com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have a follow up video review of the d30y78 smartwatch, and this time we are going to explore the menus and different features of the d30 smartwatch. Okay, its a it is a fit pro big, smart watch very affordable. It looks like an upgrade all the y68, the popular y68, as well as the d20 smart watch. Okay, so it is running, as you can see here. This support app is the fit pro support. App available in android and ios platform, if you are not familiar with the fit pro, the app is usually used: okay by affordable, okay, smart watches, okay, cheap smart watches, so we have here the d30y78 last last video we have the specifications and design of this wearable. So this time were going to explore the menus. So if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, just drop a comment below and of course we will answer your queries if we do have the time okay, so this cc direct usb charging smartwatch, as you can see here, okay, so we activated already the smartwatch, so It is using a touch button key here. Okay, so lets have a closer look. As you can see, we have an oled display here, okay, so this is the watch face so to explore the smartwatch just tap on the touch button key here in the bottom part. You see the circle here tap on it and we have this one.

So automatic activity tracking, with the distance, what else, steps and calories? Okay? Next we have the heart rate, the blood oxygen. You notice it and we have the blood pressure monitoring. Okay, so lets. Try it okay, lets test; okay, so were going to wear it. Okay, just like this okay, so lets, try lets explore a long press to activate and its now monitoring my heart rate, blood pressure, as well as the blood oxygen. Okay, so saturation so lets check. Okay, taking some time well see in just a few seconds. Okay, so we have 125 over 84 for the blood pressure or the heart rate. We have 74 and 95 percent in a blood oxygen monitoring. Okay. Next, we have different sports here. Okay, lets check how many sports are offered. We have. I think this is walking or running, we have skipping rope and we have sit up so we have at least three sports mode here. It is also similar to other y68 or fit pro affordable, fit pro smart watches and smart band. It only has three activity: tracking or sports monitoring. We have message: notifications, okay, you have an option to read the messages right in the variable we have music control and more lets say we have sleep monitoring, so this one is weather. Okay, we have camera, we have anti loss, we have reset, you have the qr code and, of course, the power off button. Okay, i dont know if you can change the watch face here.

Some seems like we dont have any options lets check again in the more section we have music control here. Okay lets see: do we have an option? We have remote control for camera, reset people, qr code and the power of button. Okay, so seems well like we dont have a an option here: a menu for the watch face but well see if we pair it with the fit pro app. Okay lets check if we do have. If we do have a watch face section that can change or replace the watch face, the default watch face here in our d30 y78 smartwatch. As you can see a very simple wearable running in the fit pro app okay, it is somewhat similar to other fit pro wearable fit pro base wearable. Okay, so at least we have heart rate, blood, oxygen and heart rate. Monitoring. Okay, lets check again lets verify here. For the heart rate, long press okay seems like its also its working its scanning well see if we going to get a random result for this one. Okay, the disappointing part for this one is: it only has three sports okay for the past two years. I think they are offering fitpro based smart watches and smartband are offering at least three sports monitoring only. I do hope that in the next okay iteration of variables that runs the fit pro support app, they will have at least additional sports tracking. Okay, again lets take a look at the design here: okay, we have the smartwatch okay available in different color options.

Okay, so, if you have any questions regarding this variable, okay and if you are planning to buy one, you can ask some questions here. At smartwatch specifications youtube channel; okay, please like share and subscribe, so we can bring you more new wearables in the market, a review of wearables in the market. Okay, again, this is smartwatch specifications.