Smart watches and we're on the web at smart watch ticks calm. I got a really big bag here and inside the bag. I have an equally large black box folks. This box has been around the world, I mean it really has. I don't often show you this, but here's the shipping documents that I track when this thing comes through and the last point I'm showing you is departing Los Angeles, the United States on its way to me, but before I hit Los Angeles, it went through Cincinnati before Cincinnati, it was in New York City that's, pretty cool, but from New York after checking in through Cincinnati internationally. It had departed from Germany, but wait it got to Germany from Bahrain, and that folks, is where this box from China originated folks. This is the Chi Yoda. Chioda is a brand of exquisite watches, and what we have today is, unlike anything I've shown you on the channel before and it's available directly from Amazon it's called the chiyoda men's watch. It'S got gold or silver with a map and Eagle pattern etched on it. Yes, it's an analogue watch. What makes it smart well is that they chose this channel for me to show it to you yeah. This is a regular analog watch, but it's a very high end, one as you can tell from the price a quick go through of what is in this watch. It'S a model number is js0, 191 G.

If you want to order this, it is available globally, which is partly why this is so exciting. This thing can be picked up from any country in the world and, as you see, it was shipped out literally from bahrain. It'S got a 24 karat metal stamp on it, it's a stainless steel case, leather band Brown brand with gold dial 24 hour time, display, of course, and it's using a Japanese quartz movement and water resistance down to 30 meters. Those are your overall specs, but this thing is not so much about technical as it is about beauty let's get into it. First of all, when we take it out of its container Wow, we look at they've, got a little tag in here for Wow, six hundred and seventy four dollars and ten cents. Oh man we're in a whole different category. Here, of course, it was discounted. You saw on Amazon. This is a superior presentation box. We open it up which has a like a a whoosh of air feel to it, and we reveal the actual watch itself in the box with a bunch of paperwork coming with it. Let'S, take it out I'm, pointing this out to all the other watch manufacturers out there about how to look at packaging. Your watch so that it's a high end device it's got its own foam. Protecting the cover thing. A support unit in here it's actually placed in a plastic bag zipped, so it's protected from the elements.

When we open this and bring it out. Oh yeah it's in there tight let's loosen it from the plastic. There we go there we go now. There is a watch, look at the embossing on that and 24 karat gold it's, also wrapped in plastic here gold on the back. It even has the company name on the little dial right there. Wow Wow well there's, no need to charge it up and turn it on. It runs on a battery internally. I guess we'll take this stuff off them and then I'll put it on for you wow. This is really an exquisite watch: nice, true leather band, integrated gold buckle to match one knob on the side, pull it and twist it to set the time like a regular analog, watch, wow wow. Thank you guys. This is amazing, so if you're interested in this kind of a watch, it is definitely available. We have some paperwork that comes with it, including an 18 month. Warranty 247 customer support hundred percent satisfaction, guarantee, got email and a website for this chiyoda living a beautiful life. Look at this I've got a certificate in here. Certificate of precious metal test they've actually verified that this is 24 karat gold in the buckle and in the watch face itself amazing and then I've got the instruction manual and it's, basically giving us some information how to get prepared. Removing the plastic guard water resistant to three atmosphere: okay, don't use it with bathing or swimming, or diving, and definitely don't mess with the button.

If it gets wet. Okay, don't use it underwater, but it should be able to handle splashing there's your basic time. Setting pull out turn push it back in again: here's the battery replacement it's a one to two year and when you need to replace it, there's the instructions, some basic caution and troubleshooting information and then how to care for your watch. Okay, it's, a high end watch. So you definitely want to take care of it. The overall information from chiyoda and some situations that are not covered by warranty that's. The instruction manual in English hacked with the watch in this amazing fine case. If you're looking for a great gift for somebody or for yourself – and you want to have a true traditional analog watch that just is beyond beyond measure check this one out also head over to the website, the links are in the show, notes down below and look At the other products too, this is just one of many exquisite watches that they sell as well as some other products, and thank you for sending this out. This is really uh quite an opportunity to have a watch like this that we're able to review for our viewers here: internationally, hello, China, hello, India, hi, Russia, hi, Bahrain, hi England. All of you guys, you're always leaving comments. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this way.