What gt3 pro en este vdeo te voy, a contar mi experiencia, tras una semana, aproximadamente de uso llevo con el da a da y lo, he probado adems en muchas situaciones porque. He estado fuera estaba haciendo senderismo estado tambin nadando con l y por supuesto te los voy a comparar tanto con el […]

Extrem edel: Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Unboxing & Erster Eindruck (Deutsch) | SwagTab

Ist durchaus einiges dann was haben wir hier noch das sollte unser charging cradle seine wireless charging cradle hie, es auf dem spec schauen wir uns das genau, an ja kennen wir auch schon, so von huawei das, drfte ganz normal ich bin sicher, ich glaube ist es auf Jeden fall kunststoff in hochglanzoptik, aber […]

Doogee DG Ares Review | Better Looking Than Other Smartwatches (Bangla Review)

It has snappier among sensor accuracy, motor modification, so it is positive side. Data look at a display. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMXxDFG3S4I

Review Smartwatch i7 Pro Max Super económico pero vale la pena? 2022 🔥😱

Ms dependiendo del envo pero no supera los 15 dlares en la mayora de casos obviamente el envo va a variar dependiendo del pas pero se mantiene entre los 12, a 15 dlares sigue siendo bastante econmico ahora en la mayora de pases, latinoamericanos hay revendedores en facebook marca Place: mercadolibre amazon y otras marketplace […]

ANALISE REVIEW COMPLETO , M SEVEN SMARTWATCH , traz funções e sistema diferentes!

Ol pessoal sejam bem vindos, ao canal, eu sou, Hlio e t, aqui hoje, para fazer, anlise review do Mc vem, smartwatch depois de alguns, dias de uso, j tenho um vdeo aqui que um boxe uma anlise, a de primeiras impresses dele onde eu falo como ele vem Mas vou mostrar de novo aqui […]

Garmin vivomove Sport 2022 Review, Budget Hybrid Smartwatch!

My review today of the garmin vivomove sport. Hidden within this watch face is an oled display, giving you access to a fully featured health and fitness smartwatch. There are no buttons with this watch. Full control is done from the oled display or from within the garmin connect app to weight. The oled display […]

Xiaomi HeyPlus SmartWatch Review 2022 | 1.78″ AMOLED full-screen display | Review Plaza

I mean uh screen time screen time together: five seconds, im 15 seconds so race to wake up, just hammer face here: im: joking Music. When i call a notification, vibrate vibrate, corbin, shear frontal power on restart even reset, then you can take it about about a gallon phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92a1sKBv39A


75 inch ml display smartwatch made from xiaomi. You pin hope you guys enjoyed this. One lets try to make it shorter im, going to start with the unboxing, then ill be covering the specs and some things about this watch and guys, if youre not subscribed to the channel. Please consider subscribing. Thank you […]


So guys here it is the gt3 pro and hands down the gt2 pro was one of the best smart watches released ever so. Huawei was one of the first that really made a smart watch that you can use all day, long 14 days of battery life with reliable gps, a nice looking screen […]

NEW Version IWO DT7 MAX IS IT TRUE? IT'S GOOD? Smartwatch REVIEW, Unboxing and First Impressions

Let me grow high about what you want to be step. Four. Everybody just do your thing: wake up, todays gon na be a good day. Wake up, todays gon na be a good day. Wake up, todays gon na be a good day. Wake up, todays gon na be a good day. Wake up, […]

Huawei Watch GT 2 – Alt aber Oho #Smartwatch #Review

Kurzanleitung bevor die oppelt msst, ihr, euch hier mit der huawei will sap verbinden erst dann knnte die ohr, richtig, nutzen, dem ist natrlich dann das entsprechende gert suchen bei mir habe ich schon mal im voraus verbunden dann geht ihr nur, auf hinzufgen und dann knnt ihr eure Entsprechend ist wrde oder die smart […]

Comparison:DT7 MAX(KIWITIME 7 PRO) VS HW7 MAX Smartwatch-Which's Better Watch 7 Copy?IWO WATCH Model

5 millimeter and at the right side both watches have two buttons and the microphone dd7 max is made case. Hw7 max its shiny case, both watches do not have lock buttons at the back and both are using the wireless charging and the left side. Both watches are apple watch series 7 design with […]