You can purchase one of these for less than 50 pound uk currency, and one thing that really stands out regarding this smart watch is that this bit here, it’s made out of metal, so got a bit of weight to it and just feels more luxurious like it Feels um more expensive than what it what it’s worth and the strap is. This is a rubber strap which has a secure, strap as well, and this is perfect for, if you’re going for working – and you know going to the gym, working out, etc, then you’ve got the casual, a strap here as well. This is made out of p lever, and this is designed for like more of a casual use if you’re going to a wedding and just general going out to e, etc. You can change this around it’s easy to open these as well um. You can just take just push this down. This will come off just put that on so it’s very easy to use that it also comes with a magnetic charger as well. Here now the magnetic charge, i can see easily fits and charges up. It also has the mag and the heart rate monitor there as well the power button is you can see that with the one with the red um bit here? This is the bit when you, if you hold it, it will switch on. This is another one. A button there as well and you can see when it starts up you’ve, got various different languages to choose from not many, but you got most of the european languages there and then, oh, let me just choose it.

They got the app that you need to download, which is called h band. Now, a lot of uh smartwatches use that the hband um app. So once you download that it will take you, it will connect straight away, so you can’t really skip this until you download the app and once the app is downloaded, then it will take you to the main menu. So let me get that downloaded and i’ll show you exactly how it looks when it’s gone to the main menu, but before that, let me go through some features that he has. This operates on five bluetooth 5.1, and it also has a multiple sports mode. It also has a 5 atm waterproof rating as well um sleep monitor, i also general day to day assistant as well. I got like i said, magnetic charger built in 260 mah battery capacity. That gives you around up to 15 days of usage, time and 25 to 30 days of standby time. It also takes around 2.5 hours to charge up, and it also has all day activity tracking the screen size of this is 1.3 inch large lcd display. It operates with android 4.4 and above um operating system or ios, 8. 8.0 and above operating system, like i said, you’ve got languages that you can choose from, which is nine languages to choose from from the beginning of the startup when you start it up. So let me get this set up and i can show you the rest of the features once you have connected it with the app you can disconnect the bluetooth and it will still operate so you don’t have to use up your bluetooth.

If you have that connected display, because if you get any calls etc, it will notify you through the smartwatch. If you don’t have that connected you won’t go you won’t, get that extra features such as the notifications, etc. Um, the heart rate monitor the steps, um, etc, but this is how it looks now i, like i like the front bit here. It looks very digital and you go go the day. You’Ve got the calories, everything below it, plus the analog um timing. You can change those if you want, so you can also choose that. Then you’ve got the steps here and the touch control works very smoothly as well. Now you got everything there. Then sleep monitor the heart rate. Monitor. If you swipe up, you got the messages there. Swipe down you’ve got the vibration here, uh hold on yeah, so you got the find my phone, the alarm clock there, the brightness and just got this here – gives you more information about this watch. Uh swipe right side. You got the um bpm, the heart rate monitor there. So just takes you through all those few features there. Now, if i press this button, this takes you to sports mode. Now you’ve got all the sports modes, so your sports, there outdoor run outdoor, walk indoor, run indoor, walk, hiking, stair, stepper outdoor cycling, stationary bike, elliptical rowing machine. So these are the um sports mode. They can choose from now. Other features such as you’ve got step.

Steer the sleep, monitor, hr notifications, alarm, clock stopwatch. It also has the countdown the music find my phone, the female um option there as well. You got the photo photograph there and then for these things, you’ve got the brightness option. You’Ve got auto, lock, switch app, download, dial settings there. You’Ve got message settings so dial settings. Basically, if you go to that one, you just got a few other up to to choose from faces to choose from so we’ve got that option. You’Ve got a few other options there and then, if you go down to message message, settings you’ve got the call same settings: sms wechat, qq, facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp line, instagram, snapchat, skype, gmail other. So, basically, all the social media apps that you can enable them or disable them so that you don’t get any notifications from that. But i like this, i like this watch. The build quality is amazing, it’s, affordable and it has brilliant features, long battery life, and i highly recommend it. So thank you for watching my video.