Now let’s go firstly, let’s check the same point: both watches are the apple watch design and the bose watch can fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch straps. Both have the 1.75 inch infinite screen and both round button can rotate to zoom in and zoom out and also make the selection and both watch can support bluetooth, cause pedometer sleep, monitor, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, ecg temperature, wake up, gesture, brutus, music and remote Camera and sports exercise, then let’s check the differences. Firstly, the outward appearance. Both watch are the same size and same design as the apple watch. The only difference is the back. The eos 13 smartwatch 44 millimeter has four lights in the back, and the eow 66 only has one light. The second differences are the sizes and colors. The evo 13 smartwatch has two sizes, the 44 millimeter and the 40 millimeter, and it has five colors. The black sewer rose gold and the blue and the red. The ew6 sisk only has one size, the 44 millimeter and only has three colors black silver and rose gold, and then the cpu, the eos 13 smartwatch, has the mtk2502c chipset. The mtk is a very good chipset, which many smartphones also use the mtk chips. The eow 66 used the real tail chipset. It is an ultra low power consumption chipset, so the standby time of the eow66 can last for over 5 days, while the evil surgeon smartwatch can only last for around 2 days.

The app for the eos 13 is the m active and the app for the evo w66 is the feed cloud pro and the watch faces. The eos 13 smartwatch has over 50 watch faces, but it is unable to customize watch faces through the app. This function might be available later. The eow66 only has four watch faces inside the watch, but it can customize the watch face through the app then the waterproof, the eos 13 smartwatch. Both sizes are the ip68 waterproof they can be put in water. The evo w66 smartwatch is not waterproof, it cannot put in water only for daily using and the menu style. Both watches have two menu styles, the smart style and the night apps style, and then the screen time. The maximum screen time of the evo w66 is only 9 second, so we can see the screen will turn off quickly and the maximum screen time of the year 13 is 60. Second and then the functions, the evo w66 has the bridge function, women, house weather and the countdown while the evo certain smartwatch does not. Has these three functions, the evo certain smartwatch has the calculator and the calendar while the evo w66 does not have these two functions and the contact? The evo w66 can only cyclonize maximum 10 contact through the app. But your searching smartwatch can synchronize many contacts and we can check how the two watches display the incoming message, notification and the call notification you can hear the ring tongue are different and then the charging when charging the eo66 will have charging symbol when connect the charger.

The eos 13 does not has any charging symbol in the watch. Only the charger flash green light and also the battery symbol will change when charging and finally the prices, the evo 13 smartwatch is a little expensive than the evo w66. Due to it has the better chipset and the waterproof require higher production quality, so we’re trying to choose, as per my opinion, if you prefer the waterproof or the 40 millimeter size or the blue and red color, you can choose the eos surgeon smartwatch. If you prefer the functions such as customized watch faces and longer standby time, and do not mind it is not waterproof. You can choose the evo w66. You can leave a comment to. Let me know which one do you prefer? Okay, above is all our details today.