Now, if you’re new to the crew make sure you subscribe get notified, but if you’re already a part of the crew Music salute Music. Now, today, we’re going to be revisiting the cubot c3 smartwatch right here on my wrist, and i did get the lift to wake feature to actually work. You can see right here, it’s working but we’re, going to be revisiting. This you can see the battery is still. We still have juice left. I have been using this for seven days consecutively and it wasn’t fully charged out of the box, but you you do get this beautiful, wrist, strap on here as well as another one that i did. This is the one that it did come with, and this one feels really really nice and grippy for sports things of that nature. You might want this one for sports going to the gym this one i just put on it. Just feels really soft to the touch it’s got like this matte finish to it, which i really like. So this is like a matte strap has some stitching in it. You get the cubot um branding here as well, and just has a really nice feel in your hand, if you, if you hear whistling in the background, that’s the wind, i get a lot of like um, i don’t know like where i’m at the wind travels really Quickly, you can see right here. We do have our steps. Uh calories, burned day time day.

Everything of that nature. Now it doesn’t do weather, but one of the things this does really well is heart rate and i’ll get into that in a little bit more detail. But um this thing will notify you when your heart is going out of whack. That happened a few times with me um. So one of the other things is, this thing does have about uh 5 atm, which can withstand the equivalent of about 50 meters or 164 feet underwater, but it’s just important to note that you don’t want to be um. It can’t be used. Diving 50 like to in depth. It could only be used for shallow water activities. So just keep that in mind, but um. All you have to do is literally turn your wrist up and it gets the lift away feature on here. Extra um, wrist thing right here. So i really like that um, but they’re gon na give you that extra wrist strap on here. This one is really good for um just casual activities going out. You know you might be wanting to go on a date or something like that. It’S, like an olive kind of green color, i think in the last video i said it was charcoal gray, but i guess it just depends on what light you put on it, but it has like a forest green look to it, even though they say it’s, like A gray color and whatnot, but um you can see that it has an industrial look to it.

You know what i’m saying you know what i’m talking about, so you can see when i take it off. I just kind of want to show you everything like what it looks like and things of that nature. So just a really nice weight to it. Overall, it doesn’t have wireless charging. I kind of wish it had wireless charging, but you get your heart rate sensor right. There as well um now this thing does have that blood oxygen. I think it does so look heart rate sensor on here. You get your 10 sports modes waterproofing and sleep tracking that there’s no um. You know you know what i’m saying you get the calories burned on here and the steps as well. So what i really like is the accuracy of the sleep tracking, which was was really nice and also the heartbeat. I remember one time um i was i was working out and my heart started to race and the watch started to vibrate. I think it said that my my heart rate was at a like 151 beats per um minute, or something like that. So you can see right here. We do have the sleep um activity right here and you can see right here. We do also have a running option right here. We can go into our modes, you can see, i still have juice. It does tell you the battery indication right here but um. This is the part where it gives you that heart rate alert.

It was doing that a lot when my heart would start um. Beating quick and then right here you you can see you have you control pretty much everything from the watch. You can control with the phone. You can reset your password update the firmware i’m going to check for an update and it’s it’s up to the latest version. Still so that’s pretty cool, but this is day seven, so i’ve been using this thing and you can see that it’s starting to get to the low battery percentage right there, but as far as steps it’s been really sick. So let me just show you some of the activity that i’ve been able to track on here. So this is actually, you know. You know i’m saying for today and you can see what i’m every single um day of the every every like every half hour and things of that nature, it’s gon na track. How many steps you took within that time, that’s kind of sick and then it’s going to track your total goal so right here you can see. I met my goal: 12 000 steps and i’m saying so every time it’s going to just track that on your your smart watch, you have to go on to the phone to see the activity um right here. So let me just go back a little bit more, but it was. It was really tracking that in a lot of detail and telling me where the calories were burned, the most and things of that nature – you can see right here.

You do get notifications um right here, for you know, i’m talking about like you’ll, get notified anything that pops up will show up here on the bottom. You can just swipe up and get to your notifications and you can delete them as well. You know so now you have no messages and then you i really like the calories burn, but the sleep tracking is really really cool because it tells me when i fell asleep see you can see right here. You do deep sleep and your light sleep and i like that, a lot. Let me change some of these. The watch face by long pressing it i could swipe across and get to a new dial. So now this is the new one um, but the industrial look on here is really nice, the buttons you know this is the option for your settings right here, heart rate uh, you can get. You can change music on here, so um, whatever you were last listening to will be um showing up on here so let’s, say: i’m listening to music on spotify or soundcloud. Let me just see if i could find something on soundcloud. If i have that wait, where’s the app tray, okay, cool, so it’ll, let you change tracks from the smartwatch and on youtube too. So, if you’re listening to youtube and you’re, you want to change the track from the smartwatch. You can control the volume and you can control switching to songs, so i think that’s pretty cool.

So let me show you what i’m talking about all right, so you just go right here, go to music and you can hit this button and it’ll lower the volume right here from the watch or you could mute it. And then, if i wanted to you know i’m saying switch the song, you just press the next button, so i really think that’s that’s something that’s, really cool and i could pause it as well. So you could control all your music with that uh that’s, something that’s. Really sick. I could also find my phone it’ll start to ring right there and it’ll ring to find my phone uh. It has this mode for like tracking menstrual cycles and things of that nature, but i’m not going to use that settings. You get auto brightness, auto, lock order. If you go right here, uh switch it lets. You control everything right here, so you know um. Let me go back to the app but that’s pretty much everything that it’ll be able to do. I really like the sleep tracking on here. It tells you how many times you wake up during the night time with time you fell asleep and woke up light sleep um, the quality of your sleep, the time periods. When you fell asleep um. You know i mean uh so that that that that that’s really cool you could also share that right here easily and just hit that and it’ll. Let you share it to anybody and things of that nature, so i really think that’s pretty cool but um.

You also do get this heart rate thing, so the heart rate profile it’ll tell you. You know during the day where your heart rate was, and things of that nature i’m. Trying to find that time when my heart rate jumps like up to the like it was crazy. Let me see all right so i’m, pretty much good here for the most part, but i remember one time my heart rate had jumped um. I guess the max is like 100 and things of that nature. All right. It looks like i’m. I was pretty much good, but you can see you get that heart rate alert right there boom, so that’s cool as well, and then, when you want to start running or something you’re gon na hit this button and it’ll do the gps tracking of your movement. So that’s something that’s really sick as well, but i just wanted to do this video before the battery ran out, so i could show you when i first got the watch. I didn’t charge it so after seven days it has lasted pretty long um. I probably would get another seven days if it was 100 when i first started using it, but sleep tracking, heart rate tracking. You know you get your steps, your sleep, your notifications, um, you know you can um modify the different clocks on here, there’s two nice buttons on here that feel have some nice give to womb. So you know what i’m talking about it’s, not it doesn’t feel cheap.

You got your stopwatch, uh alarm clock. You know what i’m saying uh everything is on here. You know what i mean so it’s, a really good smart watch for the price. I really like this band it’s comfortable when it’s on my wrist it’s, like a matte material and um i’m gon na you could charge it with this proprietary charging, cable, which you will need to keep um close by. You don’t want to lose this thing, but uh. This is my um. You know i’m saying after seven days using the c3, but let me know what you guys think down below about the c3. Let me know um what you guys think, but you’re supposed to be able to get 30 days standby time on here when you’re in the app and things of that nature, you’re gon na get. You know i’m saying like um, like 15 made for 10 to 15 days days. The other thing that i did want to mention is that um, like this thing, if you walk across the room and your phone is in another room, it’s gon na say disconnected, and you will hear a vibration on the watch. Um that’ll, let you know that it was disconnected and it’s gon na tell you that um, you know what i’m talking about, because so you pretty much have to keep the smart watch like within the same room, or at least you know, 10 feet 15 feet. 20. You know if you go 30 feet it’s gon na disconnect, but 20 feet, i think, is the maximum before it disconnects, but uh yeah.

This has been a really solid materials, really nice weight to it. The screen looks gorgeous i’ve been having it at a low brightness level, and i still am able to use it in any outdoors. It doesn’t matter. I could see it in the sunlight at the low brightness level, which is crazy, and it has really good battery.