Today, we’ve got something special for you, we’ll, be doing an initial impressions review covering the design, the display and some of the most crucial features and functions of the chorus base. Two, so without further ado, let’s get into it. If you are new to wes, knows tech, news and reviews. We talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. Now core space 2 is a premium. Sport watch an honest release in august 2020. It was officially the lightest sport watch in the world, but with the nylon band, 29 grams that’s really feather light that’s as light as a fitness tracker. But what you get here is a full on sport watch with inbuilt gps let’s keep talking about the design, so the watch case is made from fiber reinforced polymer. The dimensions are 42 by 42 millimeters and is just 11.7 millimeters thick. The silicon and nylon traps are the 20 millimeter quick release. Straps the classic wash type clasp is plastic, but offers a snug fit that’s easy to slip on or off, and you do feel that it’s more secure than the usual clasp because of the tucking feature. As you would expect from a full on sport watch, we do get the always on 1.2 inch lcd display, so with always on what it means is that you always have the backlight on. You can always see whatever the light may be outside if it’s sunny.

If it’s in the shade, if it’s at night, you can always see what it says on the screen, you also get quite a good resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, now, i’m. Sure that if you are in a sports scene and you’re serious about your sports, you would have heard about chorus. Well, the chorus brand actually has the chorus pace, which was the initial version, and this is pace 2.. So the pace 2 has a processor that’s one and a half times more powerful it’s got five times as much ram and four times as much storage as the original pace now let’s talk battery, so this thing can offer you 30 hours of gps tracking, so 30 Gps hours that’s huge, and if you do need to push out the battery and just elongate it as much as possible, then you can always switch on the ultra max mode. If you are enjoying the content that you see on the westerners channel, then please drop us. A like, and if you want to see more of the same then please hit the red subscribe button below the video now in regards to typical usage. The core space 2 will last you 20 full days and that’s with things like heart rate, tracking step tracking with you pressing buttons, switching on the backlight measuring steps, getting your notifications switching on your alarms, because i do use this thing for morning alarms because not only Do you get the vibration, you also get tones and you can actually customize it.

Do you want the tones for pressing the buttons? Do you want them for your notifications, for your alerts and so forth, but we’ll get into that slightly later now, if you are going to be taking the core space 2 to the swimming pool, no issue, because it is waterproof up to 50 meters and on top Of that there is also inbuilt gps, meaning that you can easily take it to the lake or to the sea and do open water swimming, and you can actually measure the distance that you swam and now to the big wahoo. So the chorus pace 2 is the only sport watch off today, which costs under 200 bucks and can get you triathlon mode. Now being a sport watch, we can talk about features and functions, but obviously it’s no match for a smartwatch, but does it have to be now we’ve? Had several sport watches on the west nose channel we’ve had the polar ignite we’ve had the polar unite. We’Ve had a couple of the garment watches on here, but i can tell you what that under 200 bucks, the core space 2 does offer a lot of customizations a lot of smart features and, most importantly, very cool sport features. Let’S talk about what the watch was. Actually built for, and that is sports, there are only 12 sport modes and that may seem like it’s, not that much, but there are quite a few butts because the 12 sport modes are actually very useful.

They are the ones they are, the sports that you will be using on a day to day basis, but on top of that, the core space 2 actually offers dedicated strength, training app. So this is something that will allow you to train, to do your strength, training in the gym and actually measure your progress, measuring and keeping track of what you actually did. It will show you your muscle map, but let’s get into the details. So the dedicated strength training program has over 200 exercises already built in for upper body, lower body core work, chest legs and arms. The chorus pace 2 auto detects your body movements and monitors your heart rate and calories burned during those particular exercises. Once you are done check out the all new muscle heat map to see which muscle groups saw the most action in a daily, weekly or monthly view using the muscle heat map will actually help you determine which muscle group to work next time or the next workout. Now, if you’re not too much into the gym, workouts or if you are into the gym, workouts and also running no issue with the core space too, because you also get a verified training plan for your running. So this training plan can actually keep you on track and even teach you and even take you from being a complete newbie in running to being an amateur or quite an experienced runner. So all you do, is you go to the app you set up your training plan? You choose a program that you want to do and you follow through from the watch, because it will tell you when you need to go out on your training session and what exactly you’re expected to do to grow your level or to maintain a particular level.

Now, as we know, another really important feature on any sport. Watcher is heart rate tracking, because really this is one of the most important things or the original things. What sport watchers were great at. So there is the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the smartwatch, and it works in a very special way. Now we know that not every activity gets your blood flowing in the same way. Easy runs are more consistent, while interval sessions and weight lifting see more peaks and valleys. Coros has developed unique heart rate algorithms for each activity mode to provide you with better wrist based heart rate accuracy. Let’S go through some of the sensors found on the core space too. Just for you to see that this is quite a serious contender in the sport watch market. So we’ve got the optical heart rate. Monitor on the back. We’Ve got the barometric altimeter we’ve got an accelerometer, we’ve got a compass, a gyroscope, a thermometer and another major benefit is the connectivity. There are so many options it can connect via ant plus and bluetooth. Now this is considered a heavy duty. Sport watch and the temperature ranges it can actually operate in are minus 20 to plus 60 degrees celsius. So in summary, we’ve got a sub 200 sport watch, which has a lot of functionality which brings a lot to the table. It looks like a sport watch. It feels like a sport watch, it does what it says on the box: it measures it tracks, it monitors it does it with style, and it does so quite accurately.

Now, please drop us the comments and the questions in the comments below the video, because i will be answering those in the next review that will be shortly coming up and that is a full full blown review of the features and functions of the chorus pace. 2.. Thanks for watching this initial impressions review of the chorus pace 2.