Dies ist eigentlich eine sehr kompakte, schlanke und leichte Smartwatch, die ich gerade trage, aber für dieses spezielle Video denke ich, dass wir an den Schreibtisch gehen sollten. So können wir uns die Uhr genauer ansehen. Gehen wir jetzt an den Schreibtisch für den Fall, dass, you are not familiar with the GTR series theyre. Im grunde, the round face version of a misfit smart watches. This is the GTR 304. I cant really recall since I have so many of them, but the amazing GTR mini here is ready to emphasize on something really lightweight a bit Slimmer and, Natürlich, and more affordable price point. So lets take a look at what the GTR mini is here to offer. jetzt, if you just split the box to the back, you have here a couple of key features that amazing is really trying to highlight. You can see it talks about the slim and stylish design. You have the AMOLED display a couple of sport modes. You know GPS built in heart rate tracking and all that and of course, noch wichtiger ist,, that Ultra long battery life all right so thats just the box, but in terms of the watch. So sieht es aus, and I think it actually looks pretty good as well as you can see its very slim and, noch wichtiger ist,, sein sehr leichtes, so were just going to do a very quick. Weißt du. Weight test over here turn that on and put on the watch so lets see what we have here in terms of the weight it is coming in at 37 grams and lets just check out the other amazing GTRs.

Dieser ist also 42. We also have here this one with the strap its 50 Gramm, and you can see its actually quite heavy for the other GTR models. 54 Gramm. Wieder, this guy is only 37 Gramm. So what this really means is that if you are looking for something very lightweight, you dont like like a bulky watch on your wrist and anything like that. You can definitely check out the amazfit GTR mini because it doesnt feel like its on your wrist at all. When you put it on all right, so now lets take a closer look at the design and find out a bit more about it. We see that we have here a 2.5 D curved display at the front and on the sides. We have this sort of light. Stainless steel Chrome finishing all around, which makes it look very minimalist and a clean design. Now on the right, you only have here the single button on the watch itself, which activates your your manuals, and you can also hit it to go back. You can long press it and activate different features that you can customize in the app so Ive currently got my activities set up as my shortcut and, if you flip the watch to the back. This is where youll see that we do have a couple of sensors over here and in terms of the straps. You do have the latches here once again, so you can swap them out for other kinds of straps.

jetzt, if you are familiar with the latest generation of amazing smart watches, you will notice that we have been seeing these kind of straps a lot of times now and basically, you put it in this way and go out once more to have a very secure fit On your wrist now, the good thing about these straps is that its very flexible, its also very slim and thin and again the whole idea. The whole concept of this watch is to provide a almost you know, weightless watch on your wrist, and it really works alright. So thats this in terms of the design lets talk a little bit more about the features that it has alright, Also, in term terms of the features youll be very familiar with the zap OS that you are seeing right now on the screens. We do have here a couple of shortcuts, if you just swipe across, you will go through the couple of widgets that we can set again in the app itself to show whatever you want to show and if you just hit that button on the right. This is where you can get into the list of applications now whats really cool about this watch is that it comes with 120 plus sport modes and Im not going to go through each and every one, but you can just see on the list right here and The list really goes on and it covers almost every single kind of activity that you can imagine.

The most important point about this smart watch here is that it comes with GPS built in that means. You dont have to carry your phone along with you. If you go for runs so I actually did a very quick run and Im just going to show it to you in the app because it actually captured quite a fair bit of data, so its as you can see in the app here. These are a couple of my records, so I havent been running a lot lately, but this last one was one that I did at the track. You can see here that it actually is able to map out my run, and I did not carry my phone at that time. So you can see I run like 2.63 kilometers uh. It shows the workout time your average pays. Of course it also tracks. You know your heart rate and everything like that, also theres, a lot of data, thats being tracked by the watch and again the most important Point here is that you do not need to carry your phone because you have that GPS built in pretty cool stuff. dort. jetzt, andere als das, the watch itself is able to track a couple of Health features. Also, Zum Beispiel, you also have your heart rate tracking. Sie haben Ihren spo2, Ihr Stress, monitoring and all that and again, I think its best to show it to you in the app. So once you go into the app itself, you can just you know, go into the main page and very quickly.

Youll see that we have here the number of steps, so you can track all your steps throughout the entire week. If you go back, you can see that we have the heart rate as well. Ive actually set mine to track it per minute. So you have a ton of data here so that I can get the most accurate heart rate tracking. jetzt, wenn Sie zurückgehen, you can also see that we have here your stress tracking again, you can customize it to track at various intervals, and you also have your spo2s just going to show it to you very quickly as well, throughout the entire day and last, But not least, it also tracks your sleep now, sleep tracking is actually very important because you are able to see like the time that you are awake, Ihr REM, Ihr Licht, Schlaf, Ihren Tiefschlaf, so you can better analyze your sleep and I think this is actually Pretty accurate here, based on the kind of sleeps that I was getting in the past week. Also wieder, a ton of information can be found directly from the Zap app, which again is free to download alright. So those are just in terms of the health features other than that. Its also worth mentioning that, in Bezug auf die Akkulaufzeit, you are getting a close to two week battery life on the amazfit GTR mini. But if you are like myself, a pretty heavy user, I would say that you can estimate about a more realistic one week, battery life for this amazing GT, R mini, which again is still a very respectable number now other than that.

A couple more features here is that the watch itself is water resistant up to 5 geldautomat. That means that you know, natürlich, you can bring it pool swim in it and you shouldnt have any issues alright guys. Also, am Ende des Tages, the amazing GTR mini here is actually a very powerful Smartwatch that comes in a very Compact and slim form factor now. The price for this watch here in Malaysia is going for RM 599 and a main speed. Malaysia is actually having a very quick sale, also theres 20 bucks off, I think its going for RM 579 and if you are purchasing on the first day, if Im not mistaken, you do get a 20 Ringgit Starbucks voucher, Krank, put in more information down in the Links below, but just one final look at the Amaze feed GTR mini. I do have the GTS mini as well its a square face here, but the GTR mini here looks fantastic, Gut, guys with that said, thank you for watching todays video uh dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel. If you want to see more content like this, wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, feel free to drop a comment down below as well Ill. Try to respond to you as soon as possible, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one stay safe.