So without further ado, let’s unbox, the cubo c5 and cubo w03 Music, as you can see guys, obviously simply land on adding retail box for the cubo Music. W03. Music watch and also young cable, not in parama charge, not in an acting cubo w03, and before i show you the specification parasating cubo w03 and the cubo c5 you unbox not 10 and second smartwatch, nothing which is the cubo c5. So, unlike the w03, we have a color white in the box for this t5 na pahaba and phone color. No matter you guys is the color gold, but we also have a color black available for this smartwatch at guys. Both smartwatches are compatible with any ios and any android devices sigouro. One thing i really like about the smart watches guys have been in my pocket similar. You can watch this night, though say about smart watches globally. This smart watch doesn’t feel and look like a cheap, smart watch, considering suppression and adding kubo c5 and kubo Music, w03 Music, so Music, so Music. Also yundalawang smartwatch is nothing guys, has a daily activity, monitoring sport, functionality and occasions. Smart watches, nothing on that. We have a music control written. You can actually play pause next and previous control, your music using the smartwatch Music Applause, Music, hmm, Music, so that’s it unboxing video for the kubo c5 and the kupo w03 at go negosanyonvideonato guys. Please don’t forget to like this video at sharing it against the social media account you know, and also please follow me on my social media platform and lastly, congratulations.

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