I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the channel for more videos. Casio g shock, gsw h1000, is the first of the g squad series to come out with the google wear os, but first let’s look at the hardware. The watch is 56.3 millimeters wide 19.5 millimeters thick and has a lug to lug width of 65.6 millimeters. The casing is a hard fiber, which is held together by screws. The strap is a polymer with a double pin and hole system. The case pack has a titanium carbide finishing for improved corrosion and abrasion resistance, with a small opening for the sensor, as always from g shock. Overall, a very rugged design. The frequently used start button is made in aluminum, with an accent color to blend in well with the theme of the watch. It also provides for improved visibility and operation. The honeycomb patterning is a good touch, as it improves the sturdiness of the watch. It is water resistant up to 200 meters or 20 bar and weighs 103 grams now coming to what the watch offers. This is the first of the series to be powered with the google wear os, which means it can be synced to your google account and use multiple features with much more ease. It comes with the google assistant google pay and google fit, so you can get notifications for emails, calls social media. You can post stuff easily about your adventure, trips and even download apps from google play.

This watch is built for those with a very vibrant and fitness oriented lifestyle. It includes an original casio g shock, move app that supports 15 outdoor activities and 24 indoor workout options. It also allows the wearer to add up to eight original indoor workouts. In addition to the 24 preloaded options, this helps to monitor outdoor and indoor activities like running jogging, sprinting tracks, cycling, swimming surfing, kayaking, stand up, paddle boarding and if you’re in the gym a lot, then it counts. The number of sets the number of reps and the weights you’ve used. You can look at your stats, it shows the distance covered in what speed and time the altitude you’ve climbed the gradient of the road you’re walking on it’s even got a tight graph, and it shows you, the calories burnt. The heart rate monitor shows the bpm as well now the sensors at the back of the watch. It obtains the current location data from a gps satellite. Also, it includes sensors for compass bearing altitude barometric pressure, accelerometer gyrometer. It gets the real time data with original sensing technology and since it’s got gps, you can never really get lost when you’re exploring the display is a 1.2 inch, capacitive touchscreen, which has dual layers a monochrome always on lcd for time display with a color lcd for High definition, display of maps sensor data and more it’s got multi information display, which means you can view all the stats of your exercise.

Regimen and activities in a three tiered display layout, and you can even customize it and rearrange it for the most tracked parameter. Just like how you rearrange stuff on your phone, you can access the casio apps by clicking the apps button at the four o’clock position and scroll through them by swiping. In a circular motion along the edge of the screen just run your finger along the circumference of the screen, and you can find it. You can operate it with buttons as well. If you’re wearing gloves the watch, dial can be changed as well from digital to analog or a simpler digital watch face similar to a normal g shock watch. You can even change the color and the theme and switch to tracking pages, as you can see here, as per your requirement overlay performance data on videos lets you combine the videos and snaps you’ve clicked and displace the logs of your activity above the picture. So you can easily create original content and share on social media and boast about your performance. The price of this watch is around 700 us dollars now coming to my verdict. This is a very good effort by casio for finally providing a smart watch that can literally be called as an outdoor watch, but it is only good enough for someone with a very vibrant outdoor lifestyle so as to get the most out of it. It’S got way too many features for someone who sticks to a particular routine with maybe three to five activities, or maybe someone with a gymnasium facility who has multiple clients focusing on different activities.

Then it would be an all in one watch where you can monitor everything from one point, but for others it’s going to be more of a fashion statement and then there’s. The price 700 us dollars, casio, which is always known for providing affordable watches, is now putting such a hefty price, which is kind of shocking and disappointing. As most people would rather just be happy with a fitbit or a cheaper smart watch like amaze fit or timex, or they could even go for an apple if they have the budget. But you have to be a real casio aficionado if you have to go for this watch and people would probably start their own watch collection with the same amount of money rather than spend it all on. One watch overall it’s a very good effort, although it would be smart for casio to lower the prices if they really want to compete with the other watchmakers. Now that’s it about the casio g shock smartwatch and, as you can see, it comes in three different variants.