Xiaomi Watch S1 Active | Smartwatch Review

Now i received this watch from xiaomi nearly a month ago and ive really been putting it through its paces. So lets just go through a little bit of the technical specifications of the watch, especially the ones that i think are really the most important to people who are in the market for a […]


10 y la verdad es que tenemos aqu un reloj con un acabado digamos en una especie de rosa plido, rosa palo, como, seguramente sea el propio nombre lo vamos, a sacar de aqu calidad tiene muy buena pinta la verdad es que al tacto, se siente muy bien Con una correa que termina en […]


Well this is the apple watch, and something like this, which is almost similar, is this watch. Was it called the gizmo 910 fit pro? This is a smart watch. Thats recently been launched and uh its loaded with features. Trust me so many features that i was really happy to know that at such […]

Fiypo FY16 Plus SmartWatch REVIEW | $30 Price Range Winner

It only costs 13, which is really affordable for everyone. So now you cant find the excuse not to have a smartwatch so now lets start with unboxing in xbox we find our smartwatch. We have really detailed instructions on how to use it and, of course, the magnetic usb charger Music now lets move […]

DUAL displays on a smartwatch? TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS review!

Ive only been using samsungs offerings back from the tizen days and all the way to the new galaxy watch 4, where it is a weird hybrid between samsungs, one ui and also googles, wear os, and so that means technically the take watch pro 3 ultra gps is Aosp in a sense for the […]

Apple Watch Series 7 Nine Months Later! The ONLY Useful Smart Watch?!

Where does the time go? Look? There are no two ways about it. The apple watch is the best option for a smartwatch. If you are in the apple ecosystem and its a real reason to potentially move over to the apple system, if you are looking for a persistent tracking tool, its small, its […]

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active 1 Month Review: ONE MAJOR ISSUE.

Now today were going to be checking out a very interesting smartwatch, that is the xiaomi s1 active. Now i have not been reviewing smart watches for a very long time now, so definitely very excited when i had the opportunity to check this out. Prior to this i was actually using the amazfit gtr […]

TouchElex Venus Series Smartwatch unboxing and review

My name is marcos and today were gon na unbox. The new touch lex uh venus series smartwatch. This is a new design that they launch. They have it. In a couple. Colors two colors looks like uh. What makes this watch unique? It actually has a new uh, bigger display. It has a 1.2 […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review | 6 Months Later – (Best Smartwatch in 2022?) Is It Worth It?

So ive learned a lot and ive got a lot to say and jump forward to six months later here we are ive been using this watch and my goal with this video is to answer a lot of the questions that ive gotten from those other videos to Help you, if youre in the […]

This is NOT a "smartwatch"! Xiaomi Watch S1 Active review!

This is the xiaomi watch s1 active and i really like this watch in a few aspects. So in todays video, let me just show you what this watch has to offer Music inside the box. We only get the essentials, so we get the watch itself, obviously with the strap pre installed, and then […]

Xiaomi Kieslect K10 Review, Is it the best sub 50USD Smartwatch

Welcome to another honest review video. Today i have this k10 from keyslack yeah. The brand name is its a bit difficult to understand how to pronounce it k. I e s. L e c t key select. Anyway, there are two things i was confused at the beginning: number one 1.32 inch semi amoled. […]

Hafu Watch 7 : SmartWatch Giá Rẻ Màn Tuyệt Đẹp , Nghe Gọi, Trợ Lý Siri -Google (GIVEAWAY)

0; ti? U th k ca, gtech km, theo pin 380mb kh ln, so vi mt con Smart gi, r, Ngoi, ra, th c nghe, gi m thoi, th, lp c chng, nc ip68 Anh, em c th, ra, tay l, i mi nh Anh em xem, nh, thm, mu, chc, L bit c n […]