So this is an inexpensive smartphone priced at around about 40 pounds, which sometimes has some extra vouchers, such as the one that’s currently available for 20 off or is available on flash deals on amazon. So i thought, i’d take a look at what’s uh. This chalva i’ll put it in in writing somewhere in the description, but i don’t know how to really pronounce the name of the brand it’s such a strong brand. They don’t need to put it on the box, so let’s start by opening up the packaging and seeing what’s inside now all the folds seem to be on the bottom, but i thought for around about 40 pounds. Can these be that bad? I think not so. Let’S have a look packaging, says: smartwatch large screen, heart rate, bracelet and packaging, slides off and inside the box. We have another box and some pretty nice packaging. So we have a quick hero: band 3 color screen fitness tracker user manual, so nice little manual with qr codes to get you set up and we’ll do that. In a moment there is mottas tech. That sounds like a familiar name. You can activate your guarantee and get an extra gift, so i might actually do that. There is a usb charging. Cable let’s have a look at that in a bit more detail, so that’s usb type, a standard usb to this proprietary pogo pin magnetic charger. So it looks as if there’s two magnets here and two pogo pins for charging and the watch itself, so it says plea: please tear this off this.

Please tear off this protective film before use there. We go and we’ve done that so, as you can see, the charger will clip on here magnetically and it’s polarized, so you can have to connect it the way it’s supposed to go, and then we have a heart rate sensor unit here this seems to have some Fill on on it, let me take that off, or maybe not maybe i’m just a mistake in there, but anyway i’ll take off my existing watch. This is the amaze fit neo which i’ve been using for the last few months and let’s see how this switch is on. So we long press the power button and it says hello, oh, that was fast. It was a very fast startup. So what i’m going to do is pair it with my samsung galaxy a52 5g, which i believe is a a decent smartphone to connect to now things are a bit off. It thinks it’s the 14th of july or it’s july 2014.. So to connect this smartwatch i’m. Assuming i go into bluetooth and search for new devices, so no messages, i think p36c is what i’m looking for. So an app is needed to use this device. Okay, then, so this is where i break my own rules and i have to actually look for an app functions. Introduction, bracelet, app installation so with the qr key code here it’s gone into macro modes but i’m, not seeing it web page.

There we go so we’re. Now, connecting over 5g to hero band 3, the app that’s cool and it’s available in the google play store, so you’re verified by google play protect great, so we’re. Now opening up the app someone standing at the top of a mountain, dramatic clouds snow, an elf! Oh no it’s, a lady running in the snow. Someone really hurting their knees by going downhill at pace. Some street running some more snow running definitely looks like a hell else with that hat. Happy very dangerous running like that in the middle of the street very nice. So lots of happy running people here let’s see what entering hero band 2 does so i’m going to not show you my exact birthday. Okay, then so i’ve just set my individual parameters. I will elect allow access to everything, because i trust this bracelet hero band 3 and so there we are so let’s. Add a bracelet, so it’s automatically recognized the watch. Let’S select that and i think that’s us connected. So this has very similar to say the huawei health app to the mi fit app. It has your step counter. Your sleep monitor heart rate, monitor and your blood pressure monitors that bp must be and your blood oxygen levels that’s really quite impressive for a device which is let’s face. It 30 pounds that’s as much as you’d pay for a strap for, say the fruity watch so i’m. Going to put this on now.

The lovely pleather strap is very, very soft. It has a metal clasp, which is nice and shiny and creamy, and it loops around into a double double loop. Actually, this is not pleather. This is actually silicon or plastic to you and me. Okay, so we’ve set up our watch, it has pulled the date and the time it’s correct today is the 8th of april, and it is thursday – and we have the time now – let’s see it’s, not giving me much information about from my low heart rate, which is 59 beats per minute. We have a step counter, which is great and easy to access. It has a sleep monitor. My heart rate is 59 beats per minute, not very high at the moment: training mode, spo2, so blood, oxygenation levels, uh weather, breathing exercises. This looks very fruity, okay, so that’s, really quite impressive for in this case, i’ll stop training for how to breathe at the moment, but i will at a later date, go through this in a bit more detail, my heart rate went up there and let’s see quick Settings you have vibration mode or torch. That essentially makes your screen makes the screen bright, weather and data. So we might need to go into the app itself here and have a look at that. So in the app you can also choose watch faces, and apparently this is a really big option, so the default one is very nice.

I quite like this default watch face which is like this, so it has your heart rate, monitor your calories, burnt, kilometers traveled. In your steps – and it is linked at the moment so that’s pretty much what you’d expect of a smartwatch, it tells you the time it connects to your phone and it does all the basics. So so lots of watch faces available in the app that can be downloaded. Oh look pineapple, hopefully that’s not on pizza, many pineapples, so you can download the watch face if you do like it and there’s. Quite a selection here, that’s very, very impressive wow i mean i remember the day when you had to pay to get lots of watch faces on android wear and now a 34 pounder 40 pound bracelet on amazon has all these included. So let’s have a look at what a sort of analog like watch face is like that’s, not bad and that’s. Just the watch face. Everything else remains, as is so one of the other things this has is. Apparently, you can use your watch as a remote shutter for taking pictures with your smartphone let’s, see if that works. So if i go into my camera here, let’s take a selfie now that’s not going to work, but we can have a ah okay, so the hero band doesn’t take pictures using the default smartphone app it does it in its own viewfinder app, which may vary. Your usage of that i’ll just go back into the smart, bracelet app, so that’s interesting.

You can use your phone as a remote shutter control for taking pictures, which is quite fun, let’s see what notifications i can put. So we want to give it access to messages and to twitter we’re going to give it access to notifications for twitter. I think that’s enough for now. So the shutter button, if you want to you, can use your smartphone for that other details find device, battery saving language screen, timeout, drink water reminder, stay, hydrated, drink water, kids, so drinking times, let’s say i drink eight times a day and i want to spread them Out by 90 minutes at a time and i’m going to start at 7, 00 a.m remind me to drink water. Okay, so that’s good we’ll see how that works in the first day, so weather temperature celsius. We need to define a city, so let’s try, edinburgh, no okay, so i have the weather and the temperature in celsius. Let’S see how that comes up on the watch. Is there an upgrade? So i already have the latest version of the firmware let’s see on the watch itself. What the weather is looking like. So it knows that it’s 4 degrees outside between 10 and 2 degrees that it’s sunny today and that for the next day, no that’s it. So clouds so they’re pretty accurate, it’s, almost 11 pm, so not unexpected. That it’s slightly chillier here let’s have a look at the battery, so that’s. The ultra saving mode can turn vibration on and off and any other settings.

So you’ve got a media player. So you can play music from your phone use your watch as a remote control, that’s, pretty cool you get to control the brightness on the device i’m quite impressed, timers we’ve got silent mode on you can reset the phone. This is, quite surprisingly good for 40 pounds. Color me impressed and speaking of colors uh. The screen on this is not and playing pocket casts uh. What i was saying is uh the screen isn’t, obviously super black it’s, not an amoled display but i’d say for a 240 by 280 pixel lcd for the price you’re, getting a really good display and with the user interface, all being black, you don’t notice. There is a little bit of a bezel around the edges, but i have to say overall not necessarily a bad thing, especially if this can make your pri the price of the device much more accessible to many. So yeah i’m really impressed now let’s set the watch face back to another one that i’m preferring so let’s go back to the original. I quite like that one with the three bars at the back. So there we go so i’ve got my heart rate, monitor calories, burned, kilometers, run and steps on this simple watch face i’m i’m, pretty impressed by what this is like now. Obviously it will take a few days to actually get give you some full first impressions, but first impressions are pretty positive it’s for the price, a decent fitness tracker.

That also happens to connect to your phone and gets notifications. I hope, and if you’re interested in knowing more feel free to leave us a question in the comment section below in the meantime um if you’re interested you can find this chalva ciao sorry i’m, having trouble pronouncing their brand name, you can find the chal vah smart Watch on amazon we’ll put a link in the description to where you can find that keep an eye out for vouchers on the product, page or lightning. Deals in this, because i, for example, purchased this with a 20 discount voucher which made it around about 34 pounds. So do uh, let us know what you think in the comment section or if you have any questions for now, i think we’re going to wrap this up.