Hohem iSteady X Review – The Best Cheap $69 Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone, camera stabilizer let's take a look i'm literally blown away by the fact that you're getting quite a few extras inside of the retail packaging for less than 70. Yes, i really appreciate the fact that the company included a mini tripod and a travel pouch. Now the design i've been reviewing smartphone gimbals […]

LOKMAT APPLLP PRO vs KOSPET PRIME 2: Which is Best large round Android 10 Smartwatch: Quick Overview

You see a slight difference in this screen. This is that long term power save mode screen and one of them has got step count capability added to it, which one yep yep the new redo, with the lock matt uh app llp pro i'm, just gon na call it the pro. From now on, […]

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review After 3 Months – The Second Best Xiaomi Phone EVER

What impressed me the most about the mi10 pro speed and responsiveness of the device, even after using it for months in all kinds of situations, xiaomi put all of the best hardware components available into this phone, which, coupled with proprietary cooling system, a crispy, 90 hertz display And good optimization assure excellent all […]

Honor 9A Review – Great Hardware for the Price… with a Caveat

This is honor 9a, a 150 euros or 150 pounds device that has pretty good specifications, nice hardware and all other stuff. So let's take a look if this phone is actually worth buying or you should go with another budget option when it comes to design and build quality. We are looking at quite […]

Poco F2 Pro Review After 3 Months – One of the Best $400 Phones!

Xiaomi Redmi 9A and 9C Review – Best Value $100 Smartphones

But obviously there are some trade offs. You need to consider before buying so without any further ado. Let'S get right into it when it comes to the looks the xiaomi redmi 9c and the redmi 9a sport. Quite generic looking budget devices design, if you're paying just about 100 bucks for your phone, you […]

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite Review – Killer $300 Smartphone

So you can decide if this phone is right for you or you should go with another option. As usual. Let'S start with a design, and i have to tell you that the mi 10t lite is a beautifully crafted device, while the phone doesn't present any design innovations. It looks very premium and the […]

Realme 7 5G Review – Amazing Value £279 Phone!

All of that sounds really impressive. Let'S take a further look and see how this phone performs in practice. I love that realme chose to implement a matte glass finish on the backplate which, for my taste, is much better looking than glossy surfaces that become a smudge fest in an instant. Having said that, […]

LOKMAT APPLLP PRO 13MP Flip Cam Android 10 MT6762 2.1in Screen 4GB/64GB Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

, however there's a whole different and upgraded version of the firmware inside this one that we're going to talk about today. First of all, we got to try to get it out of the box. Wow. Look at that. Okay, the strap is only hooked on one side where the camera is and it's […]

Xiaomi Mi 10T Review After 2 Months – A $500 Flagship

The surface is very nice to the touch and it does not attract fingerprints and smudges. Like glossy surfaces, you simply want to hold and touch the back of the phone same as the display and the cameras. The backplate is covered with gorilla glass 5 for protection. The metal band that goes all around […]

LOKMAT APPLLP PRO 13MP Flip Cam Android 10 MT6762 2.1in Screen 4GB/64GB Smartwatch: Quick Overview

Nokia 3.4 Review – Should You Buy It?

Like finish on the back, i found it to be nice to the touch and it does a good job. Camouflaging the fingerprints. This phone looks similar to nokia 2.4 that i reviewed a few days ago, if you haven't, seen that video you'll find all the links and show notes down below in the […]