Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and Google's Hardware Reveal 2022!

I o their annual developer conference and usually we dont see a ton of hardware at events like this, but this one, for whatever reason we got a ton of hardware or at least hardware announcements, so theres kind of three levels of announcements going on here. So, first of all, theres the right around […]


Do seu Smartphone no meu caso como eu estou utilizando Android Ele abriu aqui na Google Play no aplicativo microfit eu j baixei esse aplicativo eu j, instalei mostrei, o teste, no outro smartwatch, no modelo biblioart X1; se voc no viu veja vou deixar algumas e nos cards, E agora, vou abrir, o aplicativo […]

Google Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 & Android 13 offiziell 🤯

Das kostenlos was tut ihr abonniert ihr verpasst sonst irgendwas das erste vorber gehen mchte ist android 13 und da gibt es einige neuerungen, allerdings nicht, so viele den android 12 war ein sehr groes update zum beispiel knnen sich, jetzt icons, auch basierend, auf dem, hintergrundbild, anpassen, oder Das musik widget passt sich, je […]

Oraimo এর সকল স্মার্টওয়াচ এক সাথে | All Oraimo Smartwatch 2022 Review | Review Plaza

Okay, so im writing all right in details. So im right on the board. Next watch im out there! So next time you take apache or a more active model or more osw 11.. It is strapped up into different chapters, so power on off right burner about option, find phone option function, so smart […]


No gosto quando, o boto aqui mais para baixo, o boto, no o buraquinho de microfone Prefiro quando ela mais posicionado aqui entre, os dois botes sendo que os dois botes eles, so funcionais t tanto de cima quanto de baixo, voc aciona aqui o menu do relgio ter Que o brilho dele t na […]

IOWODO R3Pro Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker for Android and IOS REVIEW

They are makers of smart watches, and this is the r3 pro now they do have other models available. But this particular model is a smartwatch fitness tracker that will work with either android or ios. It is available at the time of this review of from amazon for ‘.99. So i will leave that […]

SoundPEATS WATCH 2 SmartWatch IP68: Things To Know // Accuracy, Fitness and Review

Om tred te hou met jou gesondheid en oefening n slimhorlosie hou ook tred met jou fiksheid maar hou jou ook verbind deur kennisgewings en opdaterings op jou pols te lewer. daar is baie, oorvleueling tussen die twee en wat ons vandag hier het is n, mengsel van n Fiksheidspoorder en n slimhorlosie ons praat […]

HW 28 Smartwatch Review 🔥| AMOLED Screen With Highest Pixels😱 #WaterDropTest #4K

So today we are going to do unboxing of the most stylish hw 28 smartwatch. So this is the box of the hw28 smartwatch. Some key features are mentioned over the box. It has led support 1.3 inch of emulate screen with 420 by 420 pixels. We will talk about that later on wireless charger, […]

🔥 Zeblaze Stratos 2 Smartwatch – AMOLED for $69??? Unboxing & First Impressions!

Alright, so we got the box its pretty light. Has a watch inside well open it up and see what we have so here we have the box. We have a, i dont know what this is its like a card thanks for choosing us and then whatever this is. Ah we have the watch […]

Xiaomi Kieslect K11 Review, The Affordable Monster

Today i have this k11 from kislek. I have already reviewed their k10. A few weeks ago, ive been using this k10 for a while now almost more than a month and im super excited about this k11, because this one comes with 1.’ inch. Ultra amoled panel, there is always on display 40 days […]

Xiaomi Kieslect K10 Review – BEST Budget Smartwatch in 2022 🔥| Semi-AMOLED Smartwatch & Water Test

Today we are going to talk about the best budget, smart watch of all the time, its probably one of the best smartwatch under 30. The smartwatch i am talking about is the xiaomi ki select k10. So this is the xiaomi ki select cat and some key features are mentioned over the box. It […]

Top 5 Smartwatches For Android and iPhone | Best of Spring 2022

These are the most wanted wearables of the year according to our thorough testing so which are all these five lets. Inspect Applause – hey good to see you here, you probably found this video because youre on the hunt for the best smartwatch you can buy and ive listed the best models compatible with […]