We are really happy to have you here and to show our appreciation we brought in a beautiful. Ladies smart bracelet inside this box is something really really cool and it's from a brand new partner. I am not even sure how you pronounce it so I'll just say: it's cyu see that's the company. That model number is called an e 68 and it's a ladies SmartWatch that has a heart rate: blood pressure, it's, fully ip67 waterproof and it's available on Aliexpress at the cy. You see official store check the show notes for a link right to this buying page and we'll. Try to get you a coupon discount on the price. If we can, you got it in three different colors and it's really an attractive. Looking watch let's go through a little bit of the details. Now I don't want to get overly technical, because this is more of a fashion watch, but just to let you know it does pretty much everything that a basic fitness type watch will do, including a lot of health biometrics like we mentioned a heart rate and blood Pressure now are those accurate we're, not sure, and all of these I have a disclaimer that says, use your own judgement and guidance and check them against. You know really calibrated equipment or your doctor's recommendations before you start relying on them. Nonetheless, you've got all sorts of good things with this watch you can do you can use it to shake to take a photo like a remote camera for your phone or a remote button to trigger your phone.

You have call reject directly from the watch. If you want, and when you're tethered to your phone and all of those things here's the specifications, they call it message and that's what it's got going on for it. So let's actually take a look inside of here, it's, a really nice presentation. Box of this would be a really good present because it has good present. Tation ha ha get the joke, okay open it up, and it looks like this. The watch itself is kind of peeking from down below here in a black squishy environment and then there's an accessory box I'm gon na lift the box out, set it over here and then take out the watch from the protectors just cut Wow kind of dangling in Here easy to remove, and then we have a little manual as well, so the watch itself, the bracelet has a cover protection on. It has diamonds that looks like rhinestones, some sort of attractive decoration and really interesting band with lots of little loops in it. You got the charging port look it's, a solid metal, very nice right there. That little square is the green diodes that will help get your biometrics, your heart rate and blood pressure. Now before we even turn it on let's, look in the accessory box. This was something that surprised me yeah. I have peeked in here already a couple of things. Surprise me, one is the ease with which you can charge it.

It has this charging dock. That makes it so easy. You press the button and it opens like a pill case or makeup, and you see the two little dots there and the two little pointers there. You make sure that you align it this way and just drop it in there like that and then close it until it clicks yeah. You plug this into your standard phone charger into your computer into your USB in your car. If you've got a new car that has it or get one of those little car adapter things all kinds of ways, you can charge it, but you won't need to charge it often because it's got they say up to two weeks standby time on this one. Really nice long life watch so, while it's all cozy in its little container. I also want to show you this thing, yeah straight out of Game of Thrones right, ah, is it a rock a guillotine? What the heck is this well! This is a tool that you can use on your own to remove some of these extra spacer things in here, so that you can adjust the band to fit your arm and, as I understand it, you you twirl it back. You get this thing in position. There'S little things you're gon na push out right there on the side. You get it in there and then you just simply twist this down and it applies gentle force to push the pins out.

You can take out a link and then you can put it back in and press it back in and adjust this as necessary. So they've really thought this through. You don't have to take it to a jeweler to adjust it to fit your wrist, because you got this tool yeah I'm gon na hold on to that the manual the last thing before we get into it. We have it in English right here, talks about the quick charging and the apparatus should put it in it. We just gave you a demo, oh and then it gets into the technical details. Now you see that QR code, you could scan that so that you can download the app that you'll be using on your phone to tether to this or you can go in the show notes, because I have a link directly to the Ju pro application and we'll Be showing you a bit about that here shortly. First, we'll just show you how the device works. It'S got full color screen, and this is an example of some of the screens. There is it's it's, a rectangular display within the oval presentation, but it's all black, so it's not really gon na look like you've got a square and a circle thing going, but it is touch sensitive on the screen. You'Ve got lots of different time display modes. There'S stuff – I probably am not gon na – be covering in the review, and it may be here in the manual so that's.

Why I'm, showing you these pages, you can freeze frame it come back and take a look at. It is at your leisure or if you misplace your manual, which I've gotten some comments. A few people have they've been really happy that they could go online and at least update themselves with what was in the manual so here's phone connecting that you got to download the app and set it all up for Bluetooth, tethering it's, not really that tricky. Once you get it, it's pretty much set and you're good to go. It works with both iPhone and Android, but it does a little bit better job with Android, because Apple is locked out some of the features of these smartwatches unless it's an Apple watch. Of course, from being fully functional on the on their platform, but if you got an Android phone you're good to go – and this is what a lot of the pages look like here in the app itself, while we're here notice this that you have access to google Fit you can switch that on and the data that you collect on the device that you sin to this Jay Fit app can then also be sent by the app to Google fit and you'll have a record in Google fit of your activities. Your step count. Whatever things you know, you track in google fit and doing it on a really attractive. Nice looking watch mate, and this is waterproof.

You could actually swim with this watch. Okay, other functions it talks about that are involved in here. Try to get that in good focus for you alarms call rejections. You don't have a big screen to actually read notifications on this watch, but when you're tethered and you've set up which apps you'd like to have push notifications to your your device, it'll, let you know at least that you've got a Twitter feed coming through or something And that's good to know so you don't have to pull your phone out all the time. Okay, I think that pretty much covers the manual and then we get into the Chinese half of it here you ready! You want to see this thing all right. I'M. Gon na clear everything out and we'll begin all right. I'Ll get this part over here. It is on my hairy male arm, not exactly what you'd look for on a fashion channel but we're doing the best. We can because we're a bunch of guys hanging out here, playing with some watches and showing you some of them that work for the ladies okay, you saw, I pressed right here is only one button and it took me right into a step count thing, and I Can cycle through the basic stuff that you get with step counting, which is your steps? Your distance and your calories burn then it's getting into some sort of a sports area, which is where you can pick a sport and do some activities here's.

Your last night's sleep time showing up now we're into heartrate. Bpm it's got this twirly thingy, going on there and the little heart icon flashing, so it's got a nice colorful display. While this is on my arm for this, if you don't know how this works, it just turned on that little green diode in the back and it's shining green light under my skin and that green light is reflecting off of the blood moving through capillaries or veins. That are right under the skin surface and when it reflects back, it gets a slightly different brightness and from that they can actually compute your heart rate and it's. Pretty accurate on all of these. By now has been doing this technology for quite a while. If you go to your drugstore, you can get a little thing. You stick your fingertip in a little diode in there, sometimes we're it's, sometimes green, and it does exactly the same thing. So your heart rate, your pulse, is generally pretty good on these, but again don't trust it to you test it for yourself. Now we move to the little more esoteric reading. This is your blood pressure and it's being derived from that same green diode and we're. All a little concerned about how that works, using physics but it's producing some numbers and some people are getting good correlation. That means comparison between what to get on here and what they get with a cuff on their arm check it out for yourself.

You know you can go to most drug stores or even grocery stores and stick your arm in a machine and get a reading of your blood pressure, and you could have this on your arm at the same time and get that reading you saw. It gave us a quick reading and then it disappeared. This is one where you have to kind of keep watching, because you only have a couple of seconds, but you should be standing and looking at it anyway. Cuz that's how you take blood pressure. Ideally, you want this at about the level of your heart stay motionless, don't talk like mr. Dix does all the time and just watch until you get the results and monitor your blood pressure be concerned if it's on the low side, because you don't ever want to Compromise your health and you get it professionally measured. Now this thing, with a little in the middle that's gon na be computing your blood oxygen yeah. They can do that with this little green diode tech. This is amazing, isn't it for a dress. Watch all these different biometrics built into it, so this should be coming back and giving me an estimate of my blood oxygen. What is that? Well, if you're into fitness, you know and I'm, not so I don't, but I think it has to do with how much oxygen is in your blood, and that has to do perhaps with your aerobic, anaerobic condition.

Exercising again, it went off and I had to touch it to bring it back and it starts all over with another new reading. So you got a monitor that this'll vibrate and tell you when you have messages coming in. It shows you the number of them. I don't believe you can read it on the screen. I'M, not sure I we haven't tested that that takes a lot to set all that stuff up, and I generally skip over that part figuring. You guys can can dig deeper into it if you're interested. When you go into settings and you press on this you're getting this strange icon, I have no idea what that thing is let's press and hold. Does that signal? Oh that's? Changing our watch faces. Okay, there's. One you've got with a rose on it and your heart rate, all together on the actual watch, face itself: oh okay, it's cycling, all the way around again it's skipped through. Where are we in this settings gear that's a gear there and we're on this thing? There'S, a power off button that's how you turn it off there's the information you need for Ted that's, what it'll look for off from your phone and back to the settings, gear press again and we're back to the watch face. I honestly don't know what that other one did, but if I press and hold on the watch face, I can show you the different ones that come with it here's your date, heart rate in and time all in one screen with something going on in the middle.

There that's colorful and active press again and hold and we're in a large digital display. It shows you the power level, ampm step count and heart rate that's God at all, and I like the big digits because that's easier to see outdoor. So it looks like we've got three the rows. We'Ve got this thing. Maybe a butterfly and we've got the bigger digits, which is what I'm going to leave it on there. So that's what you've got on here. I haven't done any steps or step counting or stuff when you get into sports. This is the other one. We wanted to show you here's, where you can activate this and do a variety of different computations of step, count versus heart rate versus time and it's, showing you all of those. So if I want to begin it, I press to get into it and I press and hold to start it now it just vibrated and it's in the process. Now getting my step count and so forth. If I touch it, nothing happens. Alright, hey I'm gon na move my arm a little bit that that, after that, that out that out that at that at that, at that, at that out, that are nothing. Oh, my heart rates coming in a lot of times. These watches you've actually got to get up and walk at least 10 steps before it will register anything that way. You'Re not getting erroneous steps. Okay, so it's, basically showing us that data there press and hold is how you would get out of it.

Then it just vibrated reset itself: okay, press again, I'm jammed up. I don't know how to get out of it. Okay reset! Yes, are you stopped? Yes, there whoo all right let's move over to the app, because I think you'll learn a lot more from the app. Then we can from the device, but this is a good way for you to collect your biometric information, to initiate a training activity and, of course, see the time on a very attractive, smart bracelet. This is the gold one there in silver and black and it's got a little hook here that you simply lift up and unhook it to take it off, and you see it's sized for my arms, so it'll work with most ladies arms, maybe taken out a couple Of the loops, just just fine – oh go back here: okay, also interesting design. You see how it's got a hole in the side, the tapers around the edges, there yeah very cool. Now the app like I mentioned. The app is called the Ju pro that they tether with this one. When you go to the Google Play Store, you look for that icon or you could scan that QR code that we saw in the manual and on the back of the box when you get into it and you open it, you have to go through and do Us a tethering that's pretty easy to do under device. This is where you would unbind it.

I am already connected to it. I unbind it and then you bind it again. It'Ll show that model number and you just make the connection from within the device. You have all these things you can have it notify you of an incoming call or a text message and then all the other kind of message notifications you go in here goes into the operating system and you can switch them on and off like if you want Facebook or Instagram, and that meta notifications you can set that up here you go in for alarms, inactivity reminders like a looping reminder to get up and move a sedentary reminder. The remote selfie capability is where you go into here: it'll put this in the camera mode and then, as it mentioned, you shake the watch and that will cause it to take a picture really convenient. If you want to get in the picture and have this camera a little further away than the reach of your arm, then there's more settings you get in here now you can search for the device if it's lost, it'll vibrate doesn't make sound, though factory reset it Of course, you can go into a power savings mode update the device which you should always check to see. If it has the latest firmware in it and if it doesn't, then you need to update it and it's saying that everything is fine. We'Ve got the latest version automatic heart rate test.

This is where you can enable this to do regular heart rate testing and transfer that over to the app. So you can see your detailed heart rate, but if you have that on and you're not wearing it often and if you just pop it down the little green diode comes on all night long, it's kind of annoying so it's something you want to use. If you're going to be wearing it a lot but turn it off to save power and also not light up the bedroom at night, you can switch your time format from 12 to 24 hours as well on here and that's the device. The me is where you set up the stuff for you, you can log in so it'll save all of your data. You could set your step goal, which by default, is a little low. I usually go for 8000 and I'm happy and I hit 10000, which is really my goal, but then I feel really good about myself, because I did 2000 more than my step goal. You do what you like, google fit here's, where you sync it through the app to google fit to transfer all that data like I was mentioning you have the user manual online and about the watch available here to read about now. We go back here to home. This is kind of where you enter the world of the watch and it it calculates all of the basic stuff calories, burned, distance and duration on here we have no data, yet this is day week and month that you can accumulate it and you can change the Days across the top so really convenient to keep a record of your health information here is in your bio met or not biometrics, but your actual workout stuff sleep tab shows you your last night's sleep, deep light or a wake time, and you just wear it to Bed and it'll do that pretty much automatically here's your overall heart rate and you notice you can take it remotely I'm gon na put my finger on the bottom of it.

I'M gon na hit start see there's that green diode it'll. Take your pulse right through your finger and once it gets it then it's going to show your current heart rate directly on the screen and down below you see you have your minimum average and maximum heart rate over the testing period, so it's a good way to Get a nice baseline see us at eighty three. Eighty two and it's live by bluetooth, it's updating regularly. So if you're gon na be on an exercise bike or something you want to set your phone up right in front of you play some music out of it and put it in this mode while you're wearing this bracelet, you can watch your heart rate and if You want to keep it above a certain target. You can do it because this thing is live and it's working right for you right. Then, okay, we're going to stop that and switch over here to blood pressure and there's. The latest blood pressure. Reading I'm gon na hit start again and you notice it automatically put the bracelet into the heart of blood pressure mode and that's the last reading. These are low by my standards, so it's not calibrated. So I would check that if I was say normally a hundred and twenty over eighty, which is kind of average and I'm getting numbers like 106 over 66 and regularly, then I just add that difference to this say twenty points more or something.

Oh, this just vibrated. There now gave me that blood pressure disappeared off of here notice. It'S, not continuous, like the heart rate, was because blood pressure has to be taken over a duration of time. So you get one reading, but you can start at any time you want. So if you're on your exercise bike, getting your heart rate, you could switch over do a blood pressure reading, but remember now, moving with your arm is supposed to be still to get you in accurate reading, you're kind of playing with magic here so be very careful. How much you trust the numbers you get for blood pressure, okay, that's there and then there's exercise. Now here you can actually start a walk, run, cycling or climbing and it'll use the GPS that's built into your phone. So, actually, you can download this app and you don't even need, I don't believe to be tethered to the band to do this stuff. So if you want something that just kind of track your run, you can set it up and begin and it will track your map and track your run and give you all the information you need directly in the app itself. So that's the app the home, where you have all these different tabs that you can go into your exercise, section your overall device management and you and I didn't mention too. You can go in here, and this is where you want to start out by setting up your birth date, your height and your body weight because that'll be used in other computations that particularly calories burned.

When you start using your device, all right, that's everything about the app is everything you need to know about the device itself, a very attractive, fully functional fitness, health fashion band and available from CY. You see that's right through the Aliexpress store which you can get to with the link in the show notes and a buying coupon to pick up your choice of colors, silver, gold or black you've been watching SmartWatch ticks again we're on the web. Smart watch ticks calm and appreciate you, ladies being here, we got a very first recently first comment under a new video. A lot of people like to play that game try to be first, second or third, a lady beat everybody. So we have our first female winner of being the first comment under a video. I wonder who will be the first on this one we'll find out check the show, notes, check the comments.