Smartwatch vs OLD School watch – worth the change? [Feat. Fossil Gen 6 review]

This it doesnt do like anything special, just like a like a normal watch, but when i did a poll recently on like what do people wear in terms of smart watches, do you wear it or not? Then im looking at the latest results, then 31 people use it daily and then 56 of […]

Adakah ini Android Smartwatch terbaik 2021 ? Review Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

So dipanggil casing: juga isherwood dan kita adistin dekat bagian dalam di screennya, cerah dan cantik AMOLED punya, setting bersih satu poin 4inci ataupun 47mm untuk pengetahuan kita butuhkan kalis ke ini, biasanya, kita, tengok, kalau, kali screen yang jenis, biasanya dibaca, Kaliputih, jikanme, sini, aku, tukang, kali, populer Ping menyentuh Menarik lah beberapa, aku, […]

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra 4G Review: A Smartwatch For All

The ticwatch pro 3 ultra with 4g connectivity how it compares with last years, tick watch pro 3 lte lets find out Music hi there tiago here welcome back, oh welcome, and if thats the case, let me tell you we do a lot of tech reviews and unboxings. Like this one, if some something […]


Do oxignio no sangue claro ele tem, monitor de frequncia cardaca que muito importante a gente que voc est fazendo treino planejado tem que controlar e as zonas de treino e aqui, no nosso canal nosso review, so todos voltados. Para ciclismo ento eu vou fazer um teste dele na prtica, depois vou, fazer, um, […]

xiaomi Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch Review | All in One Smart Watch with Bluetooth 5.0 calling

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Apple Watch Series 7 Running Review By Two Runners: Best smartwatch for runners?

Music. So before getting into the nitty gritty of our running test, lets take you through the key new details about the apple watch series 7.. The headline one is that apples introduced larger case sizes compared to previous watches, which also brings bigger screens too. They still come in aluminium, stainless steel and titanium […]

Top Đồng Hồ Thông Minh Giá Rẻ Dưới 1 Triệu ! (GIVEAWAY ĐẶC BIỆT)

I l d dy 20mm th s: hi ha hn, mn, hnh, ca, chai, dewott, tht s, l, qu, tuyt, vi, trong, tm, gi, Tuy, ch, l, mang, ai bit LCD sc, nt v; chi, tit hin, th, cao mu, sc, rc, r, kch c hin, th mng, l, 14 inch phn gii l, 320 […]

Top 6 Best Smartwatch for Health Review in 2021 – Are They Worth Buying?

This video looks at the best smart watch for health that you should consider buying number one most popular fitbit versa, 3 health and fitness smart watch with over 10 versions, offering you the ability to monitor your body and health. Its! No wonder the versa 3, specifically is a brilliant halfway house between a […]

Review OASE VF1! Jadi Bangga Pake Smartwatch Budget Ini

000 di official Store nya, Oh semua, langsung, kepoin, aja, tapi ini, Kalau, lihat, dari, boxnya, sih, dia, simple banget, yee, warnanya, Cuma, begini dong, mirip, sama, TWS, nya, oase, yang colorful, cx1, berdekatan, Hai, gak, denger, orangnya, gua, Dikacangin Kampret Musik Jadi mungkin buat ngurangin, ongkos, produksi, mungkin, soalnya beda banget file, Unboxing nya, […]

Kospet Prime S – Full Android Smartwatch with Dual Cameras – Any good?

We have here its powered by dual chipsets, giving you dual operating systems, so that consists of android version 9.1. But you also have a very useful secondary light sports os, which will give you that extended battery performance. Furthermore, you have dual cameras, so one on the top and one on the front, along […]

TicWatch Pro 3 ULTRA GPS tras 1 MES👑REVIEW del ¿mejor Wear OS?

Para samsung y su samsung galaxy watch 4 y watch 4 clases porque cuerpos como, os digo porque tiene cuatro ojos en su interior porque, cuesta 299 euros y, a pesar de ser muy, similar al tick. What pro 3 gps cambia el nombre por muy poquito y en el diseo ahora os voy, a […]

GW67 PRO MAX Smartwatch Unbox & Detailed Functions Review-IP68 Waterproof/Position Sharing/HD Screen

It is the gw67 pro max and we can see that it is also using the warefit pro and it is a wireless charging and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see a menu and in the watch and two straps one silicon and one nylon band. Finally, there is a wireless charger and […]