Now i recently posted quite a positive review on the cubot c5, so let’s see if this smartwatch the w03 is just as good stay tuned. What’S up guys welcome back to tech, it easy so i’m feeling more and more confident about the budget smartwatch world. Now, especially after the last review, i did – and i have to say first impressions of the cubot wov are pretty damn good. So how much is this thing going for? Well, you can find it on various websites. There will be links in the description, but i have seen it going for as little as 20 pounds and let’s be honest. The unboxing experience looks pretty great for such a cheap device. I really like the branding on this and the watch itself. Whilst it doesn’t particularly look or feel expensive. I do think it looks the part and it’s refreshing to see a different color to black being used for once. I do really appreciate the sporty blue color here. As you can see, everything is kept. Pretty simple: you’ve got the watch itself and the pre attached blue wrist strap to match the watch, and then you have the charger, which is thankfully a magnetic one. It is a shame. We don’t get some spare straps for this. One like we did with the cubot c5, but again, not really something that i expect now much like the cubot c5. It does have a crown but annoyingly again when you rotate it, it doesn’t actually do anything.

This is frustrating as it does feel like. It is actually meant to be twisted, so i’ll say it again. Hopefully in the future, cubot could maybe make this something that does work now. I said it doesn’t do anything that’s not strictly true, it does double as a physical button. You just can’t twist it you can use this physical button for turning it on and off, and stepping back on the watch upon. Turning on, we have a very similar look and ui to the cubot c5 i’m loving the watch face that came pre installed on it, and one thing i am noticing is the text size is nice and bold and very easy to read now something i have picked Up on here is the screen brightness for me personally, it’s not quite there. It could be a lot brighter and it’s, certainly not as bright as the cubot c5. So i really do think you may struggle reading this watch outside, especially on a sunny day. That being said, though, the display is a really nice size. It rivals that off say the galaxy watch 3.. So i am really still in awe with what you get for your money here. So let’s quickly take a look at the specs and features of the cubot w03, so the body is actually made from aerospace, aluminium, making it extremely light, but durable and resistant at extreme temperatures. A very nice touch, if i do say so, myself battery life wise.

We have a 210 milliamp hour battery, which will give you seven days battery life with normal usage and up to a maximum of 20 days using the basic watch mode. Now we have, of course, seen much better battery life from different smart watches and fitness trackers, but we’ve also seen much worse, so this sort of sits somewhere between the middle. The main thing to take away from this, though, is that it is going to get you through the week, so personally, i’m pretty happy with the w03’s battery life and how it performs in that sector. Now we also have 24 hour continuous heart rate monitoring. Another great feature to have, and then we have nine different sports modes, which is a little bit disappointing. But i feel that they’re kind of easy to add into a smartwatch. But, as i stress in almost all my fitness tracker and smartwatch videos, workouts aren’t, really as important as you might have been led to think all they really do is the same thing. They track the same data but possibly put a different name over something. So really they’re, not all that important moving on. We also have the ability to get call and text notifications through the watch itself. You can even decline. Calls from the watch. You can’t answer them, though, because there is no built in microphone, and i really wouldn’t expect that to be at this price point. Then you also have the usual expected features like find my phone, remote music controller, then basic features such as stopwatch and alarm.

Lastly, we have ipx68 water resistance, meaning you can take a swimming with you up to a depth of 10 meters and if you’re wondering yes, you can track your steps and sleep with this watch and you can actually measure your spo2 levels, which is excellent. Now. I also did notice you can even track your blood pressure, which actually makes this watch stand out among a lot of the other flagship watches, but unfortunately i don’t have anything to test against. So the feature is there, but i really don’t know how good it is, and i am skeptical at this price point considering the galaxy watch 3 has only just got the blood pressure feature and even then you need to calibrate that with an actual blood pressure machine. But hey, maybe it’s going to be ok for just some crude monitoring now quickly. Switching back to the ui, i actually found it a little bit smoother than the cubot c5. We reviewed the other week and i don’t know what’s making me feel that way and i have to say i really do enjoy the five watch faces that came pre installed. It is a huge shame. There wasn’t a bigger selection there. Now the menu system also has a nice user friendly layout, really easy to use and extremely smooth and not something. I was really expecting from a watch at this price point again. So definitely a pleasant surprise. There, switching between different modes also feels a little less like swiping through a powerpoint presentation.

The animations feel a little smoother, which makes the watch feel a little bit more expensive than it actually is. I don’t know if that is actually the case or if i’ve just got used to it between using this and the cubot c5 over the past few weeks, but either way i’m impressed. So all these features are arguably pretty brilliant to have on a budget device, but those features aren’t going to be any good if they don’t actually work. So we can’t let the cubot w03 get away without doing a accuracy test so like in my other videos, we’re going to test the blood oxygen and heart rate accuracy against the o2 ring. The guys are well, you sent out to me for another video. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a medical grade device coming in at around 150 pounds and what it does give is live readings to my phone. So we can easily compare between the o2 ring and the cubot w03 let’s see how it does so. First of all, i went ahead and tested the heart rate accuracy, so on the phone at the bottom is your heart rate and the top is your spo2. Now. What i found with this was that most the time it was accurate, it just took a while to sort of catch up, but sometimes it can be the readings from the o2 ring which are a little bit slow to get to the phone.

So i gave it a couple of chances. I readjusted the watch and yeah most the time it was relatively accurate, very rarely bang on, but i think it’s accurate enough for some general monitoring. I wouldn’t bet your life on it by any means, but i certainly wouldn’t class the w03 as inaccurate. Now we’re gon na quickly move on to the spo two levels and it’s pretty much the same story. Here generally, it is accurate, but sometimes it takes a while to sort of catch up. I must admit, though, there was a lot of failed readings, especially when i had my arm up in the air. You are meant to put it on a table, but i found with most smart watches and fitness trackers that i’ve tried out you’re, actually, okay, just doing it as if you were doing your heart rate, but i followed the instructions i put my arm on the table And nine times out of ten, it was pretty much there. It was one percent out. Occasionally there was a really off reading, like 78, which was completely out so again, it’s gon na be absolutely fine for sort of general monitoring, there’s, definitely more accurate, smart watches and fitness trackers out there, but i think for this price point you’re, absolutely fine! So really we’ve touched on everything we really can do now. I really didn’t want to make this video too long, but what i will say is: if you’re looking for a device that just gets the job done to a decent standard, then i wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the cubot w03 i’ve said it many times throughout the video.

I think it’s, an absolutely brilliant device for the money and it’s gon na be quite hard to beat. Of course, let me know in the comments section what you think of the cubot w03. Is it the smart watch for you or do you feel like going for something a little bit more at market? Also, if you like, a watch that closer resembles an apple watch, you can check out my review on the cubot c5. I did the other week, which also received a very positive review for me. Do check out the links in the description for the latest prices, leave a cheeky like and subscribe if you’re new around here, but for now.