apple iPhone 13: the END of Samsung?

The two companies have been embroiled in this bitter feud for years constantly taking shots at the other, but now with the launch of the iphone 13 coming soon, is now a chance for apple to finally end samsung for good, or has this just become one of those Things like a lot of stuff […]

iphone Phone 13 Pro Release Date and Price – 120Hz Screen Touch ID?

We also have the latest on what apple are doing about making enough iphone. 13 models to meet demand, and also the latest on the iphone 13 pro release date and price. With a summary of everything we know so far. Hi its Matt here. So the weeks are now counting down until we see […]


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Smartwatch HW22 PLUS Unboxing Review – Melhor que HW22? Vale a pena? É bom? – HW22 PLUS PTBR

J o review do 22 22 pro Ser que respondeu a conseguiu ser um melhor a que os modelos anteriores Ser que ele realmente t interessante isso que voc vai descobrir nesse review Lembrando que eu t, dando notas agora, para os vivos, o melhor para os. Esmaltes nos reviews, n vou, dar nota, para, […]

SmartWatch H76 – REVIEW, Unboxing e Primeiras impressões, É Bom Mesmo? Vale à pena? Smartwatch PTBR

, O efe Que a gente vai te atender com, toda rapidez, agilidade e vai enviar para todo, o Brasil e se, voc quiser, saber mais sobre, a importao tenho nossos grupos do telegram e. Do eu nem tenho o link a na descrio, do vdeo beleza galera Ento, vamos, l, para o vdeo ver […]

Budget Smart Watch with everything! BlitzWolf BW-AT2 In-Depth Review! #Banggood

Smart watches and many of them are pretty similar and sometimes really just gives you all the basic tools to get you through your day, Music today were taking a look at one of blitzwolf, smart watches. That, frankly, has quite a lot of good features and one feature that even the apple watch doesnt […]

This Smartwatch is ALMOST Everything you Need

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Haylou RT (LS05s) bangla review || A good budget smartwatch!

So basically it is.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker Smart Watch – Unbox and Review

Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Amazon UK – eBay UK – eBay US – Please like this … [compare_prices_deals]

*HD* P70 PRO SMARTWATCH | Watch Tour, Review and Unboxing | 2019

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by. This is another unboxing with a review and thoughts about the product. I got this watch from this store (name of the store … [compare_prices_deals]

Smartwatch IWO 12 Configurando – Sincronizar Smartphone com IWO 12 Unboxing Review

No video mostro o IWO 12 e como configurar ou parear com seu Smartphone. Smartwatch IWO 12 40mm Especificação: Tamanho: 40mm: 40*36*10.7mm … [compare_prices_deals]