jetzt, if you open up the Zap app and head over to the device and click on watch faces, we get a whole list of extra watch faces nicely separated in different categories like you have a classic collection with some pretty standard ones. You have customizable watch faces simple ones: creative freestyle sports related and some with a whole lot of display, datas all in all, not to share before a budget Smartwatch that you can already get 4.70 Euros over here in Germany now something that I hate about. Smart watches is that Im running out of battery life pretty fast like if I have my Samsung Galaxy watch for my wrist or the fox Gen 6, but the amazfit bit 3 Pro is a little bit different. Now Ive had this bad boy on my wrist. For the last 24 Stunden – and I only lost about seven percent now, it makesfit is promising us 14 Tage der Lebensdauer der Batterie, and it seems about right now. During this time I had like 30 minutes of GPS track workouts. I got quite a few notifications here and there brightness set level on, like a mid range level, Im tracking my heart rate in five minute intervals, which is the highest you can go and my stress level at all times, so there you have it and oh by The way charging only takes about two hours, which is pretty standard for a watch that lasts about two weeks on average.

Okay, one of the main reasons to get a smart watch is to either track your activity, or you have stats and also some things that youre definitely going to find on the amazing FIB, 3 Pro. So first up lets start with the health stats. So this one is driving your steps, Natürlich, your heart rate in either 30 Minuten 10 or five minute intervals, also das ist, something that you have to decide for yourself by default. It tracks in 30 minute intervals, but you can just change that up anytime. You want to over in the app right here. You can also toggle the 24 7 stress tracking on you get a sleep tracker that is working just fine, so it tracks the time you went to bed and woke up. You get a sleep score and youll see how long youve been in your different sleep stages, and you can look up all of your steps from the past days, weeks and months in a setback as the last. This watch also tracks your blood oxygen saturation, aber nicht 24 7, like we get with the heart rate, it only tracks on demand so thats, something that you just have to keep in mind. So thats the half side of the watch, but lets check out the activity tracking. This watch tracks over 60 Sportmodus. So you have some outdoor activities like running walking and cycling, but you can do these also indoor and track them over there.

You have water in winter, Sport, Ball, Sports dancing and a lot more. You can either look them up in your list layout or you can look at them in Brackets, one for dancing, one for winter sports and so on. So you can find the activity a little bit faster. jetzt, if you try to start an activity, we can first set some things like an auto parts activity alerts and we can change the data layout, das ist toll. Mit dieser Funktion, we can change display status during your activity, Also, instead of tracking your pace, you can change it to something different, wie Ihre Herzfrequenz, speed or something else that you might like to track instead, Gut, so Im going to let you might already know About the Mason bib3 Pro is that we get a built in GPS, which is by itself a very good feature and even better in a bunch of Smartwatch. Also natürlich, I did a whole lot of testing and, um ehrlich zu sein, is not that good. Its more like okay ish, so its always off like by five to ten meters on average, depending if youre in the city or not, but if youre looking for a bit in GPS, that roughly tells you where you went this one right here will do it. Okay lets finally talk a little bit about the facts of this watch. Insgesamt, we have a big 1.69 inch TFT touch display with a resolution of 240 durch 280 Pixel.

We get a silicon, strap with a quick release feature, so you can change the bands anytime. You want to it is water resistant up to 5 ATM weighs in at about 33 grams and youll get those washed in three different colors. Now you can either get this all black version. You can get it in pink or in blue. jetzt. As for the materials, Wir haben, the whole case consists of a hardened plastic and we have a tempered glass with anti fingerprint coating, die gut funktioniert, Ish, as with more smart features that you can expect to get on. This watch is that you get all of your notifications right on this watch just swipe out from your home screen, and you can start reading all of your newest messages and notifications. But if you want to receive less, you can head over to your notification center on Zap, app and toggle. Some off that you dont need. But just one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you cannot reply to any messages. But at least we get to see some cool emojis every once in a while swiping down from your home screen takes it to a tiny, quick panel with just your settings, brightness Level, D, D mode and your alarm now talking about the settings over here you can Customize, your watch a little bit more first off, you can change it display timeout, since your screen will turn off by default after just five seconds, and you can bump that up to 15 seconds at a smart cost of a little bit of your battery life over Here you can also customize your physical button by default.

If you long press it, it will open up the workouts, but you can change that to your sleeve tracker heart rate weather or your music player. Übrigens, the music player is just a regular music player. So you can skip track, go back and track play and pause and adjust the volume. This watch has a weather app with a small weather forecast for the next couple of days, and you can see things like if its going to rain or how strong the Sun is going to be today as so. Nächste, you have your standard alarm, timer and stopwatch you get a guided, breathing exercise cycle, tracking and remote camera shutter. So with just a small tap on your watch, you can take pictures with your smartphone, but I still havent found a good reason to use that feature without a timer. But if you do, let me know down in the comments below what you would use this feature for and guys thats already it for the video today now, wenn Sie möchten, es, make sure to leave a like And subscribe to my channel for more Daily Tech reviews.