✅W36 PLUS Smartwatch REVIEW, UM VERDADEIRO SERIE 7, aeh sim

A o design do Apple, sries, set e traz um excelente acabamento, j fez, vdeo de apresentao em um box ele vem nessa caixinha, aqui com, carregador, por induo, o que j, um bnus muito legal t, aqui com, a minha pulseira de teste t usando ainda ou seja Ele troca pulseiras podem ficar tranquilos […]

i7 Pro Smartwatch Unboxing and Review

com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and views. Okay, we are back with the video review for smartwatch specifications and what we have here is one of the most affordable, okay, sears, seven smartwatch in the market, and it is becoming popular okay. We expect it to be somewhat like a t500 smartwatch, […]

Doogee CS2 Pro Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker | Review

I think this is because many brands are selling this watch model. So if youre going to buy one, i would recommend purchasing the one at the lowest price, so smart watches have been increasing in popularity over the last decade that has become the new cool in accessories from young children to the older […]

Huawei Watch GT 3 review: Fancy fitness tracker or proper smartwatch?

And the latest of those is the watch. Gt3 im kam bunton from pocketlint, and this is our review and while youre here, if you could tap like subscribe and the notification bell, that would be lovely if theres one thing that can be said for huaweis recent crop of fitness focused smart watches, is […]

Tinwoo Smart Watch Review

Before i start with the smartwatch, i want to announce a giveaway if youre interested in winning free, tinvo smartwatch subscribe to my channel if youre not already subscribed, share the video and leave a comment below letting me know that you would like to get this smart watch For free for more information check, […]

The Smart Watch To Rule Them All! | Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar T121.420.44.051.00 Unbox & Review

I really appreciate it. Today we have the tissot t, touch: connect, solar and im not going to read off the model number, because its really long anyway, guys. This is one of the most advanced watches out there and ive been wanting to review it for quite a while. Now its been out for […]

GT3 Smartwatch – Another Budget Smartwatch under $50 Review

Every time you make me nervous its been a while, since i forgot the most sinful words, Music lets start with the price. The gt3 smartwatch has a price tag on aliexpress of 36.83 dollars and around 27.99 pounds in uk. Like always, i will leave links in the video description. Please check them out […]

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Long-term Smartwatch Review

Smart watch youll find the link to the product in the description and you can use the link to check the latest price and other user reviews watch till the end to know our final verdict on whether its worth the purchase amazefit t rex pro long term smartwatch Overview if youre not new to […]


Kabar kita lihat untuk di bagian design message to ini, menurut, saya, memiliki, desain, yang, simple minimalis, dan juga slime act, tidak, terlalu, tebal, guys, ini kalau, saya, ukur, untuk, ketebalannya sendiri di hanya, 10 mm lebih, ya, 3 11 mm nursasih, cukup, tipis, kalau, smartplus, dibawah, 12, milis Di bagian materialnya dua ini, menurut, […]

Boat Zenit Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – WORTH BUYING??

This is anuj from gadget kick today. We have with us one more smart watch from boat and its the boat whats in it, and in this video we will do the unboxing and well show you the features. So here is the box in the front of the box. We have the picture of […]

Amazfit GTR 3 smartwatch review: Battery life, data, and design

Zdnets matt miller has been testing. This sports watch out for us matt. Give us your first impressions of this device yep. So this is the gtr3. It was just released last couple weeks, as you said, beth its its a really its a great watch right and ill start off by saying this runs […]

ManiGoo Smart Watch Review | Affordable But Any Good?

Lets check out this one from manny gu today hi. This is david of tech for baba a channel. I share my experiences on how technology enhances my time with kids and family as a dad. If this is your first time here, welcome, please consider subscribing to the channel Music in todays video lets […]