Can you guess which one is the dt 100 and which one is the evo 37 smartwatch? Okay, let me tell you this: one is the evo 37 and this one is the dt 100 smartwatch. Firstly, let’s check the same point: both watches are 44 millimeter and the bose watch can fit all those 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch. Straps. Both models have four colors: black silver rose, gold and blue, and the material for both watch are also the same. The material for both watch, i think loyal. Both models are ip68 waterproof and both screens are 1.75 inch, 2.5 d curved screen. Those watches are magnetic charging and both run button can rotate to zoom in and zoom out. Then let us check the differences. Firstly, the outward appearance. Both watches are very similar, but there are three small differences. The first one is the microphone position and the w37 and the dt 100. The second is the charging interface position the w37 is below and the charging interface for the dt100 is at the top. The third is the sensor and the light layout. You can check this and then the cpu and the battery, the evo w37 used the handstand chipset and the dt 100 used a real time. Chipset both chipsets are the low battery consumption chipset and the standby time, for both watches are almost the same. Around 3 to 6 days and then the quick actions from top to the bottom and the bottom to the top.

The evo 37 is go to the message function, but the dt 100 is go to the main menu and from the left to the right. Both go to the split screen, but the split screen is also a little different and then from the right to the left. Both are the data and hartree and weather, and also both can add extra two components and both can long press and to delete the component and then the firmware speed both watches the firmware do not lag. But when we move to the edge of the menu, we can see that the dd 100 can rebound back, but uberw37 is fixed. It will not rebound so the detailed feeling for the dt100 smartwatch is better and then the menu style. The uw 37 has three menu. Styles and the dt 100 smartwatch has four menu styles and both watches can double click, the run button to change the menu style and then the screen of time. The maximum screen of time for the dt 100 is 30 seconds and the maximum screen of time. For the evo w37 is 15 seconds, but the evo w37 support always on display. So you can see that the dd100 the screen is turned off, but the uw 37 is still on display and then the watch faces. The evo 37 has five word faces inside the watch, and this watch face is very interesting and the dt 100 smartwatch has 11 watch faces inside the watch.

Both watches can add extra watch face and can customize watch faces through the app and then the functions both watches have heart rate, blood, oxygen, sport data, sleep, monitor, weather breach, chaining stopwatch calculator, remote camera and the boss can make an answer, calls and style nice incoming Messaging notifications, but they also have some different functions. The evo w37 has the blood pressure and the countdown and the pressure functions and the dt 100 smartwatch has the ecg and the media original and the massager and the lady assistant and then the sport mode. The dd100 has only one icon for the spot and inside it has seven spot mode, but the evo w37 has two icons for auto sports and import activities. Also, the eow 37 has more datas in the watch and the apps. The app for the evo double 37 is the wavefit pro and the app for the dd100 smartwatch is the ware pro, and both apps have four pages, and both of them have many functions inside the price, for both watches are very similar too so, which one do You prefer you can write your answer in the comments and above is all our details today.