Dies ist die 41 millimeter aluminium model and i picked it up in this beautiful blue color. So the apple watch series 7 has the most advanced health features we have ever seen in apple watch. Also, along with sp02 and ecg, die Apfeluhr 7 can also detect a regular heart rhythm and alert you for unusually high or low heart rates, and this years 41 millimeter model is also slightly bigger than the previous gen, so very excited to see how this looks On my wrist, a quick look at what you get inside the box, so youre, basically getting a paper cover. You have the new usb type c fast charger which is supposed to give you 33 faster charging. Now this also came with a large and small strap included in the box, so here it is guys the new apple watch series 7 41 millimeter model with an all aluminum body Music. You actually have ceramic and sapphire crystal on the back. The watch is also 50 messer, water resistant and on the front, you have a nice large retina ltpo oled display with a screen resolution of 352 durch 30.. If you go for the more expensive, titanium or stainless steel versions, you get sapphire crystal glass on the front. Ansonsten, the aluminium version which i have here has ion x glass. Now the screen has much smaller bezels than the previous gen and to compare here is the apple watch series 4. side by side.

Look at the difference so 40 millimeters versus 41 millimeters thats a 1.57 inch versus 1.69 inches in thickness its 10.7 millimeters versus 10.4 millimeters and weight wise youre, looking at 56 grams versus 56.9 Gramm, and i did actually weigh both of these with the straps on. So quite impressed what apple has managed with this series: 7. youre getting a slightly bigger display, smaller bezels and its also slightly thinner, aber gleichzeitig, if you do compare them side by side, would you believe that there is only a one millimeter difference between The watch cases, so i absolutely love what apple has done here, and that is my main reason why i finally decided to upgrade from the series four to the series seven and for me personally, i just cant wear the bigger 45 Millimeter-Apfeluhr. They are just too big for my wrist and they feel and look abnormal, so i always go for the smaller version, but i think apple has absolutely nailed the dimensions for this version. 41 millimeter watch case with such a large 1.69 Zoll-Display. That looks impressive. I love the color and design of the watch and the always on display is an absolute dream. Its a treat to work with so the watch looks very smart on the wrist, its very comfortable and in case youre wondering i have a wrist circumference of 7 inches and just to give you a brief comparison here. Is the galaxy watch 4 Klassisch.

So these watches are actually priced very similar. You have similar features but which one do you think looks better on my wrist now on the side of the watch, we have a rotating dial which can be used for navigating the system menus and you might notice that i have the vertical menus active. I really like the vertical menus. Ich tue nicht, like the typical apple scattered look. I just find it more easier to have the vertical app list now, just underneath the dial, you have a microphone and a flat style power button. Auf der anderen Seite, you have a long single speaker grille. If we compare the speaker grille to my series 4, Sie können sehen,. Youve got two speaker grilles or like a partition in the center now apple states that the series 7 hat 50 percent louder speakers. So the layout has definitely changed underneath you will find all your health sensors and this watch packs a whole host of advanced health tracking features such as optical and electrical heart rate. Sensors youve got spo2 monitoring youve got ecg. This can check your irregular heart rhythm, along with always on altimeter accelerometer. You have fall, Erkennung, gyroscope and lots more, and if we very briefly compare the sensors with the series 4, you can see that there is quite a big difference in that layout. So bigger sensor circle and a lot more going on in this series. Seven also, if we have a quick look at the apple charger, so thirty percent faster charging in the series.

Sieben, you get a similar looking wireless charger, but it has a metal back and its type c charging. It works in the same way a magnetic charging just clips on the back, and then you can go ahead and stick this into a usbc port. You can even use your macbook or your computer for convenience and get this. I was able to achieve 50 battery in just 30 minutes and around 80 battery in 45 Minuten jetzt. Die Serie 7 is powered by the apple s7, Dual-Core-Chipsatz, supporting a 64 bit architecture. Now you do have bluetooth version 5, dual band wi fi built in nfc with apple pay, and this is running. The very latest apple watch os 8.0.1 and i have to say its very smooth in operation and i experience absolutely no lag, no matter what i did on this apple watch its been a great performance, so i picked up the bluetooth model, because that is what im Used to, but with the lte model you can leave your phone at home. You can go for a jog and you can still receive all your phone calls and messages directly on the watch and of course you will have your 4g internet available at all times. Now me personally, i carry my iphone everywhere, no matter where i go and ive also noticed that the bluetooth model will give a slightly better battery life than the lte as the lte is always connected to the net.

You can still make and receive phone calls on the bluetooth model, and as long as you have your phone nearby, it actually works extremely well and with that louder speaker, the calls do sound a lot clearer and louder. jetzt. Apple quotes 18 Stunden Akkulaufzeit, and i do presume they mean 18 hours of heavy usage because im actually getting close to 24 Stunden Akkulaufzeit. So quite a similar battery performance to my series, 4. 24 hours is definitely not great for any smart watch. I think apple should be aiming for at least two to three days to match the competition and by the competition i do mean the galaxy watch, 4 classic and also the new tic watch pro 3 Ultra. Those watches give you at least two to three days of battery life. Now you can certainly improve the battery life if you play around with these settings, and you can also switch off that beautiful, immer auf dem Display, although im not sure, wenn Sie, because it is really nice. So in the morning i usually wake up with around 15 An 20 battery life left after nearly 24 Nutzungsstunden, and i do have everything switched on, including the always on display and as soon as i get up, i just remove the watch place it onto Its charger and go about my usual morning, routine and by the time im finished, i have around 70 An 80 battery week, which is more than good enough to last me a whole day at work.

jetzt, if we talk about the straps, i went for the sports band, it is made from a soft silicone style material um. It does have a stainless steel pin at the end, and i find it really comfortable and easy to wear, but its also quick and easy to take off should you need toand i just prefer this strap over the others. I really hate this single loop strap. I dont like that one at all, so schnell, look at the watch faces now having that extra screen area is great, but what i really like is the way apple has made complete use of that edge to edge display, and one of the new watch faces is Called contour, you can very well see how good that watch face looks, and there is a whole library of watch faces that you can play with with different complications. They are all customizable and they look amazing on the larger display so ill. Give you a few examples of some cool watch faces on the screen right now. Musik, Music now lets just check out some of the cool watch features. jetzt, if you swipe down from the top, you have your notifications. Most of these notifications are going to be read. Only but you will be able to reply to messages and phone calls if we swipe up from the bottom. Youve got some quick toggles, so you can turn wi fi on and off, youve got notifications, um airplane mode and so on so forth.

jetzt, if you swipe left or right, you can toggle between all of your saved watch faces and if you press the power button once you will see all your recently opened apps and you can easily swipe to close now. If you double tap this power button and it will open up your wallet and your cards, so you can make nfc payments etc. So if youre doing anything on the watch or youve opened the app and you want to come out of it, you just press the dial once and it will take you back to the home screen. If you press it once on the home screen, es wird. You to your apps and then you can scroll up or down to check out all the apps and if you keep it pressed so if we just keep it pressed, it will activate siri. If you keep this bottom button, pressed its a long press, it will give you a choice to power off medical id or even sos, and you can activate fall detection from settings. So if you were to take a hard fall, it will automatically call your emergency contact, which you can set from your iphone opening the apple watch, settings etc. While were here lets just quickly go through all the apps, so activity alarms app store, audio books, youve got blood oxygen, Überwachung, Rechner, calendar camera, remote compass, Sie haben, got contacts cycle, tracking ecg, find devices find items find people youve got your heart rate sensor home maps, memoji Messages, mindfulness, music news noise now playing youve got your phone dialer photos, podcasts reminders, remote settings, shortcuts sleep monitoring, stopwatch timers tips, Stimme, Notizen, Walkie, talkie wallet, weather workout and world clock.

So those were all your apps and, of course you can download many more apps from the app store and theres a lot to choose from including many mainstream apps like spotify, strava and so on so forth, so were going to check out the health tracking. This is the o2 ring its a medical grade, Herzfrequenzsensor, so you just wear it on your thumb and it will give you an accurate reading for your heart rate and your blood oxygen levels and it does it within 30 Sekunden. Also geht es los 97 blood oxygen and my heart rate in real time, 83 beats per minute and that will just keep updating itself in real time. So it gives you real, accurate medical grade stats and what were going to do is compare it to the apple watch. Now i do have to mention that no watch out there claims to be medical grade, but my whole point of doing this test is to see how close we can get to medical grade standards. Also, first of all lets open up the heart rate sensor and at the same time the ring is already giving us a reading of 83 and were getting 79 on the apple 77 und 77. That is quite accurate people, 77 und 77. So it looks like we do have quite an accurate heart rate sensor in the apple watch, which is definitely reassuring. Now lets check out blood oxygen monitoring start. My ring is giving me 97 Blutsauerstoff.

Lets see what the apple watch series 7 can give us. 97. Oh, Mein Gott, 97, that is rare. Okay, Ich weiß es nicht. Maybe apples been watching my videos im going to do the same on the galaxy watch 4 because that just got me a bit excited there, as you guys can tell i love accuracy, lets measure the same on the galaxy watch and ill stay still 97. Auf der Galaxy Watch, 4 classic as well, so that is what you can call close to medical grade standards. I think that some of these high end watches are medical grade standard, but they just dont want to say it. They dont want to bite their tongue by saying it is so. You saw that the heart rate, and especially the blood oxygen, was on par with the o2 ring, so that was the apple watch series 7. The best display ive, seen on an apple watch with a brighter always on display. I love the minimal bezel design and the watch faces that take advantage of it, and everything looks a little bit bigger for convenience. das 41 millimeter model now becomes more attractive to a wider audience, because its no longer too small for the wristand the question isis this the best smartwatch money can buy? Gut? Definitely not. There are flaws in the apple watch, and one of them is the battery life 18 hours or even 24 hours is just not enough.

Apple seems to be behind in the battery game, especially when it comes to their watches. They went and improved the iphone battery and i was hoping for the same for the apple watch series 7, aber leider, the battery life is not great but saying that i do love the 30 fast charging boost. Now you are getting accurate health tracking. You can take crystal clear bluetooth phone calls and respond to text messages and even whatsapp messages using presets or even typing, on a full qwerty keyboard. Now something else that the apple watch struggles with is its sleep tracking. I feel its very poorly implemented. Sleep tracking will only work if you set your sleeping schedule. So what time youre going to sleep and what time youre going to wake up and only between those hours will apple watch, detect your sleep and blood oxygen levels. But if i happen to be awake at that time, i usually come out of sleep mode, so i can still receive my notifications, but if i then forget to put myself back into sleep mode and go to sleep, it will not track my sleep for that night. Even if im wearing the watch, so you can see all those gaps in between are the days that the apple watch did not track my sleep, even though i had the watch on my wrist now in comparison, die Galaxienuhr 4 or even the older galaxy watch Models have far superior sleep tracking than the series 7.

in the galaxy watch. You do not have to set what time youre going to be sleeping. The watch is smart enough to detect whether youre, awake or sleeping, and you can sleep at any time of the day. It doesnt have to be just night and it will log the hours very efficiently. So i love the sleep tracking on the galaxy watch. There is no watch out there that does it better than the galaxy watch. So apple watch is way behind in sleep tracking. Auch, it does not have the ability to track your sp02 all day. Now you might be thinking. Why do i have two smartwatches as my daily drivers and the reason is, i always have one iphone and one android phone as my daily drivers, because im constantly testing new phones, so that means in the morning i can just pick up either watch to start my Day, depending on what mood im in and after thoroughly testing both watches, i can tell you, without any shadow of a doubt, die Galaxienuhr. 4 classic gives you the best overall health tracking experience and the actual software and ui is also much better on the watch and on the phone apple watch does have very good, accurate health tracking, but it does feel very inferior to the galaxy watch classic in both Design software and the complete health tracking experienceand the strange thing here is – die Apfeluhr – will only work on iphones and the galaxy watch for classic will only work on android and for full functionality, specifically samsung phones.

So if you already have the series six, then this is not going to feel like a big upgrade, but if i had to still pick between these two watches, then im definitely going for the galaxy watch 4 classic as the best smart watch. Geld kann jetzt gekauft werden. jetzt, if we have a quick look at my top smartwatch ranking chart, you will see that the apple watch series 7 has ranked at position 7 auf diesem Diagramm, and you can view the full versions of all my charts online at chixtech.com and read them at your Leisure, so to sum it up, die Galaxienuhr 4 classic is the king of smart watches, but in comparison you can call the apple watch series 7, as the prince of smart watches. So i hope you found this video useful.