mother must announce a men’s design, so next color is black and the next is the blue. One blue color song design is red through round design resistance and it’s, also stained stainless back and made in china 48.1 by 47 by 13.9 mm. Okay, guys thank you for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe. My youtube channel and please don’t forget to click the bell button for my notification.