Today, we’re going to be talking about another, humble bundle that was just released, and this one is a book bundle, and this one, i have to say, is pretty cool. If you want to know anything about aws, zur, google and cloud security, this is the bundle for you, it is by cybex and it is well pretty cool. It is 735 worth of awesome stuff and it is multi format, so that just means it comes in the different file types in order to use it on whatever device you want to use on drm free means that you can have it on multiple devices at once. For instance, you can have it on your computer or laptop. You can also have it on your ipad. Your phone whatever and doesn’t even have to be ipad tablet, whatever it is, so there are 21 days left of this bundle, so that’s pretty cool. You can click here to get the bundle and or down below you can click on the reminder. Button and that’ll send you an email before the bundle is over in case you want to come back and take another look at it. Alright. So, as always, we start out with a bundle that is just for a dollar. If you are new to humble bundle and you don’t know how they work, whatever bundle you purchase, so, for instance, you pay the eight dollars for the middle bundle. Then you would also get the bundles the tiers.

Excuse me above it, so for eight dollars. You would also get the dollar tier and for 15, which is our top bundle to top tier today. You would also get the eight dollar and one dollar all right. So in the one dollar bundle you get aws certified solutions, architect practice test its associate saac01 exam. You also get the isc 2 ccsp certified cloud security, professional official practice test. Second edition. Another book you would get is the official google cloud certified associate cloud engineer. Study guide also aws certified cloud practitioner, study, guide, clf, co1 exam, so if you’re wanting to get into aws, which is amazon web services, this is a bundle you probably going to want to take a look at honestly, i have to say for 15 dollars for the Top bundle today it is definitely worth it if this is something that you want to get into which, if you want no programming and stuff, you know, aws is a pretty good thing to get into all right, so for eight dollars. You would also get this middle bundle, and this one includes aws certified sys ops, administration study, guide, associate soa, co1 exam, 2nd edition the official google cloud certified professional cloud architect, study guide, also the comp tia cloud plus study guide it’s exam cv0002 second edition. Next, we have the machine learning in aws cloud, add intelligent to application with amazon sage maker and amazon recognition, and last book in this tier is amazon web services for mobile developers, building apps with aws, which, if you’re, going to build apps, you probably want to know That all right last today, our highest bundle is our highest tier is 15, keep saying, bundle.

Sorry, i mean here um, so this one also includes the books, aws certified solution, architect, study, guide, associate saa c01 exam second edition official google cloud certificate. Professional data engineer, study, guide, isc 2 ccsp, certified cloud security, professional official study, guide, 2nd edition, aws certified sysops administration practice tests for associate soa, co1 exam and the microsoft azure infrastructure services for architects, designing cloud solutions so, like i said these are very good. If you’re wanting to get into any kind of amazon web services, you probably want to take a look at these books and, of course, you can always click on them and check out a little pdf and read a little bit more information to make sure it’s. Actually, what you are wanting, i do have my affiliate link down below. If you choose to use that. Thank you very much. I do make a little bit off that and if not you can just go to and to purchase you go down here. You click the amount you want if dollar doesn’t show you just put it in when it pops up the warnings, that’s just saying that reminding you that you’re not going to get the other tiers, but if you only want a certain tier, not the top one. Don’T worry about that that’s. All that means um here is just to add a humble choice, but you do not have to have that in order to purchase bundle so that’s, just if you wanted to add humble choice anyway, but here’s where you actually choose where your money goes choose to give It as a gift make it anonymous, and here is where you pay pay with card paypal, amazon or alipay, and that is it.

It is a short and sweet bundle today, but i definitely think uh if you’re looking to get in into amazon web services. This is definitely a good bundle to check out. Let me know what you think. I always appreciate your guys’s feedback until next time.