A woman’s smartwatch model is qc13c531. Now, like any other smartwatches, it requires an app to operate or benefit from the rest of their features that it has now the app is called qwatch. You should usually find the in the user manual, so here you can see if you don’t scan that qr code here it would take you straight to the app and the app is called qwatch. Now it operates with android or ios, so with android. It has to be 4.4 operating system and, above and for ios, it has to be 9.0 operating system above now. This is a full touch, control smartwatch, so the touchscreen works perfectly. This is very nice and attractive, looking watch as well, very nice and compact and design, and this strap is very slim and you’ve got a nice metal style design there as well. Now the screen size is zero, 1.09 inch, ips color screen, and it has ip68 waterproof resistant feature as well. So a bit of raindrop going on there, water um a bit of water splashing on it. If you’re sweating. That way you won’t get damaged, but you won’t be able to just go diving into the swimming pool, because that way it will get damaged. He also has to be a bluetooth 4.2 and above as well, so your device has to have bluetooth, 4.2 and above to operate with this, and the battery capacity built into this smart watch is 140 mah battery capacity.

A full charge would give you at least around three to five days of usage time, and that depends on what kind of features you’re using that’s. Why it’s um? It gives you the estimate of three to five days, but you’ll get definitely more than two days of usage time per full charge. It gives you 30 days of standby time as well and let’s check some features that it has so once you on you can see. This is the um default um wallpaper there and now, if you swipe down you go the torch. The power on off you’ve got the night mode there as well, and then you got this as well. You’Ve got the themes so themes. You can actually choose from two different themes. Here you go brightness as well. You can actually put the brightness up and put the brightness down, so let me put it up to the max and let me go back now. You got languages here as well, so you can choose them for invert, for the various languages to choose from here. So that’s pretty cool um, you know whoever buys it and they can’t read english or certain languages. You got majority of the languages built in so you can choose your own languages as well. You’Ve got a system as well. That shows you what model this is qc. 13 underscore c531: now you got the dial as well, so you got different um watch faces to choose from as well.

Now let me go back and let me swipe up this way. Now you got notifications, you got a few other features like the heart rate. Monitor uh, you got a sleep, monitor real time, exercise tracking as well. Camera control, a music control notification sedentary reminder, and he also has six sports mode. This is not a fitness tracker or a smart band, um designed for sports, but it still has a sports sports mode built into it. So there’s a few things to choose from there as well heart rate, monitor there’s a few stuff here. So we’ve got the running mode, so we’ve got a few here like running walking, hiking swing, rope, skipping exercise, so there’s a few that you can choose from there and then you got alarm clock you got here. You got some games as well, so this is probably the first smart which actually has games built in, so you can play mostly some basic games, but it still has games built into this. It also has the barcode, so you can scan this to download the app as well so you don’t have to. If you forget what app is. They also give you the reminder there as well, so it also has the music control uh, the camera control and the weather as well. So you got the weather there as well. It shows you when you connect to your smart and the app as well. It will give you the accurate weather control there now this is worth around 30 to 40 pound uk currency, but it’s a very stylish watch perfect for women’s and it’s very attractive.

I, like i, like the design of this bit as well. The build quality is very good and it’s comfortable to wear. I think, strap is not as comfortable but you’re still you’re able to actually remove this and buy another strap that’s comfortable. You can get the silicon strap as well. You can get various different straps, but this one comes with it.