com. This is awkward today. Normally, as you've seen the videos I put on or timeless they don't talk about current events or anything related to that now because they're about time and watches – and you might be watching this – I don't know 20 22 for your information it's the very end of January 2020 and there's been an outbreak of a corona virus, primarily in China. That is got things shifting around, which is why I'm talking about it right now? What you're watching is the boot up of the latest watches that are on the market and I just got a email from the folks. I work with at one of our major supplier companies saying that they were notified, that their factories, their distribution centers, are all shut down by the government until around February 10th that's. The latest again depends on when you're watching this it's old news. I know that, but we don't know what's happening as of today about 7000 cases of the virus have broken out in China and they're, locking down so I'm gon na switch gears on you and do some stuff that's not involving buying watches but giving you some information. One of our viewers has been persistent on asking about video and they really want to know with these advanced watches. Can you set the darn thing up, run a video and just go until the battery dies from starting at a hundred percent? Well, that's a curious question.

I try to think of scenarios where you might want to do that, and I came up with one yeah. You want a video tape yourself sleeping to see if you have sleep apnea right, if you're on your back and you huh, snore yourself, awake or you've got the stove Ian blade on your arm that has the built in sleep apnea trigger that will vibrate the watch. If your blood oxygen drops too low and wake you up anyway, be kind of cool to catch that on video wouldn't it uh. Oh here you go breaking news. It just happened. The World Health Organization is now declared the virus outbreak an international emergency right now, that's, where we are in time. You have no idea where the future is going. So what I have is the the brand new Genesis with the forward facing camera fully charged and I have the Hospit. What do you mean? It says all call on there. This isn't costs bet you're right, but a review is coming on this 100 identical cos pit right, three gigabytes: 32 gigabytes. Everything else is the same, so I'm going to use this one instead of the prime and I'm going to use the side facing camera. So I got a setup where I'm gon na point this forward and or sideways and and this forward and aim at the same thing and just start the video and run it and see what happens. So. What am I gon na? Take a video of I'm gon na go in this box and show you a nightlight yeah uncle tix is so into clocks that in the bathroom I have a clock, it's backlit, you know for night, so I know what time it is if this is a brand New one, I got to pull this thing out to start the battery, and once I have everything set up, I will do that it's at the atomic countdown clock of the how much time is left for planet Earth and, as you can see, it's moved from 100 Seconds to 2 seconds, uh huh.

I think it just moved to one second, but anyway, we're gon na plug this thing. In start, it up start both of these in video pointed at the clock and I'm gon na. Let them go until they die now wanted to things is going to happen, they're going to capture that recording and save it in its last breath before the power goes out completely or it's gon na die and the recording will be lost. That'S kind of important to know too right, along with how long it's going to take so that project will be going on. In the meantime, there's a whole new watch on the market. People have been begging for and always on display I mean always on no questions asked and a really large screen. So I was in a an antique store and I found this and I said I have got to have that because you guys have to see that a long long time ago we had the answer. We had it solved here, you go, there is a clock in here runs on a battery Hey long life. Battery it's sticking screen is always on display is large and it's. 5G yep comes in two five grams gotcha. The other side is a fake compass. Just like what we find on some of the watches would be really cool if there was a real compass in there, but nonetheless, here you go it's got a little flat spot here.

You can set it down, use it as a little table watch. No, I don't have a source for you to buy this because it's from out of the past, but just to show you how time has really evolved, and maybe just maybe there's some lessons here. That could be implemented not quite as drastic as this, but to help make a small difficult to read screen a little bit easier, all right on with the test. I will see you when I'm back, which will be instantly for you, will give you the answer to what's going on with the video whoa check this out. You know when you're into watches you're into tinkering and the back section where the compass was. I could pull the little piece of paper out of here and I've got a magnifying glass. I mean this is ideal perfect, especially for what I'm about to show you, because I do have the results from the video testing. First of all, let me show you how I set it up. Come in here. Come in here. Come in here come over here and here's, the first one I have the volume up. I talk really loud. I don't know if you've noticed that or not so it's, not gon na sound as loud, but it's plenty loud to hear in the room, here's the setup, okay, that's, the genesis here we are with the all call and doing the same thing or camera here.

Go back into the setup now I want you to notice on this one. The picture is sideways. It'S still taken vertically, like that one is but for some reason it rotates it's sideways, but not landscape, shot it's, still in kind of a portrait perspective start over and here's the audio on this one. Okay, that is the foundation. Now the results, while I'm putting this video together, I got a an email picture from our pilot Jason, the creator of the Genesis in his day, job over in Shenzhen, China he's still working he's, a quite a guy, in fact, Pablo 11, and I decided to promote Him to mr. Chronos, so if I don't refer to him as Jason in the future, but mr. Chronos from mr. tix well you'll know what happened: he's earned the title mr. time. Alright, the results here we go got a couple of things to go over first, for you, the Kronos blade Genesis, charger dock that you saw. This is how long it takes for the lights to go out when you put the watch in it to start charging. So from a fully charged charger, the time it's I started was at 145 in the afternoon, and the elapsed time was zero. Of course, when it went from four lights, the three lights was only eight minutes later dropped the two lights 17 minutes later and one light 26 minutes later that one light started flashing 55 minutes later and the whole thing was out of power.

58 minutes later. So just two minutes short of an hour. During that time the watch was completely off and was completely out of juice, so I turned it on and checked it and that charge took it to 67. So 60 in an hour, is a rough estimate of how long it's gon na boost take to boost it and about how much you're gon na get 23 23 charge. Alright here's our video recording tests, first time I'm, not sure what's going on, but I got some things to tell you. First of all, when you put it in record, the best you're gon na get is an hour and 2 minutes and 42 seconds, because I got repeat on the cusp: it, prime equivalent each segment lasted about an hour, and I got that here too. I didn't put all the seconds and stuff on this one, but for some crazy reason, the first I take and the second one they didn't last that long 28' minutes 13 minutes so forth. I think I was not set up right. I'D have to do the whole thing over again, which I may sometime, but the one that really went long went for 61 minutes. I went out too and that's why there's like a almost well to our 53 minute spacing between these? So I don't, you know the actual time on the clocks. If we watched it does not match the recording length. Just simply, I did couldn't be around for the whole thing, but all in all it looks like you can get two hours and 35 minutes roughly on a watch recording, but you have to restart it every hour and you can't just set it up, walk away and Expect it to go, it could go any time it wants to, but no more than a little over an hour whoo.

All right, then, I think, is all I'm gon na cover today, I've just wishes and thoughts out to China and the whole world for this process. We'Re all dealing with right now don't be too hard on China. If your order, isn't processed right away the latest information I'm. Getting is that, if you wan na buy one of these watches any other ones we review here and the shipping source is not China, then they're good to go. The warehouses in Hong Kong are working in the u.s. is working in Europe is working if you're ordering, through banggood or gearbest or geek buying or one of those places, maybe even Aliexpress, and your order is coming out of a different place than China. Then you're good to go it's. Otherwise the latest update is they'll, start shipping February 10th and again Jason I'm. Sorry, mr. Chronos is setting things up with the factory to manufacture his watch and that'll be beginning as soon as they can get everything together in China. So he gave you like a 45 to 60 day window we'll, see how that goes and keep you updated. In the meantime, he's there and he's got his website up then he's taking in your pre orders right now, so you can continue moving forward. If you think you want to get one of the brand new Genesis watches with the front facing camera, I highly recommend you go ahead. Get yours, pre, ordered for a hundred and fifty complete package.

We got the full review up on it and that one will definitely be moving forward as fast as possible with mr. Chronos right there in Shenzhen working the the whole process on our behalf. All right, you've been watching. Smart Watch ticks. I really appreciate your subscription and please take a look at the full review video of the genesis, because I think you'll be impressed that this may be one of the best watches on the market. Likewise, the cost bet, prime, with its side facing camera and all the features it has going, is a great option as well, and yes, indeed, we will be doing a comparison of the two watches together on this channel in the future. Have you subscribed? Alright, thank you.