I think i might have actually found one today we’re going to be reviewing and unboxing the cubot c5 smartwatch let’s check it out and see if it’s still worth buying stay tuned, guys welcome back to tech. It easy so another budget smartwatch on the review table today. But this time i’m actually fairly excited about it. No it’s not running on wear os or anything fancy like that, but the ui for the price has actually kind of impressed me, but more on that later on in the video let’s unbox this thing and see how it comes side note i didn’t pick the color. I promise cubot actually sent this out to me, so thank you very much for that. So the box straight away better experience than say the umidigi smartwatch we unboxed and reviewed last week. It feels a little bit more exciting and just presented better. Now inside the box. You do have the watch itself with a pink strap on this version, but you also get a spare strap in a different color. How good is that almost feels like an apple watch? Unboxing – okay, maybe not, but it’s – still pretty good. The charger in this case is a magnetic one, which is brilliant. In my opinion, i would accept anything that’s, not one of those horrible clip on plastic ones. I complain about in almost all my videos, so apart from a manual hiding behind everything, that’s pretty much all you get in the box, i believe it does come in a black version too.

So don’t worry you’re not stuck with the pink version, although i do think that i wear it pretty well, so let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, it does look remarkably like an apple watch, but really it’s completely different. For example, the dial on the side doesn’t actually do anything when you rotate it. However, it does double as a physical button, so you can actually turn it on and off step back and go to the menu section. Something that i’ve said many times is something that we really need on fitness, trackers and smart watches. I think it just gives an all round better experience, and it means you don’t have to plug it in to turn it on now. From turning on, i actually had another pleasant surprise, and that was the screen brightness a lot brighter than other budget, smart watches and fitness trackers, i’ve tested and probably even brighter than some of the flagship ones i’ve tested. This is really important on a fitness tracker or smart watch, as a lot of us will be exercising outside so it’s important that you can see it in direct sunlight now for the ui, no it’s, not an apple watch and it’s, certainly not a galaxy watch. It’S. Definitely a budget smartwatch ui, but it’s, not all that terrible when swiping through you get quite a nice snappy response still feels like you’re swiping through a powerpoint presentation, but a fast one of that. You also have some nice animations on the steps heart rate and sleep tracking pages, which brings a bit of fun and life to the smartwatch.

Also, going back to the display is actually fairly vibrant, which is complemented by those fun animations and the bold colors used on the sleep, tracking and other screens. I also found the icons to be nice and bold text is easy to read, really not too bad. So far, not too bad at all. Now let’s just talk about the menu quickly so to get to the menu. You can tap that button on the side and it looks great, but i really just want to turn that dial it’s even textured, and it just feels like it is meant to be twisted. So maybe for the next version. Cubot could maybe make this something that actually works. I think it would really add to the whole user experience, but then again i don’t know if this can be done on a tighter budget, but anyway the menu here you have shortcuts to things like stopwatch workouts, your heart rate and sleep again, messages find my phone And a few other bits it’s a simple layout, but i don’t really mind this it’s easy to navigate and that’s the most important part so yeah in general. The cubot c5 smartwatch has a really nice look and feel to it, especially for its budget price. So let’s see how it does on paper and take a look at the specs, so we of course have that 1.7 inch, color touchscreen display. We talked about earlier in the video up to 15 days of battery life, which is pretty good.

I definitely think you could push the watch to that 15 days, but you’d have to keep the screen brightness down. I don’t think mine’s quite gon na reach the 15 days stated, but i have been messing around with it a lot and doing some heavy testing. So do bear that in mind. Next we have 24 7 continuous heart rate monitoring again another brilliant feature to have. Then we have 10 sports modes which isn’t great to be honest, we’ve seen a lot of other fitness, trackers and smart watches come with many many more than that, for example, the upcoming oneplus smartwatch, which should be released this week. Actually, that has well over 100. on the flip side. Of that all these modes really do is tailor the tracking to whichever workout you’re doing really they all track the same things like your heart rate steps if necessary and other bits like that. So for a lot of people, it won’t be a huge drawback, so we also have the ability to get call and text notifications, but do bear in mind you can’t reply to the texts or use the watch to take a call, and i wouldn’t really expect it To at this price point, to be honest, i mean that would be asking a lot. As i talked about earlier, we do have features such as find my phone, a shutter controller for your phone’s camera music controller. Then finally, we have 5 atm waterproofing, so you can actually take this swimming with you if you’re that way inclined all in all i’m, not too shabby for a device that’s going for just over 30 pounds in the uk.

Originally, it was going for 60 pounds which, even at that price point, i wouldn’t say it’s a particularly bad deal. However, if i was going to price, this watch i’d actually put it somewhere between the middle. I definitely think if this was going for around 45 pounds. It’D definitely still be worth it, so we can’t let the cubot c5 get away without doing a heart rate accuracy test. So if you haven’t watched one of my videos before what we use is the o2 ring that the guys at well, you sent out to me so what this will actually do is communicate with my phone and you’ll see at the top. Is your spo2 and the bottom is your heart rate now something i did neglect to mention is that this doesn’t actually have spo2 monitoring on it, which does put it behind a lot of its competitors, but for a lot of people, heart rate will just do fine. So first time around, it came out pretty spot on, but the bar on my o2 ring was showing up as red, which means the connection wasn’t too great. So i ran it through again and again it was almost spot on. Occasionally it was one or two beats out, but absolutely nothing to worry about. This is pretty much in line with flagship, smart watches, like the apple watch and the galaxy watch 3.. So big green tick for me on heart rate accuracy, so there you have it.

That was the cubot c5 smartwatch. As always. Let me know in the comment section what you thought of the cubot c5, as i’ve said many times throughout the video i’m, actually pretty impressed with it. I think they’ve done a great job. It is tough to find a decent budget. Smart watch, especially when you’ve got fitness trackers, as usually we kind of see fitness trackers as budget smart watches anyway. It’S been an absolute delight to review. If you did enjoy the video, please do leave a like and subscribe.