Dies ist die neueste Version. Wenn Sie meine vorherigen Videos nicht gesehen haben, wo ich die d7 pro oder jede andere smartwatch uh klonen, Dann schauen Sie sich meine gefälschte Uhren-Playlist an, da Sie dort viele Smartwatches sehen, aber kurz bevor ich losgehe, make sure you follow me on one of The social medias above for i always pop all the sneak peeks uh on there and, Wie immer, Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie abonnieren und auch die Glockenbenachrichtigung drücken. Wenn ich also ein Video hochläd, werden Sie tatsächlich benachrichtigt, so lets get straight into it. The box is pretty different compared to the d7 pro. Wie Sie sehen können. Here is wireless charging. With the wireless charging pad right there rdv fit apparently thats the app you need to download. Es kommt in fünf verschiedenen Farben. You can purchase it for around 30 pounds from aliexpress or alibaba. Shipping may vary depending on where you pass, so you are in the world so lets unbox this d7 pro max Music do Music, so Music lets take a look at the design of this uh d7. Pro max so, as you can see its the same design as the series, six and seven youve got a crown with the mic cutout and also the on and off button. Taking a look at the back theres no push buttons for the watch band. They just slide straight in and straight out. Its got watch 744 millimeters in case device encoded.

The smart wearable watch thats what actually says with a few fake sensors. It has got one slit on the other side, which is for the speaker, but one is fake and one is real, wie Sie sehen können, gibt es, so ja. Insgesamt. The features on this watch is a 1.77 Zoll-Display. It has got a bit of a bezel at the bottom, which ill show you later in the video when we powered it on uh battery capacity is 280 mah and it takes around two hours to fully charge so lets power. This on and lets see what feature we get when we uh boot it up. So you got a vicious vibrate with a little startup tone and, as you can see straight onto the watch face so lets. Take a look at some of the watch faces. I have been told theres already 10 pre loaded watch faces on here, so one um lets scroll down two three, Vier, fünf, Sechs, Sieben, acht neun, ten and youve also got a put plus button, so this plus button uh, where is where it stores all of your Watch faces you can download a few more from the app which well check out later, but these are the watch faces that are already downloaded onto the watch. Uh lets go on that one. So when you swap it left and right, it actually changes. The watch faces swiping it down will actually give you your message. Benachrichtigungen, swiping up, will give you your shortcuts.

Now you can actually edit this as well. So lets take a look at uh. You can edit take off and take on whichever you actually want. So lets. Take a look at some of the shortcuts youve got your bluetooth on and off. Uh youve got your silent mode, a battery percentage, Dieses, die wir hier haben. The new feature on this d7 pro max youve, seen that some of the smart watches ive reviewed previously have a qr code which actually give you your social card, which is social information. Also your wallet as well. So if youre going to social car youve got much more apps that you can actually add onto this watch, so you got your facebook wechat, which ones our qq uh business card, Twitter, whatsapp and other and also instagram. So all you got to do to confirm is download the app and bind your information onto the qr code and this smartwatch and your information is stored on here now when it comes to the wallet you only on the previous mod, was, you could get alipay With this, one youve got paypal, Alipay, wechat and also google pay as well so which is really cool. So its got new features with this as well and, like i said same again, youve got to find it from the app as well. So that is a few new features on this uh d7 pro max. This one is find my smartwatch and also phone brightness.

You can turn it up and down and torch, which doesnt do anything. Um ehrlich zu sein, you got your heart rate, so lets check out the heart rate and see if it actually gives us a reading. Wie Sie sehen können, youve got your christmas flashing lights right there, its coming to the period as well. Uh lets see if you get the reading straight away, its good with 78 beats per minute for fresh air, so that just goes to show these uh health apps dont actually give you an accurate reading, so i bring it back down. This actually gives you a gps positioning as well. It will give you coordinates so once you connect it to your app and your phone, it can actually set it and it will give you a coordinate so gps tracking, was ein weiteres gutes Feature ist, a new feature on this d7 pro max and youve also got settings. So lets take a look at settings its only. It only has two menu user interfaces, which is list view and also selling view, which is the smart view. You got your reset button power off qr code screen sleep and well turn that all the way up, uh language lets see what languages we can choose lots of languages, as you can see right here and also about which actually states that the d7 pro max and It just gives you some information about that. So uh lets go back as you can see its got, some really good shortcuts.

You can delete them as well. If you want to the animation on the watch, face is really good, similar or seem the same as the original series. Seven so lets push in the crown and, wie Sie hier sehen können, Das heißt, why well go all the way to the top. The crown does work as you can see, but its really slow look at that really slow. So lets take a look at some of the features. So weve got a fine phone which youve checked earlier shutter. You have to connect it to your app phonebook same again. Recent call youve got to connect it to your app sim again call music and youve got to connect it to your phone. Wie es heißt, theres siri, hello, it doesnt, alles tun. Youve got to connect it to your phone as well, whether itll step it just uh. Lets go into steps, and this calculates the kilometers you watch and the steps youve taken these all the health apps dont actually work heart rate, Blut, oxygen breathing as well. They dont actually work properly. Stopwatch is probably only the accurate thing that actually works. Sport mode lets see what sport modes. We have just a few sport modes as you can see right there, sleep just amazing sleep im, pretty sure it will not give you an accurate reading. So dont count on that, because the health apps are not actually accurate. My qr code weve showed you that earlier watch faces you can change it from the menu which is good.

Now weve got to go back so gps positioning as you can see and settings. So that is what we get already stored onto the phone now. What im going to do is download the qr code on the box, die wir hier haben, uh download the app and lets see what other features we can do once weve connected it to the smartwatch. Okay, the app you need to download is v fit, which is same as the d7 pro uh. Putting on to the on to the app and as you can see here, other device make sure bluetooth is on lets, try to hope. Oh, we need it on there. Wir gehen, bluetooth is on on my phone, Ja, so lets give it another search, and hopefully you should get d7 pro max straight away and there we have it. So you get a little vibration and as you can see, per success and uh yeah. So there we have it on the app d7 pro max is connected. Give you the battery percentage, which you have right there so lets straight, go straight into watch faces. Diese sind also. The watch faces that already um downloaded onto your uh for smartwatch. So lets click. It that does it change. Ja, it does so it syncs straight to the phone. jetzt, if you want to get more dials, theres loads, more just got to scroll down, keep scrolling, so you can actually load more dials onto it, but make sure you dont download download too much as the sony has a 256 mb memory, so its not that long.

So you can actually change your incoming sms code. Reminders app alerts, gerät, Alarm, goal notification, Trinken, Erinnerungen, Kontakte – these are the two new features that we have the wallet. Also, Wie Sie sehen können, you got google pay, paypal, wechat and alipay uh. All you got to do is just follow the instructions, Wie Sie sehen können, and it all goes to qr code. You can make payments same again when it comes to business card. Uh just go into one of them which we wanted to want to do. Follow the instructionsand you can actually add add it onto a qr code, synced it straight to the smartwatch and yeah easy enough to be honest. So they are the two new features at the bottom. Youve got time format. You can change your time as well find device which is a vigorous vibrate. Um ehrlich zu sein, do okay, with foundation still going do not disturb mode uh wake wrist! You can do that easy, easy camera, heart rate detection and yeah firmware upgrade to remove device, so you can actually put information about yourself, um and also exercise mode, and also all the information gets synced straight to your uh app, das ist genau dort. Da haben wir es also. Meine Damen und Herren, that is the d7 pro max when it comes to making phone calls. The number comes up, Der Name wird nicht angezeigt, which is a bit of a uh ebola when youre, when you dont know the number by heart.

Do you know whos calling or not wow? We didnt know that when you actually do that it changes, color wow check that out so yeah and also when it comes to messages you can receive messages, Anzeigen von Nachrichten, but you cant reply back and its same again with the app notifications, whatsapp twitter, Facebook Instagram. You can receive notifications as well from there but yeah overall, not not a bad smart watch. The only thing i dont like about it is the big bezel at the bottom, but it does look like the series, seven with also the apps the watch faces.