today, i’m, going to unbox a setup and review the chaos smartwatch. Hopefully this video will help you with your buying decision. Inside the box. There is the user manual, the warranty card, the smart watch and the usb cable charger. As you can see, it looks really smart. It comes in two colors pink and black. The battery lasts for seven days with average usage the watch uses magnetic charging. All you need to do is connect the usb port on one end to a usb charger and then connect the magnetic end to the charging port at the bottom of your watch. Full charge requires between 1.5 to 2 hours from empty now, let’s, look at its capabilities to turn on the screen press the button on the right side of the watch. The first screen will display the time date and remaining battery the time and date are automatically updated. Once your watch is connected to the hero band, app on your phone scroll up and here you can see your steps, calories, burnt and distance scroll up again – and here you can see your sleep statistics scroll up again and you can monitor your heart rate to start Monitoring press on the heart icon, it will take a few seconds for the reading to complete. The next screen is for training tap on this screen and select the type of training you would like to start. You have walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming let’s, select, walking, for example, tap on it, and the activity will start straight away to stop the activity swipe towards the right, then tap stop now.

Let me show you some additional features on the app first download and install the hero band 3, app on your phone, so go to play, store or app store. Then type hero band in the search box then tap install. It will take a few seconds for the app to be installed once installed open the app then tap on enter hero, band 3.. Select your gender add your birthday height and weight, then tap on the tick sign. Allow the app to access your device’s location then allow the app to make and manage phone calls and allow the app to access photos and media now to add your watch to the app tap on to add then tap allow to turn on your bluetooth. Your watch will appear in the list tap on it. My watch is now connected to the app here. The app will show you your steps, statistics, sleep statistics, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and your activities now tap on the watch icon on the bottom of the screen tap on watch faces here. You can select a different face for your watch. You can select a picture on your phone to be on the background of your watch. You can also view more watch faces and select one that you like now tap on notifications then allow here you can select the apps that can send notifications to your phone. Let’S say whatsapp, then enable now tap on hero band 3. Then tap on.

Allow notification access then allow. By doing this, you will be able to receive whatsapp notifications on your watch. You can also set alarms and your watch will vibrate on your selected time and dates. Now go back, the shutter will allow you to trigger the photo shutter on your phone using your watch now tap on others. Here you have other settings such as reminders to move battery saving enable do not disturb among other settings. This should cover most of the things you can do with the watch and the app now i’ve had this watch for a couple of days, and i can say that the steps are pretty accurate. It has a very good battery life and it’s a great watch to track activities and to keep you fit. Please note that the heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels cannot replace medical equipment measurements and always consult your doctor for any medical advice. If you have any questions about this product, please leave a comment below this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get the latest tips and reviews on the latest technologies with quick tips too.