Doogee S90 Review – The World’s First Modular Rugged Phone!

This is the do GS 91 of the kind rugged phone that can be customized by attaching different modules did. In fact, this is the first modular rugged phone in the world. The device also has great specifications and it cost about 330 bucks. Let'S take a look Music, the phone ships with all the […]

Is Samsung Galaxy S10 the Most Secure Smartphone?

Someone tried to hack my Instagram and Facebook profiles, and I even received phishing emails would take PayPal invoices. These are just a few instances where my sensitive information was at risk. Since then, I always want to know if my data is safe and I always look for ways to increase security on each […]

Huawei P30 Pro Review – Smartphone Camera Revolution?

Here is ten times hybrid, and here is 50 times digital zoom from the huawei p30 Pro that's, pretty incredible, I would say so. The huawei p30 pro is a great device, but it has a lot more other features besides its powerful camera setup. Let'S. Take a look. This phone is all about design, […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – The Most Detailed Comparison!

Differences and I'll try to answer the question which phone is best for you, Music. This video was sponsored by Pandu the company that makes great cheap wireless earphones stay tuned until the end of the video to learn more just before you go to the comment section and complain about this comparison being unfair […]

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Comparison (in-depth)

Digital zoom, the main sensor, not only has an impressive amount of megapixels optical image, stabilization and bright aperture lens, but it also brings a lot of innovation. While we calls it a super spectrum sensor which can absorb up to 40 more light than usual. If you have seen my galaxy SN plus detailed […]

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Which Flagship is Best For You?

Just before we start I'll try to make this video as short as possible, and if you have any questions about either phone don't hesitate to use the comment section down below and subscribe to the channel while you're. There also check out detailed reviews of both the p30 Pro and the s10 and you'll […]

Huawei P30 Pro vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Which Huawei Is Best For You?

I wanted to compare the p30 Pro to the Wow's made series flagship in the may 20 pro. First of all, the price and the May 20 Pro is about 200 bucks cheaper than the p30 Pro. I will leave a few product links down below the video in terms of designed. Both phones look […]

Huawei P30 Review – Better Than the P30 Pro?

This phone is much cheaper, more compact, and it even has some advantages over his bigger brother, like a headphone jack let's, take a look Music, the phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extra security, soft TPU case and a pair of earphones. However, the rest of accessories may vary depending on […]

Asus Zenbook Pro UX480F Review – Sleek Laptop with 2 Displays!

You can also use the screen pad for Microsoft Office applications which I found to be pretty convenient, but it takes a bit of time getting used to. You can also use the screen pad as the display extender download. New applications are just quite a few settings and so on over all the screen […]

Sony Xperia 10 Review – Solid Midrange Smartphone!

Take a look Music at the time of this review, the phone cost about 330 euros. I will leave a few product links down below the video in case you're interested design wise. The Xperia Tan is a bit different than your usual mid range phone we're. Looking at the mix of iconic sony design […]

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review – Premium Triple Camera Midranger!

Let'S take a look at all the pros and cons of this device Music when it comes to design we're. Looking at quite a typical Samsung mid range phone, we have glass on the front and the back weight of the phone feels like it's made of glass, but I might be wrong. Samsung calls […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Review After 2 Months – Still an Amazing Budget Phone!

Why I'm making my long term review just now, so this phone costs around two hundred dollars? Yes, but it brings great specifications, a powerful camera setup that includes a 48 megapixel sensor and a lot more other features just as usual. In my reviews, I'll go through the main features of this phone and […]