You know, ive been going to ces for 10 years and for most of that time, ive been saying man i wish ces were worth going to as a mobile tech fan. Well, it turns out the only thing youd need to do to make ces an awesome show is to stay at home, Music yep in the midst of a meteoric rise in covid cases and the specter of many large exhibitors dropping out of ces. I cancelled my flights and left the swanky suites of the cosmopolitan hotel to my more cosmopolitan friends staying here in the safe embrace of new york city, where the local infection rate is a mere 22, and my smart watch keeps letting me know about all the fun Things im missing, but anyway were not here to talk about that were here to talk about all the tech that i was sad to miss so lets get to it. First up is the samsung galaxy s21 fan edition, which is a 700 mid range phone that i personally would leave on the shelf in favor of the 600 pixel 6 or the even cheaper galaxy s21. It too closely resembles im, not planning on covering this phone. I bring it up only because its made by samsung, which also brought a little slice of the folding future to ces. Now, normally the term concept design is code for a product. You may never be able to buy stay tuned, but this is samsung were talking about.

Currently, the leader in shipping, folding phones that are actually for sale and are actually worth buying even more significant. These products are being shown off by samsung display the arm of the company that builds flexible, oleds, not just for samsung foldables, but for other companies like oppo. As well all that is to say that even if samsung doesnt make something like the flex concept here, it might end up making the displays for a company which does and thats exciting, because, while im very happy with the added acreage, my galaxy fold 3 gives me Sometimes i want even more space or a different aspect ratio for watching video. This flex s design provides that by using a hybrid, innie and audi fold, which leaves one panel exposed, so you can use it while closed or in the case of the flex g. A double any fold that hides away the whole display when not in use, i think the flex s is the better fit for a handheld like a smartphone, while the flex g probably makes more sense for a tablet. Now samsung also showed off the flex slideable a take on the so called rollable concept, weve seen from other companies. This format always gets a lot of adulation in the comments, but im not a big fan, because it eliminates one of the key advantages of foldables, which is that they protect the display when closed im. Just not sure that constantly exposing this much soft screen material to the outside world is a good idea and finally theres the flex.

Note a big 17 inch screen that folds away into the size of a 13 inch laptop when closed samsungs actually shown this off before. Alongside the smaller flex s in a concept video from last year, which im really hoping is an indication. The company might actually build these things now. If you dont want to wait for your life to be over, you want to know right now, but will it be? Asus is already building a laptop very similar to that would be galaxy book yup. The company behind some of my favorite laptops has decided to bring its zenbook family into the fold. Asus wouldnt confirm this, but it seems entirely possible. The zenbook fold is built around that big samsung oled from the last section, because the dimensions are the same 17 inches when open 12 and a half. When you fold it into a laptop, at which point you can either use the on screen keyboard or spring. For the bluetooth accessory to control it, i explained why this approach makes a lot of sense about a year ago, in my review of the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold, but sadly, both hardware and software issues with that device have led to it gathering dust on my desk. Instead of joining my everyday carry the zenbook fold in many ways resembles a bigger version of that device running on newer intel, silicon and presumably windows 11., both of which should help make it a smoother experience than lenovos.

First attempt at least i hope, based on the zenbook and zephyrus dual screen, laptops, ive reviewed to date. It also seems likely that asus will bring some custom software to fully leverage the unconventional screen here, but well have to wait until mid 22 when it goes on sale to find out more speaking of unconventional and dual screen and lenovo. You ever wonder what would happen if you built a tablet directly into a laptop, no well thats a question. Lenovo tries to answer anyway with its third generation. Thinkbook plus. Take it for me, secondary screens on laptops, really do come in handy a lot more often than you might think, but here, rather than stretching a wide screen across the top of the keyboard deck lenovo has bumped the keyboard to the left and installed whats effectively an 8 inch tablet thats good for calling up a quick calculator, its good for editing photos good for duplicating your smartphone screen when the feature arrives. The possibilities as lenovo says in its teaser video are endless. Well, maybe not quite as endless if youre a lefty or if you need anything more powerful than integrated graphics or if you dont, want to buy a new backpack to cart around. What tech radar notes is indeed a very large machine, but at a starting price of about 1400, when it launches in may its far cheaper than the dual screen laptops ive used to date and no matter how wonky that second screen ends up being im willing to Wager its more useful than what lenovo tried with prior models.

Like sticking an e ink display on the cover a much better use for e ink in 2022, apparently slapping it onto a car, yeah all right its another concept with enough technological and regulatory hurdles to virtually ensure it wont, make it to market until the 2030s. But this bmw sports activity vehicle is so cool. I just dont care. The car maker worked with e ink the company that makes the electrophoretic material you find in modern e readers to transfer that technology from the kindle to a custom car wrap that covers almost the entire surface of this vehicle. Just like on a kindle. The display material is made up of countless tiny capsules filled with both negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black ones. All the driver has to do is hit a control in the cockpit to alter that charge and the car can literally change from black to white or anywhere in between, at the flip of a switch in its press. Release e ink points out some potential practical benefits of this, like temperature control its easier to warm up a car in the winter if its got a black paint, job that absorbs the suns rays and, conversely, its easier to cool off a white car in the summer. When youre talking about all electric cars, the less energy you need to put into climate control, the more range youll get and e ink only uses power when its changing state. But you know be that as it may, those gains have got to be minimal and, more to the point, i feel about this.

The same way i do about clamshell, folding phones, manufacturers, shouldnt, feel the need to justify themselves to the killjoys who show up in every comment section demanding a use case, or you know calling something, a gimmick. The reality is that cars, like phones, are for many people. An extension of their personality and being able to change your cars color on a whim is just too fun for me not to want to see it come to fruition someday, and that is once regulators write laws to accommodate it, and car makers figure out how to Implement it economically and durably, but i think thats enough from my broad interpretation of the word mobile after the break ill show you a couple smart watches and the smartphone that lets face it. Everyones gon na be talking about from this show cheap, simple, reliable. Usually you have to pick two, but my sponsor surfshark has consistently been ranked all three by sites like toms guide. Surfshark is a virtual private network or vpn that gives you private access to the open internet. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it can prevent your internet service provider from giving special treatment to certain types of content like throttling your video streaming speeds. Speaking of video ever try to watch a show, but its not available in your region well surf shark can help there too, and if your travels take you to a country with internet censorship, laws surf shark can help.

Keep you connected whether youre on your smartphone tablet or laptop get the vpn that eats other deals alive, hit up surfshark at the link below and pay as little as 2.49 a month when you sign up for two years, using the code below thanks to surfshark for Sponsoring this video for years, watchmaker fossil group has been one of my favorite stops at ces. Typically, the company drops almost its entire lineup of smart watches for the year in one rhinestone studded press event this year. Predictably, things are a little tamer with just two watches, hitting the show the limited edition collaboration with gaming company razer limited to just elite units, because gaming, but also limited in a broader way. Folks. This is essentially just a fossil gen 6 smart watch with some chroma rgb integrations to spruce up its wear os software and an ecto cooler wristband check out lexis video over at cnet to see it in action for that youll pay 330 dollars about 35 dollars. More than youll pay for the other new watch at the show the skogen fallster gen 6.. While this one is much more in keeping with my personal style and one im looking forward to reviewing its not likely to get my full recommendation until the second half of the year anyway, the folks who want the full story should check out my fossil gen 6 Review for all my extended reasoning there, but as fellow watch nerds well know, it all comes down to waiting for google to bring wear os 3 to watches other than samsungs and finally, its the smartphone star of the show.

Even if, like many of us, it wasnt even there, the oneplus 10 pro is just what youd expect from the brand that has long put specs at the top of its priorities, its anchored by that new snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. We saw at the qualcomm snapdragon summit in hawaii last month and its powered by a very large 5 000 milliamp hour battery paired with 80 watt charging fast enough to call warp speed, even if thats not what its called anymore yeah. The name has been changed to supervoke, as oneplus continues to grow closer in identity to its sister brand oppo, but another name is sticking around hasselblad. The partnership with the storied camera maker started off with something somewhat less than a bang. Last year, as you may remember, from my oneplus 9 pro review – and i think many of us wanted more than a few tweaks to color science and a high profile brand name on the camera, pod and oneplus seems to have hurt us theres now, 10 bit color Capture on all three cameras, 12 bit raw support and a new ultra wide angle, camera its not the 107 or 112 or even 120 degree, wide angle that we see on most phones but a 150 degree wide angle. Camera ive actually been lucky enough to try this hardware already, since oneplus sister company realme has included a similar camera in its new gt2 pro and compared to the pixel 6 pro you can see just how much more fits into the shot here.

Of course, how successful the 10 pro will be all comes down to how oneplus decides to price it, and, while itll launch in china on january 11th, well have to wait and see what price tag it carries when it comes to global markets? Later in the year? John deere self driving tractors improvements to android that make it get along better with other devices and a remote control that draws power from the ether itself. There were a lot more developments that came out of ces 2022, and i will link to my favorite coverage of those stories in the description below thanks for joining me for this unexpected edition of mr mobile stays home, while the greatest consumer electronics show in years goes On thousands of miles away, and if you couldnt tell my fomo, is conspiring with my cabin fever to produce frustration that only a road trip can relieve stay tuned to the mr mobile on youtube for whatever that trip ends up being, hopefully shot through the lens of A fun smartphone camera, as well as the 2022 version of the mr mobile everyday, carry dropping soon.