So in today’s video smartwatch, c5 Music, it is recommended to fully charge so as usual, full charge. Silicon light um on the top or light pink and so young strap is very similar, titokai cubot. W03. You know nice, nice, yeah and then extra strap, color purple magnetic charger or keyboard gold and so i’m here on branding and so in here at the lion, kanye charging port and then your heart rate sensor and sonamito Music, sedentary settings, heart rate alert, kite 19 and Then turn race, detection and then pair device, low power mode and then screen on time and take a photo and you open your camera up and then uh photo kind of phones in sports mode, so bracelet movement, gps, movement and and then adita and then down swipe Down due to my notification, new quick settings: yeah do not disturb information in brightness and that’s, the number four of five Music and then alarm no alarms. So you know battery connection connectivity and then young messages and sports outdoor run outdoor walk in the run in their walk, hiking, stair, stepper outdoor cycle, stationary bike, elliptical rolling machine available in sports mode and then sustep, sleep, um, notifications, alarm, start stopwatch timer music and then Photography settings three four five, several days later and guys so we’re back and so after and up to, i think, up to 30 days so perfect perfect. So i, as i have mentioned earlier in brightness brightness and five or six lungs when it comes to man to its build quality and features, i can say in a pretty accurate new results.

Yeah on point, young’s, canyon, sleep, tracker and young steps and heart rate is almost the same. If you compare modo and saiban watches, it also feels very comfortable to wear very lightweight longshot and isa insane strap, i think fit shaft for almost everyone setting and go guys. Kids, so for me, solid number, c5, given that it has a stylish look plus marami rinsion features para surprise of around 1500 pesos.