We have a fake creative map with the live event and we are going to convince lox that this is a beta version of the live event itself. We have him in a battle lab facing the star and i told him there’s something crazy about to happen. I have no idea how he’s going to react to this, but let’s make locks, do something stupid. First, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, okay, dude dude. We got a bubble. What we need to build up. Are you ready to see galactus in game, dude, i’m? So excited? I want to see galactus so bad dude. All right, all we got to do is just build up to the sky all right. So you said that like if we get to the star – and i do something special we’ll literally get to see the galactus boss – i am not kidding you dude, it is unreleased, it is a glitch with fortnite. Remember the volcano thing where i triggered it early somehow. It’S, like yeah same thing, this teleports us to galactus. Yes, we literally go up in the sky, something i’ve been wanting to do forever. We did we’re all the way up, dude i’m. Looking at the star. What do i have to do? How do i teleport all right, all right, dude here we go, all you got to do is close your eyes and do the galactus chant. I told you about earlier. Come on dude, you got this all right.

Let’S go galactus, galactus galactus thy teleport, the galactus mighty mighty giant galactus big, strong, mighty galactus super big muscles galactus, oh he’s, actually doing it. This is super funny. I have team viewers. I have teamviewer on max’s computer. What i’m going to do is i’m going to go on it i’m, going to take him out of this lobby i’m, going to throw him into creative mode and he’s going to spawn in the map dude. My dogs are freaking out. I just i need to feed them real, quick, okay, oh okay, dude tell me when to open my eyes: okay, guys we’re gon na go in teamviewer right now. I’Ll meet you back when we’re in the game, all right, we’re in the creative map right now, galactus, boss fight and obviously we can tell that this is a fan made map. But, ladies and gentlemen, lox is going to be under the impression that vo voixion, whoever that is shout out to him, he’s an epic employee, that’s what we’re going to be telling lox and that this unreleased map is a beta version of the live event. It’S a super sick map, but either way let’s make a mad watch. This dude, where are we galactus, boss, fight locks, boss fight? This is literally a creative map all right, fine. We don’t have to play this together if you don’t want to. But voixeon is an epic, employee, dude and well you’re. You’Re saying this is from an epic employee box.

Listen, i need you to trust me. Trust is super important. This person is an epic, employee and he’s trying to play it off as something unrelated to the live event. Oh my gosh dude, you triggered it. You literally truly did that trigger game starts. Oh my gosh! This is the galactus boss. So obviously, this doesn’t look nearly as good as it’s going to look in the live event, but lox during the chapter 2 season, 4 live event. I’M gon na be doing iron. Man locks, oh my gosh. Are you ready to take down galactus? So this is like a beta version of what the live event is actually going to be and we get to play it lox. We are the only people in the world. Oh my gosh, you know what i got to do this. I got ta see galactus dude. All right here we go, let’s hit start locks. Where are we dude? Are we in space? Yes, we are so obviously again. This is a beta version of how it’s going to look in the real fortnight. Live events blocks where our? What, where are we, i don’t know where we’re at dude? This looks insane dude. Where, where are you dude? I literally see you dude i’m flying up in the air dude. Is that you, oh my gosh dude? We need to meet okay. We are together, where’s, galactus, lox, okay, i need you, dude, listen dude! I need you to knock.

The triumph shall be mine. Oh my gosh. You can’t release this to the public, okay lox, because this is insane the epic employee only is right there. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh looks it’s galactus. Oh, he looks at you. I know it’s a beta version, but this one. This is insane all right. Stop talking. We need to eliminate galactus bro. This is bad dude. What? What is this? What do you? What is going on? What do you mean this? Is the life of man i’m getting i’m getting eliminated? What’S literally eliminating me tell me dude dude, i got you my god. Dude i’ll use the banjo bazooka. You need to take this more seriously. This is the only time we’re gon na be in this live event. Does this not look insane? Where am i supposed to eliminate him just shoot him locks his hands? Dude it’s, his head i’m gon na get eliminated i’m literally gon na get eliminated. My gosh, if you get eliminated i’m, going to be so disappointed in you box, you have more health than i do. Oh no he’s he’s charging his super lasers locks locks. So this is. This is actually gon na be in game. You’Re saying this is a beta version of the live event. Dude look at his hand, look at his hand, he’s charging he’s charging. Are you excited? Oh no, i only have 70 health. I only have some. What is that dude? What is that you just got? Ta shoot him, you just got ta shoot him locks.

I just got eliminated what i just got eliminated. You are so trash dude. All right, i got locks freaking out. I don’t know what he honestly thinks about this live event that is clearly clearly fake, but this guy voiceon did an absolutely insane job. What we need to do right now is uh we’ve seriously got ta illuminate galactus box, got ta shoot for his hand, shoot for his hand, dude. I am shooting for his hand. Why would they make a boss so difficult? You should not distract them while i heal. Why dude i shot a super laser brace yourself, four meteors. What are you doing? Oh my gosh, i don’t know. Where are the meteors i forgot to mention dude. This literally affects the entire fortnite map, even though this is a beta you, you might have literally ruined season four. Oh my gosh dude, oh my gosh, ruined it dude. Where are you in anything i’m, just eliminating galactus, where is galactus galactus is gone. Ladies and gentlemen, oh my gosh. What who are those what you will? Women are still defeated: i’m special wait: i’m spectating, you dude, and do it. Oh, my gosh locks, yeah here’s, where the prank is going to get even crazier. We are about to mess with locks. Even harder than ever here we go dude. What are you doing? We’Re the tests? We are literally testing this locks. Do you not understand if we don’t eliminate galactus in this test? Live events they’re not going to like it they’re the testers.

The fortnite employees are literally going to think that it’s too hard they’re not even going to add galactus onto the fortnite map, we’re not going to see a live event. Oh my gosh dude, i didn’t know you didn’t tell me you got eliminated too. You know what let’s go: let’s go eliminate, galactus lux! This is your last chance. If you don’t defeat galactus boss, they are not going to be adding him into fortnite. Dude he’s gone for him, i’m, literally getting his minions dude i’m trying to get his minions here. We go here. We go. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh there’s, one more there’s, one more okay, dude! We are on track, come on let’s defeat. The herald come on. Oh let’s go! Oh my gosh! Where are you dude? Where are you what what i’m in the center galactus he’s back galactus is back for his head? Okay, hey for his head, dude! Okay! Here we go here we go fine. I shall finish you myself, what’s about to happen. Dude what’s, about to happen. I’M nervous, i’m. Nervous i’m, i don’t know what’s gon na happen. Dude do we need to beat this? I need galactus and fortnite. Oh, no, oh! No! Oh no dude come on come on come on. We got this. We literally got this okay. Ladies and gentlemen. Oh, what did we get him? Did we win lux? We won. Oh, my gosh, ladies and gentlemen. Galactus would have come to fortnite anyways, because this is a fake map.

What i got what you like, yeah? No, you said this was a fortnite creators map. I mean this isn’t a beta dude shout out to verizon verizon wireless. I thought this was real you’re, so done good boy. We got him good, get ready for galactus in fortnite.