I know youve already read the title: its the ignite s3. Now its got an all metal body, a huge 1.7 inch display which, by the way, is almost edge to edge and then everyones favorite feature the phone calling feature. We also get the sports variant with this new strap im actually already wearing it. Right now looks pretty cool. Let me share everything about it by the way. Theres. Also 500 rupees discount offer that ill be sharing towards the end of this video so keep watching. But before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing lets get started Music, so here is the retail packaging of the ignite s3 wow. I love that box packing its like a cube, its nice s3 branding right here towards the back. You can see the image of the watch. Some list of features very small but ill cover all of them in detail in this video without wasting any time lets quickly. Unbox it hello, namaste, namaste, theres, a quick start guide, and there is the watch well just check out what else we have inside. We have the proprietary charging cable, this is magnetic it attaches and we have a user manual which is in english, wow thats, a nice colorful user model nice. We usually see dull boring black and white manuals, and this one is a welcome change.

Nice. A few moments later, the watch comes with this gray. Silicon strap wow thats a looker already impressed with the build quality theres a matte silver metal frame. You can spot one mic on this side and theres also another mic on the other side. The back has this gorgeous black glass. You can see the ignite s3 etched on it. It houses all the sensors charging terminals and even a small speaker cut out at the top for calls and audio the gray strap. Has this nice loop plus buckle design? Also, the buckle has this nice chrome finishing, however, theres. Also a sports edition of the strap where you can get these, you can swap with the existing ones very easily, just pull the hook and replace them with the other ones. This is a loop design strap just like weve, seen on the apple watch coming to the display, so it comes with a 1.7 inch ips lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels and, as i said earlier, its almost h2h looks pretty nice decent color. Reproduction very sharp and crisp can read the text. Clearly, the s3 gets quite bright, unlike the s2, which did suffer from average brightness levels. You can adjust it by simply swiping from the top its really convenient the crown on the side. When pressed once will wake the display, you can rotate it for more features like if you rotate it on the home page, it will toggle the pre installed watch faces.

This is so cool if you rotate it. When you pull down the quick toggle, it adjusts the brightness. If you are in the menu you can move up and down more precisely its got that click to it, making it easier to navigate so pairing. The watch is super simple download. The cross speed, active app from the app store or the play store for android log in click, add to device, and the ignite s3 will show up. Click confirm pairing on the watch and youre done, but then theres one more step, go to the bluetooth. Setting on your phone and youll find bt, 3.0 click on it and there you go its paired only once you connect this. Will you be able to answer and make calls from your watch now? If you go to the watch, dialer or contact, you can start calling and talk directly from your watch. Similarly, if you receive an incoming call, you can see the callers name with an option to answer or reject the call. Now, when you answer you can start talking directly from the watch itself, you will see an option to adjust the volume on the top theres, also an option to mute. The mic switch the call to phone button, which is really good idea in case you need to move the call to the phone and an end call button now talking about the call quality, well, its really clear and decently loud as well.

Now, if youre using it indoors, youre not going to have any trouble hearing the other person outdoors too, it might be fine but depends on the environment youre using it in also because there are two mics on the ignite s3. It helps cancelling all the ambient sound at your end, and the caller can hear you much clearly its actually so much more convenient for quick shot calls. Also, if you dont want to make or answer calls from your watch, you can simply swipe from up disable bluetooth for calls in the quick toggles remember this will just disable the feature to answer and make calls you will still receive call alerts and notifications on your Watch but you wont be able to answer or reject them. If you want to make a call and you go to the dialer, it will connect to the bluetooth 3.0 on its own and then you can continue making that call its so much more easier now. Similarly, if youre playing music on your phone and its playing on your watch, you can go to the music player app on the watch and switch to phone, or vice versa, also a very important tip. Now this watch comes with a 300 mah battery and will last about seven days if you keep that bluetooth 3.0 calling feature off, but if the calling feature is enabled all the time expect a maximum of two days of battery life. Now i especially want to talk about the interface its smoother than ever before, swipe from the top to access quick toggles.

Here you can adjust the brightness flashlight dnd, bluetooth, connectivity, toggle for phone calls, settings and theres a theme right now you can see we are on theme one now. If i swipe up to access the menu, you can see theres a list like format its really smooth and responsive. You can use the crown to navigate the list as well. Now, if i go back to the toggles and switch to the theme too, you can see an icon format in the menu here. You can see nine icons on the same page, so choose and keep whichever theme that works for you coming back to the home page. Swipe right to access the phone feature, contacts call history dialer, then, if you swipe right, you have the heart rate monitor further. You have the stress, monitor the activity of the day, swipe below for more details. Further the sleep tracking and weather. Now did you know you? Could access your phones, voice assistant on your watch, so what you need to do is go to the voice system, app on your watch. Itll automatically connect to your phone press and speak. It will display the answer on your phone, but therell be a voice. Reply on the watch tonight the forecast is around 27 degrees. Rest, we get the usual camera shutter to take pictures remotely theres. Also, a blood pressure monitor then theres also an alarm app stopwatch app timer music, app to control the music thats playing on your phone and even an spo2 sensor, which i tested a couple of times.

But as always, i say this just use it for reference and not for medical purpose. Now coming to the sports mode, the ignite s3 comes with 10 workout modes, running walking, climbing treadmill, cycling, spinning yoga, basketball, football and badminton. So we have a decent combination of indoor and outdoor workouts. The watch doesnt come with built in gps, but it uses your phones, gps, to map your run and tracks more accurately. But remember you have to carry your phone with you. If you want that gps tracking to work, the only con for me is that in the workout category, theres no swim tracking. However, the watch does come with ip67 rating, so mine, splashes, sweat or wearing it in the rain is absolutely fine, but its not recommended to be submerged under water. Hence you cant wear it in the pool. Now you do receive app notifications. You can see the senders name, you can read the full message, its a big screen, so text is pretty clear and super easy to read, but you cant interact with it. Also. It lacks emoji support now coming to the cb active app. Well, there are tons of upgrades here. Firstly, the amount of watch faces. You get, i think, theyre about 40, really really nice ones, some of them inspired from the apple watch. There is analog theres digital. Then there is a custom watch face where you can choose from different backgrounds to dial pointers. You can also add a custom widget, even choice of digital dial, and you can also keep a custom image from your phone gallery as a watch face then on the status tab.

It shows you all your workouts and health data in the me tab or the profile tab that id like to call. You can see the device that is paired below. You can see a font repair button now, which is when you receive a message or a text, but its not readable. You can click on an option to repair it. Similarly, in case your ui is malfunctioning, you can click on the ui repair button. Now this is the first time ive seen any wall, providing this kind of a feature really really good. Then in the settings you have an option to share data with google fit and strava. This is so amazing. I know a lot of people look forward to this feature of sharing data with google fit and strava, and you get both of them here rest in the watch settings you can enable or disable incoming call alerts you can choose from which apps you want notifications and From which you dont, you can set alarms, sedentary reminders, alerts, backlight timing, wake the screen wrist display the cross speed, active app, has got a lot better, but still needs some work though, but it gets the job done. Alright coming to the price. Well, the ignite s3 is priced at 5499 and theres. Also an ignite s3 with a sports strap like the one im wearing, and this is for 59.99, but you can get a flat 500 discount if you pre order them from the crossfit website.

Bringing the price of the basic one to just 49.99 and the sports one to 54.99, just that theres no confusion. There is no difference between these watches except the straps rest, the design, the features the display. Everything is absolutely the same ill leave the links for all the variants. In the description, i suggest you grab them at the discounted prices as early as possible. So i hope this video was helpful.