this video compare the shiningintl iwo 10 and iwo 9 smart watch, both of them are popular IWO smart watch 44mm, the IWO 10 has GPS function inside:



airpods _1:


why IWO 9 IWO 10
Why IWO 9 and IWO 10: in order to identify the IWO8 plus at the beginning, the IWO 9 intend to let the buyers to spend less money to get the same function, do you want the your fans to buy IWO 8 plus with 10 dollars higher, The IWO 9 give the buyer full instructions to add more clockface, and the IWO 8 plus need additional 10 dollars for one clock face, so why you guys don’t tell your fans the truth? that is why from the beginning we call it IWO 9 rather than IWO 8. So the IWO 10 comes with GPS version.