SmartWatch Flagship Killer : Kospet Prime 2 | Lắp Sim 4G – Camera Sony | Cấu Hình Cực Khủng

My tnh na lun cnh bo cho c tay nh trc khi, nh, mua, cho c. Pes hay cc k to y l, chic, smartphone c kch c to nht m mnh tng review, so snh vi, mt vi, Smartwatch khc, cha y l, trc lemforder 15, ny to hn r rt gtr2 46ml, cn […]

GALAXY WATCH 4’s ONLY COMPETITION (Best Android Smartwatch)

If youre trying to buy a smart watch. That is a general utility smart watch that is not one thats hyper focused on fitness or something like that. Then you really only have two options. So on one hand, you have the galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic which just came out and […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 – Smartwatch Comparison – Which one to Buy?

Tic watch pro 3.. So, first of all lets begin with the prices see samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is priced from 369 pounds and the ticwatch pro 3 is priced from 289 pounds. Now closer, look at the actual watches. The samsung has a complete stainless steel watch case finished in black with time […]

Smartwatch IWO W37 PRO – Unboxing e Review O NOSSO CHEGOU! Completão e lindo. Iwo w37 Pro series 7, a loja oficial aqui do canal, Fernando tudo certo que usou ocupam esse Tec, voc, vai ganhar desconto EA claro eu vou me responsabilizar pela sua encomenda at voc, receber na Sua casa, seja muito, bem, vindo, voc est, aqui no canal, Fernando 37 seu canal de tecnologia, hoje estou, aqui com, o to […]

TouchElex Smartwatch Review

My name is marcos and today were gon na. Take a look at the smartwatch from a company named touchlex heres, a watch that ive been using for the past couple days and i like it its brilliant its been pretty smooth. Something that makes this watch unique is uh. It does have a touchscreen […]

Exynos Baru Pakai AMD Radeon, Xiaomi vs Tesla, PS 5 Baru, Smartwatch Baru Fossil: Technews 37

16 Pixel dan media penyimpanannya, sebesar 8 GB saya pihak, Facial sendiri, sudah, mengkonfirmasi, buat, Smartphone Ini, masih, belum, menggunakan, wero, s3y, yang terkini, tapi, nantinya, Rencananya akan di upgrade ke Os 3 tentunya ya mungkin di akhir, 2021 atau diawal 2200w akan dirilis di sekitar, bulan September tahun, ini, dengan, Harga, kisaran, 350, 3, […]

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Timex Fit 2.0 Review Good But?

0, so whats going on guys. My name is rohit, so without wasting further more time. Lets get straight into the video project, submission quality, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music accuracy, the user interface part is good, which is a kind of good thing, all right guys now coming to the final verdict. So at […]

Crossbeats Ignite S3 Smartwatch | Phone Calling 📞 | 1.7" Display ⌚️| Unboxing & Review 🔥

I know youve already read the title: its the ignite s3. Now its got an all metal body, a huge 1.7 inch display which, by the way, is almost edge to edge and then everyones favorite feature the phone calling feature. We also get the sports variant with this new strap im actually already wearing […]

NEW GALAXY WATCH 4 CLASSIC by Samsung (A New Era of Smartwatches)

We wanted to see what kind of software it had what kind of battery life what was going to be different about it, because, essentially, we know any older, samsung or google wear os. Watches are essentially going to be obsolete and replaced with basically this. So in this video were going to dive into […]

RELOJ CON ALEXA… y Funciona! ⌚ CUBOT ID 206 – SmartWatch Review en Español

Si est por debajo de los 50 euros si tienes aqu un asistente de voz de alexa integrado que te va a ir de maravilla con hoy adems hace muchas otras cosas y para eso, hemos, grabado, este vdeo, para contarte todo. Lo que hace el cubo y de 206 diseo notificaciones batera actividades deportivas […]

SMARTWATCH FLAT DESIGN – IMILAB W12 – Preview and Test Sp02 Heartrate

What vc ya di glorified kita, bisa, lihat, kau, tak berhenti, Musik untuk screen timeout dia, bisa 15 detik bluetoothnya juga dia, sudah menggunakan, versi, 5.0, dan ditambah lagi, batu, tapi, settingnya, ini 335a, daily use, tertulis bisa, sampai, 15 hari untuk baterai live sekitar, 30 hari, tertulisnya, ya, Mantap ya guys waterproof tertulisnya juga, […]

IWO W66 Series 6 Smartwatch Unboxing & Review | Wireless Charging | Custom Watch Face

This is w66 lets open and see if its better than w56 or not. This is user guide Music. This is silicon case. This is metal, mesh, strap, Music. This is blue mesh metal strap for w56. If you havent watched the unboxing video then do watch it ill leave the link in i button. […]